It’s the question EVERY senior asks at some point…

What happens if I just don’t take this pill????

Maybe you’ve even been tempted to toss one out… instead of tossing one down… just to see what happens.

The mainstream wants you to think that if you miss a dose, you’ll drop dead.

Well, my friend, that’s not NECESSARILY true.

New research shows what REALLY happens when older Americans skip one of the most common meds of all, blood pressure pills.

Absolutely NOTHING!

And it confirms that many seniors can QUIT these drugs… and feel sharper, clearer, stronger, and steadier WITHOUT their ill effects!

Here’s how.

How to safely QUIT your BP meds

Now, don’t run to the medicine chest and empty it all into the trash.

It’s not QUITE that simple (although it’s close).

You’ve got to get your doc on board before you make this change…

But when he sees this new study, he’ll almost certainly want to help you out.

This one looked at folks over 80.

Some were allowed to quit one blood pressure med, while the rest were told to keep taking their drugs as usual.

After 12 weeks, both sets of patients had the same likelihood of keeping their systolic (“top” number) BP below 150.

In fact, most of the ones who quit the med were below 130!

Of course, many docs will claim that’s still too high.

That’s because they’re chasing mainstream targets – targets that have been lowered, and lowered, and LOWERED over time.

Not to IMPROVE health, mind you. To SELL meds.

Those target numbers are SO low now that it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for seniors to meet them WITHOUT drugs -- which is exactly the point.

Just look at me…

Not to brag here, but I’ve spent my life not just as a doctor, but an ATHLETE – capable of performing and coaching at the HIGHEST levels.

And even I can’t meet their darned targets some of the time!

So if your BP’s a little high, don’t freak out over it… and certainly don’t start gobbling pills to hit some totally artificial target.

If it IS high enough for concern… and you need to bring those levels down… you STILL can do better than meds.

Exercise, for example, can shave 3 points off your BP… which is almost as good as some meds.

But there’s something out there even better – a natural crystal nearly 4X more effective than exercise.

It can cut BP by 11 points in just 6 hours!

You can get these very special crystals from your diet. You just might not LIKE the experience.

One of the best sources, for example, is beet juice.

Try just SAYING that without gagging!

Don’t get me wrong here; if you wanna fill your fridge with little overpriced bottles of a “juice” that basically taste like mud, be my guest.

I’d recommend a simpler – not to mention more pleasant and much cheaper – form of these crystals, known as nitrates.

They’re available as a supplement, both on their own and as part of a formula for overall cardiovascular health. 

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen