It’s the kinda thing where I have to laugh… if only to stop myself from SCREAMING!

I’ve seen them yammer on about it on TV… and they’ve slipped into news articles, too.

It’s even on The New York Times webpage about protecting yourself from the deadly coronavirus.

Get a flu shot!  

They know it won’t do a THING for coronavirus. How could it?

But they say there are two reasons to get it anyway:

  1. It’ll stop the flu.
  2. Hey, it can’t hurt.

Well… here’s what I say.

WRONG on both counts!

This common piece of mainstream advice is pretty close to made up… because these “experts” know they’ve got nothing new to say.

They take the useful stuff… like “wash your hands” and “stop touching your face”… and then mix in a little “get your exercise” and “eat your greens” because it sounds good.

And since the camera’s still rolling, they toss in a flu shot for good measure.

But following that advice could be a HUGE and FATEFUL mistake!

Could THIS make you prone to OTHER infections?!?

First, the flu shot isn’t exactly very good at helping ANYONE to avoid flu in ANY year… let alone THIS one.

In fact, it’s a totally CRUMMY way of avoiding flu -- and won’t even come CLOSE to preventing it completely.

And second… the “can’t hurt” part could be TOTALLY off base when it comes to coronavirus.

A study last year looked at a phenomenon called “virus interference”… specifically when a vaccine for one virus “interferes” with your immune system's ability to fight off other viruses.

At the time, the mainstream was able to tout the study as GOOD news: Overall, the influenza vaccine didn’t lead to increased interference.

EXCEPT… They found a couple of exceptions.

“Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.”

Does that sound good to you? Yeah, me neither.

That may not have seemed like a big deal at the time – because last year, most people outside of medicine had never even heard of ANY “coronavirus” (even if we’d already fought different strains of them off).

Now of course this is just one study… and it didn’t look specifically at the coronavirus that causes COVID-19

So, we have to label this as a “cause for concern” and not “rock-solid evidence.”

But I’ve got enough concern that I’d avoid the flu shot.

Then again, I avoid it anyway -- and even if I didn’t, the LAST place in the world I’d wanna be right now is in a pharmacy or medical clinic surrounded by others who are hacking and wheezing.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen