The Gardasil HPV vaccine has allegedly killed several, may have maimed many more, and it doesn’t even WORK!

But you’ve got to hand it to Big Pharma, they’ve never been one to let the facts get in the way of sales. So even after 31,000 young women (or their survivors) have reported Gardasil HPV vaccine reactions to the FDA, the drug pushers behind the so-called “HPV vaccine”have shifted their attention and their tactics.

They’re now training their laser focus on your boys.

This isn’t a new idea. In fact, Merck first applied for FDA approval to use the potentially dangerous Gardasil HPV vaccine in boys way back in 2009. But their forethought is, finally, really starting to pay off.

With tens of thousands of girls having reported problems with the vaccine, countless parents questioning its use on their daughters, and sales plummeting, the drug’s maker no doubt needed a fresh new avenue to hawk their fading cash-cow.

And what better way to do that then focus on a whole new “customer,”your sons and grandsons?

But I’m going to let you in on a beyond-sick, behind-the-scenes secret. You’re going to get a little insider’s peek behind the dirty curtain of the Big Pharma marketing machine.

Big Pharma “recruits”docs to sell you drugs

The drug peddlers have switched up their tactics. With too many mom’s, dad’s and grandparents catching on, they aren’t relying on you to ask your child’s pediatrician about it this time around.

They’re tackling their sales problem from the other side instead. And they’re doing it using a page straight out of their own Government Marketing 101 Handbook.

You see, the drug giants have long used their friends at the CDC and FDA to do their marketing for them.

Why waste your efforts on a skeptical public when you can have someone else do your strong arming for you for free?  Besides, when a person of authority, like a government official, “educates”you about the life-saving effects of some miracle drug, you’re much more likely to follow their advice.

You know who else has that kind of built-in authority? Your doctor. After all, you reply on him to keep you and your family healthy, and you have to trust him with your life. So when he tells you that a drug can literally save your childs life, you’re inclined to believe him. What choice do you have?

That’s why drug makers have decided to target your doctor with their sales messages instead. Convince the docs that your drug is the best thing since sliced bread and you’re home free.

But now it’s moved far beyond the pushy drug sales reps of yesteryear that could be turned away at the door (although they’re still out there peddling their wares, too).  The new tactic is more subtle, not to mention more sinister.

They’re delivering their sale pitches, I mean “Professional Clinical Updates,”directly to OUR e-mail inboxes now.

In fact, just last week I got one from Merck hawking Gardasil HPV vaccine for kids of both sexes. (See how they cleverly slipped that new customer in there?) And, once again, you have to hand it to Big Pharma, for being bold when it comes to pushing their drugs.

The opening line of the Gardasil sales piece, which is being passed off as educational material, reads “While patients are in your office, don't miss an opportunity to vaccinate preteens.”

The e-mail goes on to explain why doctors should strong-arm every 11 and 12-year-old little girl AND boy who walks into their office with a sore throat or a skinned knee into submitting to the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

There’s just one problem. Even Merck admits that they have no idea how long their so-called HPV vaccine even lasts.

In other words, when you let your doc dose your non-sexually active child with this drug, you’re risking some serious side effects, like blood clots, neurological problems, and even death, with potentially zero payoff. Because what little protection the Gardasil HPV vaccine ”mayprovide likely won’t even still be around when your child starts having sex as a young adult.

And, of course, a false sense of security could literally be a death sentence for your child.

Plus, let’s not forget those side effects I touched on earlier, which are a BIG red flag. In fact, Diane Harper, one of the primary Merck researchers in the original Gardasil trials, had this to say about them, “Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year.”

In other words, the side effects are as bad as the disease it’s supposed to prevent.

Oh, and did I mention the drug doesn't even work?