They called it the last hope against Alzheimer’s disease.

Not just ONE promising drug…

But TWO separate medications… in development at the same time… each one set to attack the disease that 5.6 million older Americans are now living with.

And now, we have the results.

Both of them FLOPPED!

Now, the mainstream says, there’s NOTHING in the works that looks even remotely promising.

Some drug companies have even thrown in the towel completely… and gotten out of the dementia game!

But I’m going to give you what they’re all out of.

Because today… I’ve got HOPE!

A way to BLOCK dementia and SAVE your brain

The two drugs that were considered the most promising yet just got tested on the best possible patients…

People genetically PRONE to the disease… but BEFORE symptoms appeared.

If the drug can help THESE folks, they reasoned, then they can certainly help the REST of us.

But neither one did JACK.

Next, they say, they may try higher doses and longer periods… potentially starting DECADES before the disease appears.

What’s next? Drugging children?

Drugging us for LIFE… with cradle-to-the-grave meds?

You know they’d LOVE that – but even then, I’d bet the results would be EXACTLY the same.

Here’s a fact the mainstream DOESN’T want to talk about…

More than 300 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatments have been conducted… and more than 300 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatments have failed.

Now, I’m not here to dance on failure.

I absolutely WANT to see them succeed and beat this thing.

But nearly ALL of the failed drugs target the same approach -- hitting the beta-amyloid plaques that clog the brain.

There’s no doubt beta-amyloid plays a big role in this disease.

But after 300 failures… it seems like they’re focusing on the smoke instead of the fire.

Friend, I hope you NEVER have to live with the news that you or a loved one have Alzheimer’s.

And if you do ever develop it… I hope they have a way to CURE it by then.

But since that hasn’t happened yet, let me tell you exactly what I’d do if I had… or were at risk for… this disease.

  1. Uncover the MIMICS -- the conditions that look so much like dementia doctors often mistake it for the real deal. That includes hidden infections – especially yeast infections – as well as chronic Lyme.
  2. Look at your MEDS -- because in many cases, dementia isn’t dementia at all. It’s a side effect, either of one drug (anything recently added is an automatic suspect) or the combined effect of multiple drugs, hammering away at the brain. Work with a doc who can get you off these suspects… ALL of them, if possible.
  3. Get rid of the TOXINS -- because I’m sure that’s what’s playing a major role in this disease, including toxins from food and water. Eliminate new exposure by cutting out processed foods and switching to an all-organic, non-GMO, gluten-free diet.
  4. Power up your BRAIN -- starting with ginkgo biloba, phosphatidyl serine, high-dose intravenous vitamin C, NAC, ALA, etc.

A naturopathic doc can also help come up with some specifics custom-tailored to your risks and needs.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen