Call me crazy…

Call me old-fashioned…

Call me a hopelessly antiquated stick-in-the-mud if you want to…

But I thought the whole point of a drug approval is that the company has to PROVE the thing works BEFORE it's given the OK.

Turns out that's just wishful thinking in today's America.

Because the FDA just approved a new drug for Alzheimer's – one that they CLAIM will CHANGE THE GAME for this disease.

But read between the lines… and you'll find something else.

They actually have NO CLUE whether it works or not!

The FDA ordered a new clinical trial to finally figure it out…

But in what might be the agency's most INSANE move yet… they approved the drug in the meantime ANYWAY!

Yes, friend, anyone who takes it now is basically an unwitting test subject in a sick experiment – one that could lead to pain and heartbreak if it turns out the drug doesn't work.

And… as you'll see in a moment… even the FDA knows there's a good chance it WON'T work!

The UGLY truth about the NEW dementia drug

Last autumn, an FDA advisory panel – a group that tends to be VERY friendly to drugs and drug companies – kicked this drug right in the rear.

They didn't just REJECT it.

They voted 8-1 AGAINST it

Writing that "there is no persuasive evidence" that it improves outcomes in dementia patients.

That shoulda been case closed.

Instead, top FDA mucky-mucks REJECTED the advice… and APPROVED the drug anyway

TICKING OFF the panel so thoroughly that 3 of its members reportedly QUIT over the decision.

Not exactly a ROUSING start for this drug.

Here's what we know…

Studies show it CAN reduce the levels of beta amyloid plaques in the brain… and those are known markers of dementia.


Emerging research finds that while beta amyloid is often a SIGN of dementia damage

Removing it WON'T reverse the disease itself any more than your car's wipers will stop the rain from falling.

That's why 2 major trials found the drug DIDN'T do much for real-world outcomes… such as slowing the decline that marks dementia.

The studies were SO fruitless… they were cut off early!

The companies behind the drug then came forward with some "new discovery" from the same data that ostensibly found it can slow cognitive and functional decline by 22% in some cases.

Call me cynical, but I find that more than a little suspicious.

So, here's what I suggest…

Don't place any hope in this drug. Not until you see some REAL SCIENCE that proves it works (and I don't expect that'll be forthcoming anytime soon, and possibly not ever).

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with dementia, first RULE OUT "false" dementias

Which can be caused by drug side effectschronic Lyme and other undiagnosed infections… and/or other hidden conditions.

Most mainstream docs WON'T look for them… so work with a naturopathic physician.

If that doesn't get you anywhere, switch to a diet of all-natural foods (which I recommend doing anyway), and load up on brain-enhancing nutrients and compounds including ginkgo biloba, phosphatidyl serine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, NAC, ALA, and more.

In Your Corner,
Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. Earlier this year, I shared with you why so many mainstream efforts are FUTILE in improving Alzheimer's patients' conditions.

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