Weight loss howSex can be awkward to talk about. It can also be awkward to think about.

At the same time, if your sex life isn’t up to par, it’s difficult to think about anything else.

But in all of this thinking and worrying, have you given any thought about how weight loss might help improve your sex life?

Because as unrelated as sex and weight may seem on the surface, if you’re carrying around more weight than you’d like, they can be connected.

The Three Cornerstones of a Healthy Sex Life

At the risk of getting too clinical, there are three primary aspects to anyone’s sex life: desire, stamina, and performance. Desire is pretty self-explanatory – it’s your sex drive, how often you want to make love with your partner.

Stamina is the ability to last, to have the energy to take your time, and go all night if she wants to. And performance is about erections – how strong it is, and how long it lasts.

Once you understand how weight loss can affect those three aspects, it becomes clear how weight loss can improve your overall sex life!

How Weight Loss Affects Desire

The most obvious way your weight impacts your sex life is connected to how you feel about yourself. Nevermind how you feel about your wife – she’s as sexy and beautiful as she ever was – this is how you feel about yourself.

If your weight is making you feel less attractive, not as sexy, not as rugged as you want to feel, that’s going to impact your sex drive.

Now, we’re not talking about the changes in your body that come from aging. No one is as tight, as built, or as firm as they were when they were younger. That’s okay.

Many people, though, just don’t feel sexy when they carry extra weight. And if you don’t feel sexy, it’s hard to believe that anyone else would find you sexy – which often leads to a libido that has bottomed out.

But how weight loss affects desire isn’t just emotional. There are physical responses to being overweight, too. Carrying extra weight can cause hormone imbalances – and as you know, when your testosterone isn’t where you want it to be, your sex drive isn’t either.

How Weight Loss Affects Stamina

This one’s easy, too. Think about climbing a flight of stairs when you’re overweight. The first flight may be okay, but the second gets harder. By the third flight, you’re pretty winded.

But when you lose weight, it’s easier to climb stairs. And even if that third flight still isn’t easy, it’s not as difficult as when you’re heavier than you’d like.

Making love is exactly the same thing. Imagine having as much energy as you need to give her as much pleasure as she wants…not having to stop and catch your breath…not even having to finish quickly because you’re just too tired.

All that can be real, because that’s how weight loss affects stamina!

How Weight Loss Affects Performance

While all three of these are important, for many men, how weight loss affects performance is the most concerning.

After all, if you aren’t experiencing  the erection you want, for  as long as you want, stamina doesn’t matter and desire is going to crash anyway.

Being overweight can contribute to other medical conditions that are known to impact performance.

So even if the extra weight isn’t contributing directly to a lackluster performance in the bedroom, it is contributing directly to other medical conditions that directly create performance problems.

They might as well be one in the same.

And don’t forget about blood flow. The more weight you’re carrying, the more likely you are to have blood flow issues.

If you thought about it in these terms or not, blood flow issues in your arms and legs means blood flow issues in other extremities, as well.

Without proper blood flow, it doesn’t matter how strong your libido is, you’re not going to perform the way you want.

How Weight Loss Works

Losing weight can help reduce all of these symptoms. You’ll feel better about how you look, you’ll have more energy, and the blood will be flowing everywhere again.

Plus, you can use how weight loss works and add other performance and libido-boosting tricks to really improve your sex life.

Remember, no matter how much you weigh, your partner wants to be there. We’re all our harshest critics, so trust that she finds you sexy, even if you wish you weighed less.

Work lower body exercises into your workout routine. They increase blood flow specifically to the lower body, which can increase libido – and orgasm.

Accept a little help. Performance supplements still have a stigma attached to them, and that’s a shame. Long gone are the late night television scams.

There are supplements that really can help boost libido, increase blood flow, and help performance, like Argi-Vive III.

How weight loss works to improve your sex life isn’t a mystery. So get the answer, and take your sex life to the next level!