It never fails. When the holidays get close, my inner kid suddenly emerges. It seems no matter how many years I manage to put under my belt, I still can’t help getting excited about the holidays like… well, like a kid at Christmas. And with visions of turkeys and Christmas trees dancing through my head, the only thing that could keep me from dancing right along with them are what I like to call uncomfortable “winter joints.”

The fact is, very few of us are getting everything we need to keep our joints feeling smooth and comfortable. And as the temperatures drop, and the mad dash through the holidays starts, feeling stiff after an evening of merry-making is a very real possibility.

But you can beat “winter joints,” sidestepping them altogether by giving your joints the soothing support they need. The Flexanol formula, combining the best joint-supporting breakthroughs of the last three decades, was essentially thirty years in the making. Because hey, let’s face it, you just don’t rush perfection!

From joint-lubricating chondroitin to a triple shot of targeted joint-friendly vitamins, Flexanol supports your joints from all angles. Don’t face the holidays and “winter joints” unprepared.