Imagine fuel that causes your car to STOP… or a meal that makes you HUNGRIER.

Or, try to picture an air conditioner that makes your room HOTTER!

That’s nothing compared to what you could get from a popular drug for gout -- one that has the FULL backing of the mainstream.

Because BEFORE it makes you better… it can make you feel a whole lot WORSE!

I mean MORE flareups… and EXCRUCIATING new levels of pain!

This won’t just happen for a few minutes… or hours… or even days.

It could last for WEEKS… or even MONTHS.

Yet right now, according to a scary new report, the medical mainstream establishment is STILL urging doctors to use this treatment first.

If you’re struggling with gout yourself, there are ways to end the pain… WITHOUT the risks of this med.

Here’s how.

A bad-news drug… they’ll give to you anyway

The new report in the journal Arthritis Care & Research essentially tells docs to FORGET all the bad stuff they’ve heard about the gout drug allopurinol.

Just dish it out anyway.

The crux of their argument is that it probably won’t kill anyone. So… go for it!

You’d think that would be an absolute bare minimum for ANY treatment…

Except the OTHER common gout drug can’t even make THAT claim.

Like I said before, that “other” drug, febuxostat, can increase your risk of DEATH from heart problems by more than a third… and DEATH from ALL causes by 22%.

So, sure -- allopurinol is safer than that. Heck, a gunshot wound is probably safer than that.

But c’mon. Shouldn’t our standards be a whole lot HIGHER???

Call me crazy… call me old-fashioned… call me downright unreasonable in my expectations…

But I’ve always believed drugs should be both safe AND effective.

And that’s where even the “safer” allopurinol falls WAY short.

First, even if it won’t KILL you the way febuxostat might… it won’t exactly do you any favors.

It can leave you WRACKED with side effects, such as infection (including painful UTIs).

Second, this stuff can take MONTHS before it reduces gout flare-ups and pain

And while you wait for that benefit… it can actually make the condition WORSE.

Sheer insanity!

If you’re prone to gout, I’ve got a better plan for you:

  1. lithium orotate: 5-10 mg 3X a day can keep uric acid soluble in the blood so it doesn’t “crystalize” and build up around the big toe.
  2. vitamin C: 2 grams of per day, split into 2-3 smaller doses throughout the day, will help flush that uric acid out of your system so it’ll no longer pose any threat at all.
  3. flaxseed oil (1-2 tsp) and/or vitamin E (400 mg): can help ensure you don’t have any side effects from the lithium (although you shouldn’t at that dose).

If you feel an attack coming on anyway, 32 ounces of pure, unsweetened cherry juice at the first sign of pain can help cut it off before it gets bad.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen