If you drink a diet soda every day, you may be thin (though I doubt it)... but you also run a much higher stroke risk. That‘s according to new data presented at last month‘s International Stroke Conference.

For this study, U.S. researchers followed nearly 2,500 men and women for almost 10 years. They closely monitored what kind and how much diet soda the volunteers drank.

During this time frame, 559 vascular events occurred. This included ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.

When the researchers analyzed the data, they found a clear connection between diet soda and stroke risk. In fact, the men and women who drank just one diet soda each day experienced a 61 percent greater risk.

So, aside from the aspartame (a known carcinogen) found in this junk, diet soda is clearly bad news for your health.

So stay away from the can! If you want to drink something light and refreshing, grab some ice water and put a lemon in it. Lemon juice from a bottle works just as well. Keep it in the fridge and squirt some into your ice water. It makes for a refreshing and risk-free drink.