Power your body with fruit

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away -- and since apples come loaded with a bushel of disease-fighting nutrients, there's plenty of truth to that old adage.

And if you have a daily fruit habit yourself, you might be able to do more than keep the doctor away.

You just might keep the ambulance away, too.

New research out of Oxford University finds that eating fruit every single day can slash your risk of stroke, heart attack, heart disease and more. And the more you eat, the lower your risk.

Eat fruit daily, for example, and your risk of a hemorrhagic stroke plunges by 40 percent.

While all strokes are potentially deadly, some types of hemorrhagic stroke are among the deadliest of all -- and even if you do manage to survive, you could face lasting or even permanent disability.

Eat more fruit, and you can help ensure you never have to face that.

The benefits don't end there, either. The same study of nearly half a million people finds that eating a serving or so of fruit a day can cut the risk of ischemic stroke by 25 percent.

That's a more common form of stroke -- and because it's so common, it's also a major cause of disability in older folks.

And if those two benefits aren't reason enough to eat more fruit, here's a third one: Daily fruit can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease by 15 percent.

Forget aspirin therapy... try apple therapy instead!

Fruit is an excellent source of nutrients, especially antioxidants. But many people don't eat nearly enough -- and millions of Americans are more likely to eat fruit once a week rather than once a day.

Don't be among them.

Studies consistently find that people who eat the most fruits and vegetables per day have the lowest risk of chronic disease and even death. One study I told you about last year found that seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day will cut your risk of an early death by 10 percent and add an average of 58 weeks to your life.

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