A new beta-amyloid-busting drug for Alzheimer’s?

That’s what the media says… that’s what the drug industry claims… and that’s what the FDA seems hellbent on approving in a hurry.

But don’t get your hopes up!

This drug that’s being hailed as a breakthrough… is already BROKEN!

I’ll put the pieces back together in a moment and give you the inside track on what could work instead.

First, let me pull back the curtain and show you what’s REALLY going on behind those oh-so-hopeful headlines.

Alzheimer’s drug scam has the media hoodwinked

The drugmakers CLAIM they missed something last year when aducanumab FLUNKED a study.


Turns out it ACTUALLY works, they say… and now, this FAILED med is suddenly in the fast lane for FDA approval.

Here’s the part they’re leaving out of those rosy headlines…

It didn’t just flunk a study. It flunked SO BADLY… they pulled the plug on the research early.

Believe me, drug companies don’t simply walk away from studies like that unless something is VERY wrong.

So, you have to wonder just what in the heck’s going on here.

We know they had two studies going on at once. One turned out to be positive. The other was negative.

In the negative one, high doses of the drug led to WORSE symptoms… and FASTER decline!

But somehow, the numbers didn’t change… but the analysis did.

Oh, and the company behind it is being real sketchy about the safety end of the business, saying only that it’s “consistent with previous studies.”

Given that the drug’s been liked to potentially deadly brain inflammation in the limited “previous studies” we know about, that’s not exactly encouraging.

For one final trick, they’re cooking up a new study… one the FDA could use to APPROVE this drug.

And it WON’T have a placebo.

What are these people hiding??? I wouldn’t stick around to find out.

In fact, you couldn’t PAY ME to try this drug… even if I was in desperate need of it.

So far, there are two things very clear about Alzheimer’s disease:

  • The beta amyloid plaques targeted by this drug ARE linked to dementia… but clearing them out ISN’T the cure. Plenty of drugs have tried this, and they’ve all failed – including the new one. That fact that it magically “worked” after failing is beyond suspicious.
  • This is a modern disease – caused by something unique to modern society, almost certainly toxins in general (in food, water, etc.) and very likely in many cases linked to medications.

If I ever had a loved one “diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” my very first step would be to ELIMINATE all drugs -- at least as much as possible.

My guess is this move alone would CURE a not-insignificant number of cases, right out of the gate.

If that doesn’t do the trick, next step is to rule out the mimics – conditions such as chronic Lyme, which can look like dementia so well that even the experts will misdiagnose it.

And if you’re still stuck, I would take extreme action with your diet, including…

  • CUT OUT all hints of anything processed and anything with chemicals.
  • EAT ONLY organic, non-GMO
  • DETOX your GI tract with a cleanse.
  • TREAT undiagnosed yeast infections.
  • LOAD UP on essential nutrients for brainpower -- including ginkgo biloba, phosphatidyl serine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, NAC, ALA, etc.

Don’t just pick one of those. Do ’em all. And don’t even wait to find out what the FDA decides to do with this drug in their meetings this month.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen