Remedies constipationYour holiday season is going along swimmingly when one day, it hits you: constipation.

The rich food and busy schedule has caught up with you.

There’s nothing worse, but you don’t have to be debilitated by the discomfort, bloating, and uncertainty that comes with not being able to go.

Instead, try these 12 natural constipation remedies and get your holiday back on track!

Starting With What Not To Do

While knowing which natural constipation remedies are most effective is important, it’s also important to know which traditional ones are no longer recommended without medical supervision.

Your mother or grandmother may have sworn by mineral oil, castor oil, or enemas, but all three can have unintended, unrelated side effects. Instead of starting with them, look to these other constipation remedies first.

And be sure to talk to your doctor about alternative options before you use mineral oil, castor oil, or an enema.

Short-Term Remedies for Constipation

Let’s be honest, when you’re not going, it’s hard to think about anything else. So, while long-term treatments are necessary, getting things moving again is your immediate priority.

That’s where these eight natural constipation remedies come in.

1. Aloe. You can buy aloe juice at the store, but use gel straight from the plant for this natural remedy for constipation, if you can. Take two tablespoons of gel and mix it with fruit juice for a helpful morning drink. If you have to use juice, drink a cup of it in the morning instead.

2. Baking soda. You already know you can clean most things with baking soda, but did you know you could clean your digestive system, too? Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a quarter cup of warm water and drink quickly. The faster you drink it, the better it works!

3. Blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses is different from regular molasses because of the large quantities of vitamins and minerals it contains. One of these minerals is magnesium – and magnesium helps keep your system moving. Start with one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. If that doesn’t work, you can take as much as two tablespoons at a time, but it’s always best to start low and work your way up. If the taste is too much, try mixing it with warm water or hot tea.

4. Coffee. Your morning wake-up could be your best friend when it comes to a natural remedy for constipation – but only to a point. One or two cups of coffee can help stimulate your system. More than that, though, can actually cause constipation, so be careful with your coffee consumption if you’re struggling.

5. Epsom salts. Epsom salts work as a natural remedy for constipation in two ways. First, they help loosen stools, so they move easier. Then then also contain magnesium, which helps stimulate your digestive track. It’s the magnesium that makes Epsom salts more effective than other kinds of salt. Dissolve two teaspoons of Epsom salts in a cup of water or juice. You should have a bowel movement within four hours. If you aren’t feeling better in that time, you can take another dose, but if the second dose doesn’t work, try another remedy. Otherwise, the salts may start having negative effects.

6. Lemon. Not only does lemon juice help keep things moving, it can also help clean the toxins and build up out of your digestive track. Simply squeeze one lemon into a cup of warm water and sip.

7. Olive oil. No, you shouldn’t take castor oil or mineral oil any longer, but olive oil doesn’t have the side effects those can – and it works just as well. Your digestive system needs lubrication to work and, just like a car, oil can meet that need. Plus, it helps stimulate the system, keeping everything moving smoothly. If you can’t take the flavor, try cutting it with lemon juice, especially since you just learned lemon helps in its own right!

8. Prunes. Perhaps the original natural constipation remedy, prunes and prune juice are still around because they work and they’re good for you. Have an eight ounce glass of prune juice or eat several prunes in the morning, and you should start to see results by the afternoon. If you don’t, you can repeat in the evening. And unlike Epsom salts, you can have prunes every morning and evening until you’re moving freely again. Just make sure you space them several hours apart – morning to evening – or else you risk diarrhea. There’s no reason to trade one issue for another.

Long-Term Treatments

Now that the immediate crisis is over and you’re feeling better, it’s time to set your sights on not having to deal with constipation again. So work these natural constipation remedies into your daily routine, so you can stay feeling better.

9. Keep moving. Your body needs to move in order for your bowels to move. Make sure you’re getting at least 20 minutes’ worth of exercise a day. Even just gentle walking is enough to keep your digestive track moving.

10. Drink enough fluids. Non-caffeinated liquids are one of these easiest and most natural remedies for constipation there is. The keep your stools soft and your body working properly. Aim for at least eight glasses of water and other non-caffeinated drinks per day.

11. Go when you have to. Whenever possible, find a bathroom when you realize you are able to have a bowel movement. It will be easier to go when your body is signaling it’s ready than if you wait and have to force it later. Plus, if you put it off long enough, you can actually cause yourself to become constipated.

12. Get enough fiber. Along with water, fiber is the most important, long-term, all-natural constipation remedy – so make sure you’re getting enough of it. Beans, vegetables, fruits, and seeds like BenVia Gold chia seed are great sources of fiber and safe to eat every day.

Constipation is not something you want to deal with often, if at all, but it does happen. So when it does, start with these natural remedies for constipation. Then, stay healthy with long-term treatments, and BenVia Gold chia seed!