I subscribe to the FDA’s Consumer Updates by email. And let me tell you, if you don’t you’re definitely missing out. These things really ought to come with their own laugh tracks, because they sure do keep me in stitches.

Their latest gem is a real knee slapper. It’s entitled, “It's Still Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Vaccine.”

That’s right my friend, if you somehow managed to dodge all the flu shot hysteria and hype this past fall never fear, the FDA says it’s still not too late to go get your jab.

Phew, I’m sure that “news” is a load off exactly zero shoulders.

Yes, here we are in February and the feds are STILL pulling out the pompoms and leading the cheer for their best buddies in Big Pharma. You see, according to the knuckleheads at the FDA the flu season peaks in January and February and can last well into May.

But wait, they’re not done ramping up the fear yet.

The feds say that while the flu typically hits children and seniors the hardest, sometimes a flu virus makes its way around that affects young and middle aged folks, too. So did you catch that? Everyone… that means children, young people, middle aged people, AND seniors… should fear the flu and obediently line up to get those shots.

Of course, the only trouble with this fear mongering is that there’s no real evidence that the flu shot is even very effective, besides the fact that the vaccine is a total shot-in-the-dark guess every year, the numbers just don’t pan out.

Even if they somehow manage to get it right, there’s no guarantee the vaccine will be effective. In fact, some studies find that, even when the vaccine matches the flu bug that’s circulating, forty to fifty percent of the vaccinated may still get sick. And don’t even get me started on the potential side effects that, ironically, sound an awful lot LIKE the flu you were trying to avoid in the first place.

To make matters worse there’s even evidence that the yearly flu vaccine could leave you MORE vulnerable to other strains of the flu like the potentially deadly H1N1 flu.

Stick with common sense measures and tried-and-true immune boosters like zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D instead. Click here to check out more of my advice on immune-proofing your system.