I just LOVE the old crime flicks -- especially the ones where they’re trying to commit the “perfect” murder.

Spoiler alert: They NEVER pull it off!

Of course, real life ain’t the movies. Out here, they’re KILLING folks all the time… leaving ZERO trace… and NOT getting caught.

Could YOU be their next victim?

I know I sound like a conspiracy kook.

But y’know the old saying…

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get ya!

And the latest research exposes one of the most untraceable forms of mass killing you can imagine.

It’s a chemical hiding in your food and drink right now – one MILLIONS of Americans are unknowingly ingesting daily.

And the new study shows how it’s slowly… quietly… secretly… and PERFECTLY… killing some of us!

But I’ve cracked the case. I’ve solved the crime… and I’ve found the culprit.

More importantly, I’ve got a PROVEN way to protect you from this mass poisoning!

The secret ingredient… with deadly consequences

If you know anything at all about BPA, it’s all the “BPA FREE!” labels on packaging and such now.

But don’t feel TOO reassured by that.

This dangerous, hormone-disrupting chemical is still in a whole lotta stuff – everything from canned foods to drink bottles to store receipts and more.

Heck, it’s probably in your dental fillings and sealants, too.

You’re basically getting micro-dosed at every turn, a sloooooow poisoning over many years.

And the new study… which tracked folks for a decade… finds that the MORE exposure you have

The HIGHER your risk of an early exit from this world.

Folks with the highest levels of all… the top 25% in terms of exposure… were 49% more likely to be to be pushing up daisies, compared to those with the lowest exposure.

This isn’t death by BPA. Not directly.

BPA is more of a middle man. It SCREWS with your hormones… and can JACK UP your risk of deadly chronic disease…

And that, in turn, can HASTEN your transformation into worm food.

As far as your doctor is concerned, you died of diabetes… or a heart problem… or maybe cancer… or any of the OTHER diseases and conditions that BPA has been linked to over the years…

Not the BPA itself.

That’s how they get away with it.

But it’s time to put a stop to this crime-in-progress.

One study a few years back found that a few simple changes in your home can cut the BPA levels in your body by 60%... within just 3 days!

Switch your food and drink from plastics to glass and stainless steel… and cook in ceramics instead of microwave-safe containers (not that you should be using a microwave anyway, but that’s another story).

While you’re at it, avoid canned and frozen foods, as both are common sources of BPA.

You can’t get your exposure to ZERO. It’s just in too many things right now.

And those “BPA-free” products you see just replaced BPA with BPS… which frankly doesn't appear to be any better.

But you certainly CAN bring your exposure down to levels that won’t kill you.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

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