Health benefits of BenVia GoldYou’ve heard about the health benefits of BenVia Gold chia. You’ve heard it supports heart health and brain function. You’ve even heard it gives people more energy, which you really like. So now you’re interested. Definitely. But you want to know more. You want details about BenVia Gold health benefits. You want to know why you should take it. Not just chia, but BenVia Gold chia.

Well, we’re about to tell you. But make a cup of tea and settle in, because the list of BenVia Gold’s health benefits is long…

BenVia Gold Health Benefits: An Impressive List

BenVia Gold is 100% pure chia seed. We only accept the highest quality seeds available. So, one scoop can provide you with all this:

Calcium (79 mg – a little more than ¼ cup of milk): As you know, calcium is essential in building healthy bones. It keeps our teeth and bones strong, even as we age.

Fiber (6 g – 1 ½ cups cooked instant oatmeal): Fiber keeps our digestive tracts healthy, from the stomach to the colon, which helps prevent problems. It also makes us feel full, which can be useful in maintaining a healthy weight.

Iron (1 mg – more than 1 cup of raw spinach): Iron is one of the minerals that keeps blood healthy, giving it that deep red color. Iron deficiencies can cause anemia.

Magnesium (49 mg – 2 tablespoons of peanut butter): An entire article could be devoted to the benefits of magnesium. It’s required for healthy muscle and nerve function. It keeps the heart rhythm steady. Like calcium, it helps keep bones strong. Plus, it supports our immune systems. It regulates blood sugar, and keeps blood pressure normal. And BenVia Gold is a good source of it.

Omega-3 (2775 mg – 7 to 8 whole walnuts): What isn’t omega-3 good for? It keeps our brains, skin, and hearts healthy. It reduces inflammation in muscles and joints. It even allows us to think more clearly, and may stave off age-related memory lapses.

Protein (3 g – ½ inch cheese cube): Protein is required for proper nutrition and to prevent muscle atrophy.

Riboflavin (.03 mg – 3 sundried tomatoes): Also known as B-2, this vitamin protects against premature aging. It breaks down nutrients into energy. And even interacts with iron, enhancing iron’s efficiency.

Thiamin (.07 mg – 3 ½ medium sized apples): Most people know thiamin as B-1. Our favorite use for thiamin is that it helps the body handle stress. But it also maintains the cardiovascular and nervous systems, promotes healthy skin, hair, and eyes, and converts carbohydrates into energy.

BenVia Gold offers all of this, in one 15 gram scoop. That’s a huge list of health benefits for such a tiny seed.

You’ll get the health benefits of BenVia Gold no matter how you prepare it. Eat it raw, or cook it up. Sprinkle it on salads or cereal. Bake into your favorite breads, or our favorite -- brownies. BenVia Gold is available in 2 forms, whole seed or ground, however you prefer it. Either way, the health benefits of BenVia Gold are the same.

For more information about chia in general, check this out infographic – Chia: The Perfect Food for your Perfect Health. But know that BenVia Gold chia is some of the best available, thanks to our highly controlled growing conditions and commitment to quality. BenVia Gold has more nutritional value than many forms of generic chia, thanks to the nutrient rich soil in which it is grown.

Now that you know the impressive health benefits of BenVia Gold, life doesn’t have to slow you down any longer.  All you have to do is give it a try. BenVia Gold will do the rest.