Coca-Cola is NOT honest and straightforward when it comes to science???

Omigosh, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!

A new report just out finds the carbonated beverage company is funding “research”…

But it’s under shady terms that allow it to essentially control what gets out.

Coke is KILLING any results it doesn’t like!

Not exactly the scientific method at work there.

But, I mean, this is Coca-Cola. Who’s surprised by this?

What Coke is REALLY up to with its ‘research’

The media, that’s who – and they’re stunned to learn that they’ve been repeatedly duped by Coke’s fake science!

These are the same media clowns who, about five years back, filed breathless reports over a study that claimed to have uncovered the REAL key to weight loss.

DON’T count calories, they said. DON’T watch what you eat. DON’T cut back on sugar.

Just move a little more!

Well, that study was funded by… drumroll please… Coke.

The company even helped create a group called the “Global Energy Balance Network” that was gonna be all about teaching people this new simple secret to weight loss.

The subliminal message?

When you’re done and all hot and sweaty… just crack open a nice, cold Coke.


Then it was revealed that Coke was behind it, and the whole thing got shut down.

The media vowed it wouldn’t get fooled again.

Yet here we are, five years later…

And new findings show that Coke is up to the same old tricks.

The mainstream is STUNNED to find that the company is STILL tossing money at sticky-fingered “scientists” who are only too happy to cash those checks.

All they have to do is SURRENDER all ethics and independence.

According to an examination of 87,000 pages of research documents, Coke’s research contracts allow the Big Soda company to review the data before it gets out.

Company bigwigs can step in and kill ANY study at ANY time for ANY reason.

But really, why is this some big shocker?

Coca-Cola is only interested in “science” when it can be manipulated to convince Americans to buy more of its products (and not just soda; remember Coke sells everything from tea to juice to “Vitamin Water”).

Trusting THEM on nutrition science is like trusting Joe Camel to run a tobacco study!

So, here’s the deal.

Whenever you read ANY eye-popping media reportabout a study that claims this, that, or some other thing…


Media reports might leave out who funded the study… or mention it as a quick aside at the very end.

But the disclosures section in the original study will tell you EXACTLY who’s paying each researcher involved in the project.

If you can’t find the funding source at all, DON’T trust it… especially if it sounds too good to be true.

And ESPECIALLY if it’s telling you it’s OK to drink soda.