Call it a blunt message from your “best friend.”

And guys, it’s the kind you just CAN’T ignore -- no matter how HARD you try!

When your “down there” part stops working right… when you can’t get it up anymore… when things stop happening for you in the bedroom department…

It’s NOT a sign of age.


New research finds that guys seeking help for these “issues” often have another seemingly unrelated condition.

It’s not nearly as obvious as those 2 little letters NO guy ever wants to hear. (Ya know, the ones that start with an “E” and end with a “D.”)

But THIS condition is far more dangerous, as it’s linked to chronic disease and early death.

Your “friend” down there could be trying to save your life -- if you can understand what he’s telling you!

The HIDDEN cause of ‘those’ problems

The new study looked at older guys visiting a urologist about issues below the belt.

Many of them were ready to sign up for some kind of treatment… up to and including implants to get things working right again.

But further tests revealed something else…

Two-thirds of them had sleep apnea!

That’s the condition where you stop breathing in the night, depriving all your vital parts of essential oxygen.

It’s been linked repeatedly to sex problems in men and women alike, including libido struggles and an actual physical inability to “do it.”

And I got news for you, guys…

That ain’t even the worst of it!

Sleep apnea has been linked to…

  • heart disease and heart attack
  • stroke
  • hypertension
  • dementia
  • weight gain and metabolic struggles
  • fatigue

I could go on… but I think you get the point.

Most of these conditions have something in common…

You can’t SEE or FEEL them happening, at least not in the early stages.

But you certainly WILL notice when you can’t get cooking between the sheets anymore.

It’s as if your penis is trying to WARN you.

You won’t solve these problems with sex meds… implants… or any of the other stuff men are turning to these days.

And you won’t solve the apnea part with surgery to open up your airways… or by sleeping with an oxygen tank and a mask to ensure you keep breathing right.

There’s ANOTHER way – a BETTER one, that’s also MUCH safer and far MORE effective, too.

You just gotta lose some weight!

We’re heading into the season of resolutions after all…

And since we’re unlikely to schedule that dream cruise this year… or finally take that trip to Paris… why not finally commit to some weight loss instead?

It’s NOT as hard as you think…

And studies show losing even just 10% of your body weight can dramatically ease the apnea…

PROTECTING you from all of those health risks… and maybe even getting your “down there” parts back ONLINE.

I recommend a diet with ZERO processed foods and MINIMAL carbohydrates.

Yes, the low-carb diet… or Atkins… or South Beach… or caveman… whatever you wanna call it. It’s not the NAME that matters -- only that you FOLLOW IT.

I promise you this: It works.

Oh, and a diet rich in animal fats and seafood also has plenty of zinc in it – and zinc, as they say, can put some lead into your pencil, too.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. It turns out that “bedroom blues”… especially when paired with low testosterone… has even been linked to SKYROCKETING death risk! Click here for the signs you’ll wanna watch out for.