Some days, you can almost FEEL the brain cells short-circuiting.

When that word is STUCK on the tip of your tongue…

When you're standing next to your car, keys in hand, WONDERING just where in the heck you were going again…

When you've answered the phone, recognize the voice, but just CAN'T place the name…

Yes, friend, those li'l "brain burps" are all humbling reminders that you're NOT as young as you used to be.

And neither is your memory.

But new research reveals a way to potentially get that LOST cognitive capacity back.

Because you can actually GROW fresh new brain cells to REPLACE the ones that have been dropping off…

And all you gotta do is give your body a key mineral to help it make those cells!

One way to grow new brain cells is with exercise. And OF COURSE you should get some daily activity.

But the latest research reveals ANOTHER way…

One that can MIMIC or ENHANCE the effect of exercise inside the brain… and help that crucial regeneration process along.

It's with selenium – considered a "trace" mineral because you need very little of it.

Yet most folks don't get even those LOW amounts… often due to factory farming, in which your food is grown in lifeless soil, DEVOID of the minerals.

When there are no minerals in the soil… there are no minerals in the food.

A new study on old mice looked at what happens in the brain when those "trace" levels ARE reached.

It's as if a switch was flicked on… and EVERYTHING came back to life!

That process of brain cell regeneration… which had been slowed by age… kicked into overdrive.

The mice began pumping out new neurons…

And neurons are the key to everything, as they relay information within the brain… control muscle… and more.

The MORE neurons you have… the BETTER the brain function.

And in the study, researchers watched as the mice got YOUNGER, cognitively speaking.

They began to show the cognitive skills they had lost – the sweet and satisfying brainpower of youth.

All thanks to this single mineral!

The team repeated the study on younger mice that had a stroke and lost cognitive power as a result. And it worked on them, too.

Again, this is a trace mineral… so don't buy a jar of selenium capsules and start eating them like Tic Tacs.

You just need the RIGHT AMOUNT.

The BEST source of selenium is Brazil nuts -- but I don't know anyone who eats Brazil nuts every day.

I love nuts myself… and I can't tell you the last time I even SAW a Brazil nut. A jar of mixed nuts usually has maybe four of them.

The EASIEST way to get selenium is with a multivitamin. Most good ones contain 100% of your daily selenium.

If yours doesn't… shop around for a new one.

And don't forget what I shared with you last week about how "beige fat" could also help SAVE your brain.

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