If a SINGLE PERSON taking a vitamin suffers from a side effect, it’s treated like a national emergency.

They launch a RECALL.


They alert the MEDIA.

But now, a report from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service has exposed the truth about supplements.

There’s nothing safer!

In fact, the three “worst” natural therapies… the “most dangerous” ones of all… just might be three of the BEST.

These ‘dangerous’ supplements bring killer benefits

Data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers reveals NO DEATHS linked to most of the most common natural therapies.

Those include vitaminA, C, E… as well as B vitamins… and the minerals calcium, magnesium, chromium, zinc, colloidal silver, seleniumand iron.

Even herbal remedies haven’t killed anybody!


There are, sadly, a couple of exceptions.

And that’s caused some folks to pounce on some of the most BENEFICIAL therapies out there.

Take vitamin D, for instance.

The report claims one death linked to an overdose. It’s hard to say what happened… but assuming it’s true, even one death is a tragedy.

But as one study found, vitamin D is EIGHT TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than the flu shot at preventing influenza.

By comparison, the rare but deadly nerve disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome may strike 1 or 2 people per million injected with the flu shot.

Somewhere between 120 million and 150 million Americans get it every year… so that adds up to 120 to 300 cases a year CAUSED by the flu shot.

You tell me which one you’d rather have… and which risk you’d rather face.

The report also finds a single death linked to melatonin -- out of 3.1 million people who use melatonin, usually for help with sleep, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Again, tragic… but you’d need to swallow about 10 bottles of melatonin all at once to hit a fatal dose.

Compare that to prescription sleep meds, taken by nearly three times as many people. If THEY were “as dangerous” as melatonin, that would be about three deaths a year, right?

Well, a 2012 study found 320,000 to 507,000 deaths PER YEAR linked to sleep drugs in the United States alone!

The drugs increase the risk of death by as much as 500%.

Even using them just a couple of times a year can increase your death risk.

There’s one final natural therapy that REALLY gets their blood boiling.

They’ll claim homeopathic medicine is INEFFECTIVE because there’s nothing in it.

Then, at the same time, they’ll tell you it’s DANGEROUS.

Make up your minds!

There were ZERO deaths linked to homeopathy in the new report… and a 1997 analysis in Lancet found homeopathic remedies to be 2.45 times more effective than placebos overall.

The biggest benefits were for digestive disorders, psychological issues, allergies and arthritis, all of which are often treated with drugs that cause serious side effects.

OBVIOUSLY you need to watch out for the weird stuff from China sold for everything from erection problems to weight loss to bodybuilding – unfortunately labeled as “supplements.”

But as the U.S. government’s own numbers show, taking your standard vitamins isn’t just a “good” option.

It’s the SAFEST one you have!