You know what happens when you try to ship someone a sweet treat.

It’ll arrive some combination of banged-up, battered, moldy, stale, eaten, beaten… and just plain MISTREATED.

That’s how the cookie crumbles… but not just when it comes to gifts.

Your MEDS are getting that same abuse!

They’re not just getting kicked around, either.

New research shows they’re being subject to extreme temperatures – from molten highs to freezing lows.

And that, in turn, can cause meds to lose effectiveness… or even turn toxic.

So, let me share with you today what’s going on and the risks you face…

Especially now that more and more American seniors are staying home instead of going out to run their own errands.

More importantly, I’ve got something else – and that’s a way to protect yourself from this new and growing threat!

How your mail-order meds could HURT you

Researchers from the University of Utah shipped out 48 packages of meds with temperature trackers inside, with shipments going out in both summer AND winter.

In winter, the drugs spent 68 to 87% of their time in transit OUTSIDE of recommended temperature ranges

While in summer, it was 27 to 54% percent of the time.

How bad is it?

Well, NBC News did its own experiments on packages in winter and found many go into freezing temperatures for up to 38 hours – extreme lows that could damage drugs.

The network also found that meds requiring ice packs to keep cool can be subject to so much heat during shipping that the ice melts.

And in the other extreme, those ice packs could be placed in the wrong spot… causing the drug to freeze over, which is just as damaging.

Combined, the studies show potential problems with everything from ordinary pills and capsules… to meds that depend on highly specific temperatures…

Such as insulin and enzymes.

NBC says rules are changing… and in some cases laws are being passed… to ensure better temperature control of meds in the mail.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Get your meds in person if you can. If you’re worried about COVID-19, pick a pharmacy with a drive-thru or with a local delivery option.

And if you DO get meds in the mail… and SUSPECT they’ve been cooked or frozen during shipping… there are some steps you can take.

First, call your doctor. He can tell you right off the bat if the drug is too compromised to take, and might be able to help speed a quick replacement.

Second, call whoever shipped you the med and let them know there’s a BIG problem and they need to rush you a new supply (they may even be able to provide a pick-up option at a nearby pharmacy).

And third, call your insurer and let them know you shouldn’t pay for it (and neither should they).

But there’s another option you can take…

And that’s to work with a doc who can get you OFF of your meds.

After all, many of them are absolutely toxiceven when they’re kept in PERFECT conditions.

Link up with an experienced naturopathic physician who can help guide you AWAY from those meds… and ONTO the safe and natural options that can keep you healthy without the risks.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen