The old saying is that they treat you like a number.

But now, it’s even WORSE than that.

They don’t even treat YOUthey just treat the NUMBERS!

They’ve got their noses so deep in the chart with cholesterol… blood pressure… blood sugar… and everything else…

That they barely even NOTICE the human being standing there.

And if you have diabetes

New research reveals how this DANGEROUS obsession with numbers could leave you suffering from an ugly mix of BURNING pain and DEADLY risks.

A BLISTERING indictment of a diabetes med

There’s a class of drug out there for diabetes called DPP-4 inhibitors

And docs just LOVE ’em.


Because it’s GREAT at helping hit those numbers.

It cuts blood sugar levels without the most common risk of most of the other drugs. And it doesn’t bring them down TOO low.

Yeah, great for those NUMBERS.

But for YOU? Not so much!

The new warning finds these drugs could cause your skin to literally crawl with what’s known as bullous pemphigoid -- or itchy, painful blisters that can pop up in some of your most sensitive spots.

Overall, the drugs – which include big-sellers like saxagliptin, sitagliptin, linagliptin, and alogliptin – can increase the risk of this condition by 42%.

In seniors, that risk jumps by 62%.

And if the drug doesn’t cause your skin to bubble up with blisters…

It can WRECK your joints with an agonizing condition so severe that when the FDA announced that risk in 2015… the agency said it could be “disabling.”

But that’s not even the WORST part of it…

Because these drugs offer a CLEAR lesson in the danger of treating the numbers.

See, the idea of treatment in diabetes ISN’T to match your glucose up to some number on a chart…

It’s to have BETTER control over the disease… and a LONGER life.

Yet a study a few years back found these drugs DON’T deliver there.

Even when they “work” by your doctor’s measures… even when your glucose is smack in the middle of the happy zone on the chart… the study found NO real survival benefit compared to a placebo!

What the heck’s the point???

I’ve got a better option here -- one that treats YOU and not some number on a chart.

Start with a diet low in carbs, especially sugar. If you’re strict about it… and by that I mean going full Atkins or Paleo or whatever you wanna call it… that could be all you need.

But I get it. Not everyone can be THAT strict.

You can also BOOST your nutrition, especially vitamins B3 and C

And look at natural therapies for blood sugar control such as chromium… berberine… Gymnema sylvestre… and/or vanadium.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

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