It’s not paranoia, friend…

They really ARE trying to poison ya!

Some of today’s top meds are TOXIC… even when they’re made PERFECTLY and taken CORRECTLY.

But guess what? They’re NOT being made perfectly.

And as the industry cuts corners to raise profits… there’s some nasty junk getting in the mix.

And this is a whole lot worse than finding bug bits in your candy bar.

There’s POISON in the medicine, my friend -- and an alarming new report reveals the latest.

One of the most popular drugs for diabetes could contain a cancer-causing compound.

So today, I’m going to shine a light on what’s going on behind the scenes… and then give you another much BETTER and far SAFER option for diabetes control.

What’s in your metformin will SHOCK you

It didn’t make big headlines in 2020 because… well… there were a couple of other things going on.

But there is an absolute CRISIS developing around metformin.

The past year was marked by recall after recall after recall of generic extended-dose formulas of the drug…

Because it was CONTAMINATED with a cancer-causing chemical.

It’s N-nitrosodimethylamine, better known as NDMA -- the same garbage that led to MULTIPLE recalls of blood pressure meds and heartburn drugs, if you remember.

Here in 2021, we’re already seeing more of the same… with a new recall announced just days into the New Year.

But don’t kid yourself that this is an example of the FDA working to PROTECT you.

Seems to me they never WERE… and they never WILL BE.

When this scandal began, the FDA initially sent out a note saying there’s no problem with metformin – and patients should keep right on taking it.

It’s only when the contamination became too big to ignore that the FDA finally took long-delayed action.

If you’ve got diabetes, there are 2 steps you need to take:

  1. Check your stash. If you’re on any extended-release metformin, visit the FDA’s website to see if it’s on the (extensive, and growing) recalls list… or check in with your doctor and see if they have any more information.
  2. Take action so you’re not SCREWED by the next big recall.

If you have diabetes, it’s not too late to REVERSE the disease itself… and reduce or even ELIMINATE your need for medication including metformin.

Start with a diet EXTREMELY low in carbs… which should get your glucose to snap back to normal.

In addition, consider natural therapies such as…

  • berberine
  • chromium
  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • cinnamon, and
  • vitamins B3, C, and

Don’t quit your meds on your own, of course, but work with your doctor – ideally a naturopathic medical doctor experienced in helping patients with diabetes.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen