Soothanol X2 topical pain reliever There are so many different pain relief options out there, all making different claims; it’s easy to get lost in the noise.

But sometimes a topical pain reliever can be your best option.

Topical pain relievers are fast, targeted, and you don’t have to worry about interactions with other oral medications you may be taking.

But not all topical pain relievers are created equal.

So you want to know – which topical pain relievers really work?

And how?

What’s the truth?

What is a Topical Pain Reliever?

Topical pain relievers are a group of different medicines that are used “externally”, which means it is applied directly to the skin.

Most topical pain relievers have one of two active ingredients:

Menthol and capsaicin are the most common topical pain reliever ingredients.

You trust old home remedies, like an ice pack or a hot bath… menthol and capsaicin feel very similar. Many people report menthol has a cooling feeling, like an ice pack, while capsaicin has a warming feeling, like a hot shower stream.

Of course, menthol and capsaicin are also powerful medicines working for you, too. They can be formulated into creams, gels, sprays, or patches, and used to hone in on whatever muscular or joint pain is bothering you.

How Menthol Works as a Topical Pain Reliever

In essence, that cool feeling you get with menthol is acting as a distraction.

That’s right – the medicine actually distracts your body, focusing it away from the pain and onto this new, cool sensation.

But surely a distraction isn't enough to actually ease your pain.

Only it is!

In studies of perceived pain and measurable blood flow, adding menthol to ice for pain relief made people feel better – plain and simple, proving that topical pain relievers work.

Capsaicin: A Powerful Topical Pain Reliever

Capsaicin also distracts the body from pain, only using heat instead of cold.

When compared to a placebo, the warmth of capsaicin is the undisputed winner, providing significantly greater pain relief time after time. Even when studied under placebo controlled, double blind conditions – the most strenuous, reliable testing conditions there are – capsaicin rose to the occasion, providing greater relief than any placebo could.

However, capsaicin also works in a second way – it communicates with the nerve endings, soothing them, which in turn, soothes your pain. This two-pronged approach to pain relief makes capsaicin one of the most effective topical pain relievers on the market!

So do topical pain relievers really work?

That’s a resounding YES!

Topical Pain Relief with Soothanol X2

You don’t have to look any further to get not just one, but both, of these indisputable powerhouse ingredients.

One of the best topical pain relievers out there, Soothanol X2, has them both, and has them in the perfect amounts for ultimate pain relief.

Soothanol X2 combines the active ingredients menthol and capsaicin, with several supporting ingredients that don’t just feel or smell good, but actually enhance the effects of the menthol and capsaicin. This creates a synergy that allows every part of the Soothanol X2 formula to be more effective than it would be alone.

Simply rub 2 drops wherever you hurt, and in less than a minute, your pain will start to decrease – and will be gone soon after.

It’s that easy.

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