Big Pharma’s pals at the CDC released the results of a study last year showing that the HPV virus rates are plunging, essentially proving that unvaccinated girls are actually SAFER than vaccinated ones. Although you certainly couldn’t tell that from the giddy press release the CDC sent out to every news outlet and reporter from coast to coast.

According to the CDC, their new study showed that the “HPV virus vaccine”is lowering HPV virus rates in teen girls and proves the vaccine is a success. Except the study doesn't do that at all.

In fact, the study that’s supposed to prove that these drugs are keeping our girls safe didn't even focus on teens. In the sample group of 8,000, less than 10 percent were teenagers! Some of the women included were as old as 59!

And of the 740 teens that were included in the tiny study (remember literally millions of young women have already been vaccinated) less than half, 358, were even sexually active.

But wait, it gets even MORE ridiculous.

Of those 358 sexually-active teens, just 111 of the girls had received at least one shot of the three shot vaccine. That’s it…111. And some of those girls hadn’t even completed the program.

And the final straw that broke the back of that 2013 CDC study?

HPV virus cases dropped less than a measly 6 percent among vaccinated teens during the study. But in the unvaccinated girls the HPV virus rates plummeted a healthy 27 percent!

So why the misleading CDC press release?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d probably start that little thought experiment with the president of the vaccine division at Merck, who just happens to also be the former director of…yes, you guessed it…the CDC.

I, for one, am not a big believer in coincidence. How about you?