If the FDA ever shut down… it would be an improvement!

Because they’re not just FAILING to PROTECT you.

No, my friend, it’s gone FAR past that point.

These creeps are actively working AGAINST you

AIDING and ABETTING a massive Big Pharma fraud to rob you of both your dollars and your health.

A new report blows the lid off the industry’s worst-kept secret

EXPOSING how the FDA literally looks the other way when it discovers shenanigans in drug trials.

It shows why you should never… ever… EVER… trust that “hot” new drug on the market.

Heck, when you see what I’m about to share today, you might NEVER trust ANY medication EVER again!

The UGLY TRUTH about drug research misconduct

A staggering new report in JAMA finds that every single year, the FDA uncovers some 200 cases of research misconduct in clinical trials during its site inspections.

Those cases include 3 of the biggest sins in medical research:

  1. FAILURE to obtain informed consent
  2. FALSIFICATION of data, and
  3. VIOLATIONS in adverse event reporting.

But instead of coming down hard on these crooks…

The feds COVER FOR THEM! They say it’s “confidential commercial information”… and don’t breathe a word of it.

Yeah, outright lies are now protected by YOUR government -- because they’re CORPORATE secrets.

They’ve chosen a side here… and it’s not yours.

We’re not talking MINOR violations, either.

In one instance, FDA inspectors found misconduct including FRAUD at 24 of 36 research sites in China where the anticoagulant drug apixaban was under study.

The companies behind the drug said excluding the data would ruin the study. So, guess what? The feds let them publish the data with NO MENTION of the problems they uncovered.

This study… built around FRAUDULENT data… has now been cited close to 7,000 times.

It was even used to create clinical guidelines!

In another case, the feds found widespread data FAKERY

Including omitting HUNDREDS of serious adverse side effects for the anticoagulant drug rivaroxaban.

Same deal with this study as with the other one I just mentioned.

It got published anyway… it’s been cited more than 1,000 times… and it’s been used in clinical guidelines.

Those are just 2 of the more than 200 times this happens EVERY YEAR.

Now, there may be NOTHING you can do to change this SHADY system

But there’s PLENTY you can do to protect yourself.

Start by giving yourself the most important “medicine” of all: a heaping dose of skepticism.

As the study shows, FDA approvals… glowing media reports… slick TV ads… and even your own doctor’s advice are ALL built around those clearly crooked studies.

Tune it all out.

If you’re in good health, thank your lucky stars… then work to keep it that way. Eat right… take your vitamins… and get out of the house a little each day.

If you’re facing something, start with the basics -- lifestyle changes first and non-drug treatments second.

And if that fails, NEVER get hoodwinked into “newer, better” drugs – not when an old standby is available.

I’m not saying the old drugs are great. Many aren’t.

But they’ve been around a while – and that means there’ve likely been MORE studies, giving you a much clearer picture about BOTH the benefits AND the risks.

At least then you can make an informed decision.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen