Sometimes, the biggest threat to your health ISN’T some contagious bug.

It’s mainstream health advice! 

Just about ALL of it’s wrong…

From the low-fat diet that can SAP you of your strength and energy… to the notion you need to BLOCK the sun, depriving your body of vitamin D and nitric oxide.

Now, the latest science shows how one of the most common and basic pieces of mainstream wisdom could DESTROY an older guy’s vitality.

It’s a popular drug… pushed on MILLIONS, and for decades now.

But as a new study shows, it can hit below the belt – literally – by ROBBING you of your manly hormones.

The REAL reason you feel so crummy

Testosterone is essential – and not just for your sexual prowess.

When hormone levels drop, it’s easier to GAIN weight… especially fat, like the so-called “spare tire” around the middle… and LOSE muscle.

Your energy levels SINK… and your mood PLUNGES right along with it.

That’s not all, not by a long shot…

Because your T levels are also CRITICAL to your overall cardiovascular health.

That makes what the new study found more than a little ironic.

A drug that’s supposed to IMPROVE your cardiovascular health can actually cause testosterone levels to sink like a stone.

It’s those statin drugs given to cut cholesterol -- and in the new study, these meds DOUBLED the odds of low testosterone (a.k.a. hypogonadism).

Now, they’ve got three different ways to define low testosterone…

But it no matter which one the researchers picked, the guys in this study were low by ALL of them!

The researchers say statins might SCREW with the pituitary gland.

Now there’s a nice thought! You’d think, I dunno, maybe they woulda worked that out BEFORE pushing these drugs on tens of millions of unsuspecting Americans for years at a time???

But that’s not the only reason for it.

There’s another one -- a little bit of basic biology they DON’T like to talk about because it DOESN’T fit the mainstream narrative.

You NEED cholesterol!

Even so-called “bad” cholesterol ain’t ALL bad.

Cholesterol is an essential ingredient in the hormone recipe… especially for steroid hormones including androgens (testosterone) and estrogens.

If you check the fine print of some statins… y’know, the part no one ever reads (except for me)… some even WARN the drugs could mess with hormone production.

If you’ve been on statins… or if you’re taking them right now… get your hormone levels checked.

And while you’re there, talk about getting off the meds… which you almost certainly DO NOT NEED.

Then, once you have the doctor’s OK, take two quick actions:

  1. FOR YOUR HEART: Instead of statins, you’ll get much better heart protection from natural options such as L-Carnitine, coenzyme Q10, magnesium and vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols).
  2. FOR YOUR HORMONES: If your testosterone levels are low, you can often raise them naturally with some basic diet changes. Switch to a high-protein diet, don’t stress over natural animal fats, and avoid soy and vegetable oils.

If those don’t do the trick, you may need hormone supplementation.

Speak to a naturopathic doctor who can help you figure out the best approach for your situation.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen