It’s a scary infection… but somehow, they’ve just managed to make it even more horrifying.

They’re out with a new treatment for complicated urinary tract infections.

On the one hand, the powerful new antibiotic cefiderocol seems to work just great, essentially punching a hole in the cell wall of the bacteria that’s making you sick.

In studies, it CURED 72.6% of patients, compared to just 54.6% given the older meds.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t CURE you…

It just might KILL you instead!

It’s got a SHOCKINGLY high death rate, with the patients who need help most … those who’re sickest to begin with… facing the biggest risks of all.

Since the drug is aimed at sicker patients in the first place, that makes for a crazy catch-22.

Don’t take the drug, and possibly die. Or take the drug, and possibly die.

But that didn’t stop the FDA from approving it!

So today, let me show you the TRUTH about this drug, including when you might NEED it… and when you might NOT.

And I’ve also got some other options that could help make sure you’re NEVER in a position where you’ll have to choose.

The FYI on your UTI


A normal – or “uncomplicated” – UTI is just what it sounds like.

A run-of-the-mill, everyday, painful, but mostly common UTI.

A “complicated” UTI is usually caused by the same germs… but “complicated” by the fact that you’ve got something else going on… from bladder issues to heart problems to other forms of illness and infection.

It’s like when you go into the hospital and pick up a UTI while there. This is especially common if you’ve got a catheter, a.k.a. germ tube, poking into you.

And that’s what this new drug is aimed at -- at least, on paper.

But in studies, while some patients got protection, others dropped like flies.

After two weeks, 18.8% of the folks given the new drug died, versus 12.2% of those on the older meds…

That’s a 50% jump in deaths!

After four weeks, 24.8% on the new drug died, versus 18.4 percent on the other meds… an increase of a third.

Don’t want to face that risk yourself?

Stop the UTI from turning complicated in the first place.

If you’ve been prone to UTIs over the years, sugar-free cranberry extract and d-mannose can help make your bladder walls slippery…

So the E. coli germs behind the infection can’t cling to it and make you sick.

That’s NOT always possible, of course. And complicated UTIs can turn scary in a hurry.

In fact, you may have NO choice but to take the drug… cross your fingers… and hope it kills the infection instead of killing YOU…

Especially if you’re very ill… confined to a bed… and in need of a catheter (which itself is a UTI risk, which is why the most dangerous infections are the ones you get inside a hospital).

If you’re NOT at that desperate stage of a scary infection, doctors may be willing to first try intravenous vitamin C, which spills into the urine and then kills off bacteria once it gets there.

When it works, it works fast – sometimes immediately.

So, you can make a decision quick on whether or not you may need to try the toxic drug.


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen