Right now… as coronavirus rapidly spreads around the world… some of the leading minds in medicine are working desperately on a cure for this deadly disease.

And so far, they’ve come up with…


There’s NO treatment… NO cure… and NOTHING in the pipelines.

But I’ve got what they don’t…

A way to help save you and your loved ones from ANY VIRUS.

This approach has been around some 80 years now… and it’s already available everywhere!

But it’s just too darned cheap for the mainstream!

How to beat almost ANY viral infection

I’m not yet convinced how serious coronavirus is…

But the mainstream media has jumped on the bandwagon with its breathless headlines about how Big Pharma is trying to cook up a cure.

And OF COURSE they’re already talking about a vaccine

Though it’ll come far too late… do far too little… and be totally untested… if it ever gets released at all.

But there’s a treatment ALREADY available… right now…

And if the coronavirus situation is as dire as they’re saying it is, this treatment could SAVE LIVES.

It’s one they WON’T talk about… investigate… or even try out…

Despite ZERO risk and LOADS of solid scientific evidence that it CAN work.

They’re covering their eyes for the ugliest reason possible…


It’s ordinary vitamin C. The only difference is that you need to take it at very high doses.

If you’ve ever taken too much oral C, you know what happens.

Better keep close to a toilet!

In many cases, when you’re very sick, high oral doses of C won’t lead to the infamous diarrhea. It’s as if your body is putting it all on hold while it fights off the infection.

But there’s another reason to SKIP oral capsules

Your body needs to digest them first, which wastes precious time – especially when your life’s on the line.

Intravenous vitamin C, on the other hand, SKIPS your stomach… and goes DIRECTLY into your bloodstream, where it begins to work IMMEDIATELY against all manner of infections.

And when I say “immediately,” I mean I’ve seen patients recover from some of the nastiest illnesses in a matter of hours.

The downside is that this has NEVER been tested specifically against the novel coronavirus making news today.

But I can’t think of a single virus that HASN’T been wiped out by high-dose IVC -- including the common cold (which, by the way, can also be caused by a type of coronavirus).

And I can’t think of a single reason in the world why any doc would deny you access to it. Even if he’s convinced it won’t work… he’d have to admit there’s ZERO chance of harm.

And certainly, this isn’t a one-or-the-other situation…

If you have coronavirus… or any other viral infection for that matter… you don’t have to skip ANY treatment they want to give you.

Just get the IVC alongside it.

And if they’re still deciding what to do, have them give you the intravenous C in the meantime.