If you're a guy past 60… they'll blame your age before you even finish telling 'em what's wrong.

You're battling low energylow libido… and rising heart risks all at the same time…

And they'll practically roll their eyes at ya.

This is what happens!

They'll INSIST it just comes with the turf… that you're lucky to still be alive… and SWEAR there's not a heckuva lot you can do…

So get used to it.

Well, my friend, I've got some news for you today.

It's NOT just your age. It DOESN'T have to come with the turf. And you sure as shells DON'T have to get used to it!

New research reveals one of the true causes of "aging" problems in men…

A reason why testosterone levels are PLUNGING globally.

How your DIET can wreck your HORMONES

OK, so to some extent you CAN blame your age. Testosterone levels tail off as guys get older.

You can fix that, as you'll see in a moment.

It's mainstream diet advice!

The low-fat, veg-heavy diet can put the freeze on hormone production, causing levels to sink and… well… you know what happens next.

You lose your strength, energy, and willpower.

Muscle MELTS OFFfat BUILDS UP… and your libido GOES SOUTH.

And… worst of all… low testosterone can cause or worsen heart disease.

The new study finds that, overall, low-fat diets send T levels into a NOSEDIVE by an average of 10-15%... when compared to a high-fat, high-protein diet.

But some low-fat diets are worse than others.

The worst of all? You guessed it -- the vegetarian lifestyle is pretty much a death sentence to hormone levels.

"Going green" will cause your testosterone to sink by 26%.

They don't tell you THAT when they push this diet on you!

This isn't some new discovery, either. This is just basic human biology.

Your body needs a certain ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids

But the modern diet… especially the low-fat diet, and cooking with vegetable oil… throws that equation WAY outta whack.

You end up far too heavy on the omega-6 side of the equation… which can switch the cells that make testosterone "off."

Too much omega-6 can even shrink your nuts – and no, I'm not kidding about that!

In addition, the soy that's present in so many low-fat and vegetarian foods is essentially a plant form of estrogen… and that, of course, will also lay waste to your body's testosterone.

Oh, and it's been linked to "man boobs."

So, you get smaller nuts… bigger boobs… and, well, how much of a man is even left at that point???

Fortunately, it's easy to turn this around and restore balance:

  • DITCH plant and seed oils
  • AVOID soy, and
  • DON'T be so afraid of animal fats and proteins.

But even with a PERFECT diet, testosterone levels can dip with age…

So get yourself tested to see where your levels are.

If you're not too far out of the zone, try some basics like those dietary changes I just mentioned…

As well as pregnenolone, which the body converts to other hormones including testosterone.

If they're very low… or not responding to these steps… you may need natural hormone therapy in the care of your doctor.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen