You’ve been sold out, my friend.

And I bet you didn’t even notice it!

The FDA quietly… secretly… and sneakily published its list of “essential” medications… or the treatments that are “are medically necessary to have available at all times” at hospitals and other care facilities.

This isn’t just an FYI for docs. It also serves as a shopping list… since the U.S. government will buy, buy, buy, buy everything on it.

With money like that on the line, you can guess what happened next.

The list became less about the TRUE essentials

And more about PAYING BACK their corporate pals with big-time purchase orders.

If you don’t have a powerful corporate lobby behind you, you don’t make the cut… which is likely why one of the most essential medicines in the world ISN’T on the list.

That could lead to needless suffering and death in Americans hospitals, every single day!

IGNORED vitamin could be CRUCIAL to recovery

When I say this item the FDA just ignored is “essential,” I’m not talking about my lonely old opinion.

This one is on the BIG LIST.

It’s on the World Health Organization’s list of essentials… meaning WHO believes every hospital, clinic, and practice in the world needs to have this on hand.

It’s ascorbic acid -- better known as plain ol’ vitamin C! 

Of course, it’s essential to the human body… and we ALL know we need it…

But even the World Health Organization’s list of what this nutrient can do barely SCRATCHES the surface.

Because at ultra-high levels… mega doses you can only get intravenously… vitamin C can do something almost no drug in the world can promise.

It can KNOCK OUT some of the world’s DEADLIEST infections!

What could possibly be more essential than that???

Multiple studies have found that C combined with hydrocortisone and thiamin can save the lives of patients in septic shock. It works by calming the “cytokine storms” that overwhelm the system and lead to the rapid decline and death that often marks the condition.

Every year, more than 1.7 million Americans develop sepsis… and some 270,000 die from it. This is a complication that nearly EVERY hospital in the nation sees, every day, often multiple times a day.

Yet the FDA won’t put the most promising treatment we have for sepsis on its “essentials” list.

What a scam!

That’s not ALL it does, by the way.

In a 2018 study, intravenous C led to better recovery… and a higher chance of survival… in patients with SEVERE pneumonia.

There are dozens of other uses for IVC, such as fighting off other forms of infection… and even as a cancer treatment (especially to fight the side effects of chemo).

Yet the FDA’s decision means patients could be SHUT OUT.

But don’t let that stop you from REQUESTING it!

If the chips are down… if you or a loved one are hospitalized with severe infection… or if you’re fighting cancer…

I’m not saying you should REJECT whatever else is being offered.

But ASK for intravenous vitamin C alongside it. Most docs will comply… thinking that at the very least it won’t hurt.

When you recover, they’ll think it was the OTHER stuff they did for you.

Let them think that. You’ll know the truth about this “essential” therapy!

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen