Beautiful feet how to getTo be fair, in the larger scheme of your health, how to get beautiful feet isn’t all that important.

But beautiful feet can make you feel better.

And anything that boosts your confidence, makes you feel better, or lets you feel pretty even on a bad day is worth thinking about.

Plus, you can get beautiful feet in a matter of minutes, which makes how to get beautiful feet an even more worthwhile confidence booster.

Follow these five steps to get beautiful feet in no time.

1. Keep feet clean and groomed. This may seem like a no-brainer, but people do tend to forget that it’s the most important first step to getting beautiful feet. Washing your feet and drying them well keeps fungus away. Trim your nails and shape them so that they are slightly rounded. Make sure you don’t trim them too short in order to avoid ingrown toenails.

2. Enjoy a soak. One of the best parts of a pedicure is the foot soak – and it’s not just a way to relax. Soaking in a warm foot bath also helps soften calluses and skin, which is key to getting beautiful feet. And it works in only three minutes. There are several soaks you can choose from, or you can just add a few drops of peppermint oil or Epsom salts.

3. Exfoliate once a week. There are any number of salt or sugar scrubs on the market. Both will remove dry skin so your feet stay smooth. Find one with a scent and an oil that you enjoy and get beautiful feet that feel great, too. Just make sure not to exfoliate too often so your feet don’t get too soft.

4. Keep a pumice stone in the shower. These are different from an exfoliation because you can really work on a callous. Use a softer touch on smooth skin, or skip it entirely. You can use the pumice stone every day or every other day.

5. Moisturize. Unlike the other steps to get beautiful feet, there is no limit to how much you can use your moisturizer. The best are the lotions and moisturizers designed specifically for dry, cracked feet, like IncrediCream, because they are intended for the deep moisturizing the thick skin of your feet require.

How to get beautiful feet in a matter of minutes really is easy. Start with basic hygiene, and remember to enjoy a soak.

Keep skin smooth and callouses at bay. Then apply IncrediCream liberally.

Because IncrediCream is perfect for your roughest, driest skin – like the skin that might keep you from having beautiful feet.

We created it not only to resolve current dry skin issues, but to prevent further rough, dry patches.

And for an added step, reapply IncrediCream at night right before bed. Don’t even worry about rubbing it all in this time.

Once you’ve got a thick layer, pull on cotton socks and crawl in bed. Your feet will look great and feel smooth come morning!

Five steps including IncrediCream. It’s how to get beautiful feet – in minutes.