quitting smoking health benefitsYou know the health benefits of quitting smoking. You do. And yet it hasn’t quite happened so far.

As it turns out, quitting smoking may be one of the greatest challenges of your life.

You’ve heard the statistic: smoking is as addictive – and as hard to quit – as alcohol, heroin, or cocaine.

And if you’re a smoker, trying to quit, you’ve lived out that statistic more often than you probably want to admit.

But you’re not alone. In fact, 70% of all smokers wish they could stop.

And the average smoker tries to quit between eight and eleven times before it finally sticks. Luckily, the more often a person tries to quit, the better their chances of success become.

Since motivation is a key component of successfully quitting smoking, here’s one more health benefit you might not have thought of – quitting smoking can improve your sex life!

Check out these six new health benefits of quitting smoking and stay motivated -

1. Let’s start with a measurable, tangible health benefit to quitting. Smoking restricts blood flow. Now, you may have thought about this in terms of heart and brain health, but it restricts blood flow everywhere. Part of sexual arousal and enjoyment for both of you is caused by blood flow to the genitals. Restrict blood flow and you restrict pleasure.

2. Smoking decreases sexual performance in men. Yes, this is linked to blood flow, because performance is certainly about being able to achieve and maintain an erection – but it’s more than that, too. Performance is about stamina, desire, energy…all things smoking can diminish in daily life and the bedroom.

3. Also connected to blood flow and performance – a major health benefit of quitting smoking is it increases firmness of an erection. Let’s be honest, the ability to achieve an erection is only part of the equation. How hard you get and how long you stay hard matter, too. One of the best ways to increase both of those is to finally quit smoking.

These next two go hand in hand, as well…

4. Smoking decreases sexual satisfaction. It makes sense once you think about it. Less stamina, energy, blood flow, arousal…It’s not a good combination for high satisfaction. But it will lead to this next one:

5. A diminished sex drive. While the exact reasons are currently unclear, the results are not. Smokers have and want less sex than nonsmokers. In one study, nonsmokers had sex almost twice as often as smokers did. After all, when any activity becomes less interesting…and less satisfying…and physically challenging, it becomes a chore. Sex is no different. So before you decide that you’re too old, too disinterested, or too tired for sex, quit smoking. And be prepared for your sex drive to return!

But let’s end the list on a more upbeat note, and a truly worthwhile health benefit of quitting smoking –

6. Men who quit smoking reached sexual arousal faster and more completely than smokers. But the best news? They didn’t reach orgasm faster, so they were able to extend their – and their partner’s – pleasure.

And these are just the sexual health benefits of quitting smoking. The overall health benefits of doing so are too long to list.

Smoking affects every single system in your body and increases the risk of death from every other physical cause.

Luckily, there’s more support available to you to help you quit smoking than ever before. If you’re part of the 70% of smokers who want to quit, you can.

Talk to your doctor or call 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669) for more information about the health benefits of quitting smoking. Take back your health, your sex drive, and your life. Quit today.