There’s a MAJOR health crisis in plain sight… and the mainstream is taking action to STOP it.

But don’t give them too much credit here. In fact, don’t give them ANY CREDIT at all…

They’re the ones that caused it!

The feds just quietly announced a plan to cut the allowable levels of added fluoride in bottled water.

This comes after recently cutting the levels allowed in tap water, too.

Officially, they claim the higher levels have led to fluorosis, or discoloration on the teeth.

They SAY it’s purely a cosmetic problem.

They can’t “officially” admit to more than that… even though there are OTHER effects we CAN’T see.

Because that would also be a confession that they’ve been poisoning us!

Troubled waters

Anyone who favors water fluoridation just plain hasn’t done their homework.

With absolute minimal effort, you can see that chronic exposureto low-level fluoride makes people slow and dumb.

It literally sucks their intelligence right out of the brain -- especially when exposure starts in early childhood, as early as in the womb (as it does).

It’s also been linked to bone lossjoint damagethyroid disease… and cancer.

Since it’s easier than ever to figure all that out (thank you, Google), people are waking up to it.

And because people are waking up to it, the mainstream has realized they’d better start doing something NOW.

So, they’re taking baby steps, cutting the levels a little bit, here and there.

Barely a start… but I guess it’s something.

Still, you have to wonder how they can even get away with this.

LOTS of things are good for you – LOTS of things are good for all of us – and NOT ONE of them is added automatically to the water.

Magnesium has literally HUNDREDS of roles in your body – bones, nerves, muscles, etc. This stuff literally helps keep your heart beating.

More than HALF of Americans are deficient, including some 80% of seniors. Yet it’s NOTadded to the water (beyond low natural levels).

Vitamin D is critical. We’re ALL missing out.

Still not in the water.

Yet they weaseled FLUORIDE into the tap!

And didya notice that when we started drinking bottled water, they rushed to add it there, too?

I’d say something doesn’t smell right… taste right… or look right here.

But fluoride is odorless, flavorless, and colorless

There’s no way to know when it’s in your water supply. (And good luck trying to find out, as many towns make you jump through hoops).

So just assume it’s there, sucking out the brain cells to make people too dumb to know what’s being done to them every day.

Dumb and docile… ready to work and spend… that’s all they want outta ya.

Don’t give in to them. Don’t drink it.

Get yourself either a distiller or reverse-osmosis filter, both of which can pull out the fluoride (not to mention drugs, chemicals, hormones and fuel residue routinely found in the tap).

And if you’re hitting the bottle, be sure to RUN AWAY from any label that says “fluoridated,” “fluoride added,” or “fluoride enhanced.”

Instead, drink bottled spring water!

You can also choose a bottle of water that’s been purified or distilled. Those processes take out any “naturally” occurring fluoride from the original water source.

And if the bottler has intentionally added fluoride to the product, the FDA requires they label it.