Here’s the LEAST surprising news I’ve heard all winter…

This year’s flu shot’s a flop.

It’s a failure… a fiasco… a… well, I think I’ve better stop the “f” words right there.

When it comes to this vaccine, I have to keep my language in check – because the problem isn’t just that it DOESN’T WORK in many cases.

It’s that millions of trusting patients BELIEVE it does.

They get the shot and think they’re protected… so they don’t take OTHER steps needed to BLOCK flu and other dangerous winter bugs.

But today, I’ve got a plan to beat the flu in any season – one that will ARM your immune system against the virus in ways the vaccine can’t.

And if you’ve already had the shot and THOUGHT you’d be covered… consider this the backup plan arriving just in time for the rescue.

As you’ll see in a moment, you’re really going to need it this year!

This year’s shot falls WAY short

In any given year, they have to plan the vaccine months in advance by “guessing” which viruses will be out there HUNTING you down.

And they often guess wrong.

This year, for example, the vaccine is just a 58% match against the most dominant form of influenza B -- responsible for 98% of all B infections.

Basically, if you’re directly exposed to the virus, the shot gives you a CHANCE of being protected from it… but only slightly better than a coin toss.

What a swindle!

Of course, this happens almost every year. And every year they act surprised.

Failed again… who’da thunk it???

That’s why I don’t waste my time with the flawed shot in the first place.

And whether you get the shot or not, you can get MAXIMUM protection… by boosting your immune system with the basics.

Good sleeplow sugar… and vitamin D can ALL go a long way to giving your body the power it needs to fight off ANY invader, including flu.

Heck, D alone in one study was 8X better than a flu shot (and it prevented COLDS, too)!

There’s something else…

If you’re a little older, it’s almost certain that your thymus is starting to slow down. That’s the little gland that makes the immune cells you need to fight off infection – and this natural slowdown is why we tend to get sick more easily as we age.

Thymus glandular extract can boost function and increase immune cells to give you a leg up against flu and any other bad guy out there looking to make you sick.

Nothing is 100% effective against flu -- so if you get sick anyway, take vitamin C at the VERY FIRST SIGN of illness.

I personally start out with several thousand milligrams at once, chased with 1,000 mg more every hour… for as long as I feel crummy (which is usually not long at all).

Still sick?

Take 500-1,000 mg of olive leaf extract every few hours along with grapefruit seed extract and/or echinacea.

It can often knock out illness in a flash!

And studies show elderberry-based natural formulas can work as well as flu drugs… but without the side effects.