Americans are DITCHING some of the most dangerous drugs in the pharmacy… and turning to SAFER options for acid reflux.

We should CELEBRATE that, right?

Well, friend, you’d better believe the drug industry ISN’T celebrating.

They’re in full-blown PANIC mode!

See, they don’t look at the part where drugs for reflux such as PPIs are DANGEROUS.

No, they’re only looking at the balance sheet… where these meds are some of the most PROFITABLE.

When people SWITCH, they lose big bucks.

So, in a desperate attempt to save their bank accounts, they’re pulling an ugly little stunt behind the scenes.

They hoped you’d never see it…

But today, I’m going to pull back the curtain… and EXPOSE how they’re putting the screws to your doctor right now…

To get you BACK onto their money-making drugs.

More importantly, I’ve got what they’re so afraid of: safe and proven home remedies that’ll chase away the excruciating agony of acid reflux.

The SURPRISING cause of your acid reflux… and how to FIX it

The new report in Medscape – a website for doctors and nurses and such – urges doctors to be frank with patients about the “limited evidence” and “potential risks” of reflux treatments.

No, they haven’t finally come to their senses about reflux drugs like PPIs, whose risks are serious and, in some cases, SEVERE…


It’s only the NATURAL stuff they want docs to rip into!

And of course, the report delivers a whole lotta claptrap.

Here’s a real beaut…

The report claims apple cider vinegar – a time-tested reflux remedy some people swear by – is “toxic” when it has acetic acid concentrations of 20%.

Except as the same report quietly notes, the apple cider vinegar people use contains less than 5% acetic acid… and most people dilute it FAR beyond that.

Uh...why bring it up then???

So they can make a bogus safety claim, of course!  

Then the report claims vinegar shouldn’t be used anyway since it’s acidic and “reflux isn't related to a lack of acid but is due to an excess of acid.”

And that, my friend, is so much BUNK… I started yelling at my computer like a crazy person.

It is absolutely proven that not enough acid can CAUSE reflux, since low levels weaken the esophageal sphincter. That allows any acid left to reach the wrong place -- even when levels are low.

In other words… if that’s the cause of your reflux… then something like apple cider vinegar can be EXACTLY what you need.

Yet these ninnies are trying to scare you away from it!

The report isn’t ALL negative. It actually recommends melatonin for reflux – something I’ve never really had near the top of my list for reflux, but certainly worth a shot.

Apple cider vinegar isn’t at the top of my list either, for that matter…

Most people see much bigger improvements with acidophilus supplements and digestive enzymes.

In fact, this easy approach works for about 2/3 of patients.

And one of my favorites is DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice).

If you’ve tried ALL of the above… and still aren’t getting relief… get tested for other possible problems.

You’ll want to rule out an undiagnosed ulcer and/or hidden food sensitivity.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen