Forget Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.

This holiday season, millions of American adults are planning to get absolutely Blitzen… on the BOOZEN!

I don’t endorse it. But after the year we’ve had, I can hardly blame folks for letting off a little steam with an extra sip or two.

Now, when people have gotten blitzed the night before, they often turn to some over-the-counter hangover remedies to handle those next-day effects.

A lot of this stuff ranges from junk to outright scams… so it’s no surprise that the feds sent the makers of some of these formulas a nasty letter.

But here’s the thing…

There’s something ELSE going on behind the scenes right now… something that can have a DIRECT impact on you and your health.

And that’s true even if you’ve never touched a drop of liquor.

The specific wording the feds used in this assault on hangover remedies was so wild… so out-there… and so beyond that pale…

That it threatens just about EVERYTHING!

Here’s how.

‘Hangover cure’ CRACKDOWN could leave you high and dry

The FDA pointed to a common ingredient in hangover remedies called N-acetyl-L-cysteine, or NAC.

This is good stuff. I don’t know if it’s any good for hangovers, mind you… but it’s good for lots of other reasons.

NAC is a precursor that can form glutathione, a.k.a. the “master antioxidant” that your body uses to fight off oxidative stress and sweep out free radicals.

It can also protect the kidney and liver… help with respiratory conditions… control mental health issues… and may even prevent or treat dementia.

And the FDA is threatening to take it away!

The agency claims that because NAC was approved as a drug for respiratory conditions in 1963, that means it IS a drug. And because it’s a “drug”… it SHOULDN’T be in supplements, including hangover remedies.

Don’t use NAC? I’ve got news for you…

The feds can use this same made-up rule to ban nearly EVERYTHING!

They’re claiming anything previously approved… or even INVESTIGATED… as a potential drug should be OFF-LIMITS.

But at some point or another, just about EVERY natural remedy has been “investigated” as a drug…

And some still are being tested and/or used as such.

Many vitamins are even available in “prescription” form…

And the FDA’s power-grab now threatens every single one of them… from common stuff like vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids… to lesser-known compounds like the benfotiamine many people with diabetes rely on.

And you can bet they would just LOVE to pull the plug on CBD!

So today, they’re coming for some sketchy hangover cures that may or may not work.

But tomorrow, it could be something you not only CARE about, but DEPEND on

For anything from daily support to diabetes to chronic pain and more.

Fortunately, you can stay one step ahead of the long arm of the (overreaching) law.

If there’s a natural treatment you love, stock up NOW so you can have some extra on hand at all times…

Especially if they start CRACKING DOWN on it.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen