[WARNING] Weight-loss drug linked to deadly disease

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

They cook up a drug they HOPE will make billions… and have NO CLUE if it’s safe or not.

And the feds APPROVE it anyway! 

Well, it’s happened again. They approved a diet drug BEFORE they knew it was safe.

“But you gotta do more safety studies once it’s on the market,” they insisted, wagging a finger and winking at the same time (and maybe even insisting on a pinkie promise for good measure).

And after YEARS of waiting… we finally have that study.

You’re not gonna BELIEVE what they’ve been KEEPING from you all these years.

So once again that leaves it to me to do what they won’t…and give you…

  • THE TRUTH about this drug
  • WHY you should avoid it, and
  • HOW to get the better results… with no meds.

It’s a whole lot easier than you might think!

Could this diet drug be hiding a DEADLY risk?

About a decade back, the FDA actually did their job… briefly… and REJECTED the diet drug lorcaserin .

The feds were CONCERNED about its safety -- specifically over its heart risk.

Then, they had a change of heart.

They approved it… and asked for safety research to be done AFTER the masses started taking it.

Now that we have that research, the FDA says the data shows…


A link to cancer!

So, what are the feds doing about it?

Yep. You guessed it. Same thing they always do: a whole lotta nothing!

They’re not pulling the drug from the market. They’re just suggesting patients and doctors “consider” the risks and benefits.

Oh, and if you think the drug did something weird to you, you’re “encouraged” to let them know.

Gee, thanks, guys. Really lookin’ out for us there.

Besides that newly exposed cancer link, this drug is known for some pretty horrible possible side effects including nightmares, bladder pain, and – try not to wince when you read this – painful, bloody urine.

It’s so bad that even if it WERE a weight-loss miracle… I wouldn’t TOUCH the horrid thing.

But it’s not!

In one study, just 40% of patients had “success” -- and don’t be fooled by that word.

In this case, that “success” meant they lost a lousy 5% of body weight

And it took a FULL YEAR to do it.

If THAT’S what passes for success… I sure don’t want to see failure.

By the way, you have to follow a diet and exercise plan while on the drug or it won’t work.

Why even bother???

If you’re so desperate for weight loss that you’re considering a drug, there’s a good chance you’re also at risk for diabetes (or maybe already have it).

You can solve all your problems at once by ditching carbs.

If your sweet tooth starts complaining, have a bowl of berries…

But other than that: no sweets, no bread, no taters, no juice, you know the drill.

And if you need more than weight loss… if you need a little help with blood sugar control… chromium, berberine, Gymnema sylvestre and even vanadium can all get you back on the right track.