digestive system healthyYou try to take care of yourself but some days it doesn’t always work. Some days, it feels like every attempt to keep a healthy digestive system backfires.

Those are the days that a little patience, and the right dietary choices are in order. Make sure you’re getting these foods and beverages on a regular basis and make for a healthy digestive system, every day.

What You Eat Matters

Very little is better for a healthy digestive system than leafy green vegetables. You know this. But really, how often do you have time to sit down to an entire salad once, let alone twice, a day?

Luckily, you can work these foods that keep your digestive system healthy into your diet throughout your entire day!

Start with breakfast –

Yogurt. Begin your day with a creamy, decadent treat. Make sure you get yogurt that has live active cultures – it’ll be marked on the carton – because they’re what aid in keeping your digestive system healthy and moving.

Whole grains. Swap out your white toast for whole wheat or your egg for a bowl of oatmeal. The fiber helps keep you regular. Unfortunately, most people don’t get nearly enough. While you should be getting twenty to thirty grams of fiber a day, the average diet only gets about twelve.

Bananas. What better way to start your morning than with fresh fruit? A banana is packed with fiber, and can help restore potassium levels.

Moving to lunch –

Beans. Beans are high fiber and low-fat, so you can enjoy this protein without worrying too much about calories. Not sure how to work them into your meal? Add them to salads, try a black bean or navy bean soup, or head to your local Mexican restaurant!

Seeds. From sunflower seeds to BenVia Gold chia seeds, the added fiber in seeds gives your digestive system the support it needs to keep you regular. Sprinkle them over your salad, onto soup, even baked into bread.

Finishing with dinner –

Lean meats and fish. The fat content in some meat, especially some red meats, can be difficult to digest. But lean meats like chicken and fish are easier on your digestive system, keeping it healthy and you happy. You don’t have to give up meat just to stay regular!

Sauerkraut. This tangy, tart cabbage dish is a perfect accompaniment to lean pork entrees. Plus, fermented foods are great for your digestive tract. And one cup gives your four grams of fiber as an added bonus.

Even dessert –

Ginger. Fresh ginger is one of the best known and most respected ingredients when it comes to a healthy digestive system. Baked into breads, whipped into ice cream, or even simply sugared, ginger can let you indulge in dessert while taking care of your digestion.

Peppermint. Candies, tea, cocoa, cookies. However you take your peppermint, if it’s pure peppermint oil, you’ll get the digestion benefits you’re looking for – and you’ll get them with dessert!

But Don’t Ignore Your Glass

Water. Perhaps the single most important drink for your overall health, water should be an essential part of your diet every single day. You can aim for eight glasses a day if you want, but definitely drink some water whenever you feel thirsty. If that’s not enough to keep your digestive tract healthy, add an extra glass or two.

Herbal teas. Herbal teas can help relax you which helps everything move regularly. Also, different leaves can help with different stomach issues. Read the labels, and choose whichever will help you most. The point is you can’t really go wrong with an herbal tea for tummy troubles.

Milk. This one is just a little controversial, because some people find milk exacerbates their digestive problems. But other people find milk to be helpful. If you don’t know for certain if milk helps or not, give it a try. You may be one of the lucky ones.

Smoothies. The best of all worlds, you can make a smoothie as healthy for your digestive system as you want. Add fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, bananas, whatever tastes good for you. And then really kick it (or any other food!) up a notch with BenVia Gold chia seeds, for added digestive help.

It’s no secret that whatever goes into your digestive system will find its way out. Which means that what you eat and drink can either help or hurt your digestive system. So make sure you’re making for a healthy digestive system with these thirteen foods and beverages, and BenVia Gold chia seeds!