No one will TALK about it.

They won’t even ACKNOWLEDGE it.

And if you bring it up, they treat ya like a kook in a tinfoil hat.

But there’s a hush-hush reason for the SURGE of Alzheimer’s disease

One that has NOTHING to do with ANY of the suspects the mainstream will usually try to blame.

It’s NOT bad genes, so you can't blame grandpa…

It’s NOT poor lifestyle choices, so you don’t have to blame yourself…

And it’s NOT even rotten luck.

Sure, all of those CAN be factors.

But there’s a BIGGER one they’ll NEVER acknowledge – because that would mean admitting that you could put the blame on THEM.

Since they WON’T talk about it, I WILL.

And more importantly, I’ve got 3 simple, easy tips to bring this risk WAY back down.

BANISH this HIDDEN cause of Alzheimer’s in 3 simple steps

Alzheimer’s numbers are EXPLODING – and the mainstream has cooked up the DUMBEST explanation possible for it.

Some people are just living longer.

C’mon. The numbers don’t add up.

Finland has the highest per capita Alzheimer’s rate… and ranks 31st in longevity.

Number two is the United States… all the way down the longevity list at #43.

Four of the top 5 countries with the HIGHEST Alzheimer’s rates aren’t in the top 10 in longevity… and 3 of the 5 aren’t even in the top 20.

Believe me -- this ain’t simply the downside of a longer life.

It’s TOXINS… poisons hiding in your food, water, medicine and more.

And one of the worst of the lot is aluminum.

Scientists have known about this link for half a century now. Back in the ’60s, they injected aluminum into the brains of rabbits, then watched as the critters became… well… “hare-brained.”

Even more than you’d expect.

They developed the degenerative damage that’s similar to what we see in dementia-addled human brains.

In humans, scientists have found that aluminum doesn’t quite CAUSE the dementia damage. Instead, it makes it harder for the brain’s natural detox process to function.

When the damage does turn up, it doesn’t get swept out as efficiently.

The mainstream has insisted this is just an “in theory” kinda deal – that there’s not enough aluminum going into the body to do any real damage.

But earlier this year, scientists in Germany looked at all the sources of aluminum we’re typically exposed to… and were STUNNED by what they found.

The average person now reaches HALF the “allowable” weekly limit.

Since it’s an average, you know what that means.

Some people are well below it… but others are way, way above it.

And the study finds that some reach “potentially harmful levels” through supposedly “normal” exposure.

But I bet you didn’t hear a thing about THAT.

OF COURSE you didn’t. Like I said, they REALLY don’t want to cop to this one – because it would be a damning indictment of all the aluminum they’ve allowed in everything.

Here’s the reality of the situation…

THEY’RE not going to restrict, regulate, or limit aluminum in any way, shape, or form.

YOU’LL have to make your own restrictions.

Here are my “Big 3” tips:

  1. AVOID processed foods, which can contain hidden aluminum (and other metals) especially in emulsifiers and coloring agents.
  2. DON’T BUY OR STORE food in aluminum. Choose stainless steel and/or glass instead of aluminum trays and foils.
  3. WATCH for aluminum in personal care products, especially deodorants. If you need something for your pits, look for one that specifically says “aluminum-free” on the label. They won’t plug you up and stop sweat as completely… but a little sweat in your pits is a small price to pay for less damage in your brain!

It takes a little effort, but you can do it.


In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen