If there were a radiation leak at the local power plant… they’d EVACUATE the town.

If it were in your house… you’d PACK YOUR BAGS and call the people in moonsuits.

But there’s a chance that right now… you’re being EXPOSED to higher-than-acceptable levels of dangerous radiation.

And the source of this exposure is in your pocket… ZAPPING your privates…

Or even right next to your head… PELTING your brain… for HOURS at a time!

Yes, friend, some cellphones are emitting far more radiation than anyone’s let on – and many times higher than the FCC’s supposed safe limits.

Just about EVERY cellphone emits more radiation than you think!

But no one is taking action to stop this slow-motion tragedy.

I don’t have a moonsuit. But I do have something else…

I’ve got the science on what’s REALLY going on.

And I’ve got the simple actions you can take right now to protect yourself from this invisible threat.

The TRUTH about cellphone radiation

Radiofrequency radiation (RF) is listed as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

This U.S. National Institutes for Health even admits there’s “clear evidence” of a link to cancer in animal studies.

And studies have also linked RF to:

  • brain tumors
  • sleep disorders
  • headaches
  • memory problems
  • hearing loss
  • reproductive issues
  • and more.

The companies that make the gizmos say their tests find only expose very, very low levels of radiation into the body – well below the government’s “safe” limits.

But there’s a little trick they pull…

They’re allowed to test the phones from nearly an inch away from the body.

And that’s just NOT realistic.

When it’s in a pocket… or you’re talking into it… it’s PRESSED right up against your body

And tests that mimic these real-world conditions tell a MUCH different story.

Last year, for example, the Chicago Tribune had tests done from 2 millimeters from a simulated body.

And… well… WOW.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 hit 5X the safety standard!

If you’re the Motorola type, the Moto e5 Play QUADRUPLED those levels.

The iPhone 8 TRIPLED it… while the iPhone 7 hit DOUBLE those “safe” limits.

Earlier this year, another report confirmed way-too-high levels in one of the latest phones, the iPhone 11 Pro… which hit DOUBLE the “safe” levels of radiofrequency radiation.

So, this keeps happening. They keep FLUNKING these tests.

Yet the companies do nothing… the feds do nothing…

And all of the other regulators do… you guessed it!... NOTHING.

Heckuva job, guys.

If you have a smartphone… and you REFUSE to part ways with it… do yourself a favor.

At the very least, keep the thing OFF your body.

Not in your pants pocket… your shirt pocket… or your jacket pocket.

I’d hate to recommend that guys carry a “man purse,” but really ANYTHING that keeps it from sitting directly on your body will do the trick… whether it’s a lead-lined lockbox or even just a knapsack.

Use the speakerphone mode or a “handsfree” headset when you make phones calls, so you don’t have to hold it against your skull like a radioactive gun playing RF roulette.

And never, ever sleep with it right next to your head on the nightstand… or under your pillow!

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen