Hey, remember the flu?

I do!

Not long ago, the flu was considered a BIG HONKIN’ DEAL – and the mainstream authorities wouldn’t shut up about vaccines and drugs for it.

Now, it’s like a forgotten toy from last year’s Christmas.

So the feds just delivered a shiny new present to the companies that make flu drugs, approving a med not just for the infection itself…

But for people who THINK they MIGHT have been exposed to the virus.

Supposedly, this drug will cut the risk of getting sick if you’ve been around someone with the flu.

But if you’re thinking you might need this drug yourself… I’ve got the inside scoop that could cause you to think again.

And I’ve got a BETTER way to beat this winter bug!

Sickening FLU drug gets UGLY new push

A coupla years ago, the feds approved the drug baloxavir – a.k.a. Xofluza – to treat people sick with flu.

Now they wanna give it to people who AREN’T sick… but have been EXPOSED to someone who was sick…

Just in case they might catch the flu cooties.

In one study, they gave the drug or a placebo to hundreds of people living with someone who had the flu… and just 1% of the folks who took the drug came down with the flu.

I’ll admit: That’s impressive, even when you consider that only 13% of placebo patients got sick.

So, sure, it cuts the risk of flu.

But… (You knew the “but” was coming, right?)

First off, that’s based on ONE study and ONE study only.

And second, I’ve shared with you before how the drug has some pretty nasty side effects… including diarrhea, bronchitis, nausea, sinusitis, and headache.

So, you might not OFFICIALLY have the flu after taking the drug. But you sure as heck might THINK you have it!

Then there’s this warning from the FDA about the potential for anaphylaxis, a.k.a. very serious allergic reactions:

“Patients should not take Xofluza if they have had a known hypersensitivity reaction to Xofluza.”

Think about that one for a sec.

The one way to know if you have a “hypersensitivity reaction” to the drug is to take the darned thing. And once you’ve taken it, well… tough luck.

It’s too late! 

And if THAT’s not enough, you’re also not supposed to take it with dairy… or anything with calcium…

Or any antacid drug… or laxatives…

Or, what the heck, let’s throw supplements with iron, magnesium, selenium, aluminum, and/or zinc on the forbidden list, too.

I’ve got a better way to protect against flu -- and it works if you’ve been exposed and even if you’re already showing symptoms.

First, if you have ANY sign of illness… even if you’re not sure if it’s cold, or flu, or whatever… get yourself some vitamin C

And get it ASAP.

I usually take a few thousand milligrams all at once, then 1,000 every hour. But, if you’re not used to vitamin C at higher doses, that can make you gassy and may even lead to diarrhea… so you may want to start smaller (just keep taking those smaller doses, spaced out throughout the day).

The C alone often BLOCKS respiratory infections for me.

But if you’re not improving – or getting worse – it’s time to break out the big guns and take 500-1,000 mg of olive leaf extract every few hours.

I also take grapefruit seed extract, and you might want to consider some probiotics too. Plus, I’ve seen some pretty promising research on elderberry extract.

Just have these things on hand now, so they’re around if and when you need them, as they all work best when you start taking them fast.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen