If you‘ve got blood sugar issues, stay away from muffins, even the whole wheat kind. Instead, replace your so-called "healthy" muffin with one of my favorite high-fat snacks and you may just lower your blood sugar...and even your "bad" cholesterol! Yes, there is actually a tasty and healthy snack for diabetics.

Researchers from Tufts University divided 117 type-2 diabetics into three groups. For breakfast, one group ate a whole-wheat muffin with no sugar added. The other group ate a ½ cup of mixed nuts instead of the "healthy" muffin. The last group ate ½ a muffin and ½ a serving of mixed nuts.

In just three months on this new regimen, the nut group lowered their blood sugar and "bad" cholesterol. The muffin eaters (even the ½ muffin eaters) saw no such improvements.

Now, you probably know nuts are good for you. But if you‘re trying to lose weight, you may stay away from them all the same.

But that‘s a mistake.

You see, nuts have a unique role in your metabolism. They contain fiber and protein. Plus, they contain monosaturated fats, which help to improve your insulin sensitivity – meaning they make a great healthy snack for diabetics. Strive to eat a handful of fresh almonds, walnuts, or cashews each day. Just make sure you swap out some of the empty calories for this healthier snack.

If you‘re not a nut lover, try avocados instead. Cut up a few slices and put think in your salads dressed with olive oil. Olive oil and avocados also contain monosaturated fats.