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  1. [Infographic] 5 Myths About Aging: What Really Happens After 50

    When you have questions about aging, be sure to turn to reliable sources, don’t just listen to myths about aging. Your health is too important to trust to just anyone. That’s why we’ve created this infographic – 5 MYTHS ABOUT AGING DEBUNKED – to address some of the questions about what really happens to your body after age 50.

    You’re still going strong. That doesn’t have to stop. So don’t pay attention to the myths about aging that are out there. You have to get older – but you don’t have to age. Not with these simple steps…


  2. [VIDEO] Hair Loss Treatments for Women: New hope for thick, shiny hair

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    If you worry that:

    Every stroke of the brush will steal too many precious strands...

    Each time you shampoo, you'll watch your beloved locks swirl down the drain...

    One gust of wind could reveal the secret you spent half the morning trying to cover up...

    This video on hair loss treatments for women could change everything for you.

    Please don't spend one more day feeling hopeless. Watch the video below now to see the revolutionary breakthrough hair loss treatment for women that could SAVE your hair...

    And give you the thick, beautiful hair you've been missing.

    You could see results in as little as 30 DAYS... just like these women did. See this incredible hair loss treatment for women yourself.

    Restore FX for women’s hair loss

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  3. [VIDEO] Where to buy chia seeds: premium quality and best price

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    When America's Nutrition Physician tells you to eat brownies, it comes as a bit of a I was more than a little skeptical when I started watching this video presentation by Dr. Allan Spreen on where to buy the best chia seeds. But in just a few minutes, you'll be as convinced as I am that shelling out exorbitant sums for the latest, greatest superfoods is a waste of money. Unbelievable as it sounds, Dr. Spreen has discovered a stunning secret that can transform ANY food -- even decadent treats like fresh-baked brownies -- into a nutritional goldmine that rivals superfoods like salmon, broccoli, and blueberries.
  4. [VIDEO] Natural prostate supplements: How do doctors protect themselves

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    Ever wonder what leading doctors do to protect their own prostate health as they get older? They're usually pretty hush-hush about the matter... But in this video, Dr. Allan Spreen is giving away the exact "regimen" he uses – which specific natural prostate supplements -- to make sure his prostate stays in perfect condition for the rest of his life. If you're tired of messing around with cheap Saw Palmetto, and other questionable, unproven prostate supplements, you’ll love this revealing video about the best natural prostate supplements. Dr. Spreen really pulls out all the stops and gives out some incredibly valuable tips. He also reveals why so many natural prostate supplements fail completely -- (he says they lack something called the 4 pillars of a perfect prostate...) Get the details in this video now.
    Prostate Defense natural prostate supplements

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  5. [VIDEO] Arthritis Relief Cream reviews: 30 minutes to pain relief

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    Arthritis Relief Cream with Celadrin reviewsIt seems everyone has a way to relieve arthritis pain. Old wives tales abound. Someone’s mother, or grandfather, or aunt of a friend’s friend knows exactly how to ease joint stiffness and pain. But what you really need is an honest arthritis cream review. A real product that works time after time. Lucky for you, there’s Arthritis Relief Cream, which guarantees true arthritis pain relief in 30 minutes or less, or your money back. And even better, Arthritis Relief Cream users have offered up plenty of reviews of this amazing arthritis cream. Take a look…

    Arthritis Cream Reviews: All-Day Relief

    For some people, every day has gotten easier with Arthritis Relief Cream. At least that’s what Eileen Zeigler of Hastings, NE tells us…

    “When I wake up, I rub the cream on the front and back of my right leg and just around the knee on my left leg. Usually, I have no pain all day long. I don’t know of any cream that can go that deep and actually relieve pain.”

    Arthritis Cream Reviews: Whenever it Hurts

    For others, using it as needed means Arthritis Relief Cream is the only relief they need. Just ask Peter Davis…

    “Arthritis Relief Cream is great. My wife and I both use it for relief of joint and back pain as it occurs. Pain is gone within a few minutes.”

    Or Monica Bronstein, who feels the same way…

    “Amazing! Cream eases the pain every time I use it.”

    Arthritis Relief Cream for Chronic, Long-Term Pain

    But what about arthritis cream reviews for long-term pain, pain that nothing else seems to touch? Arthritis Relief Cream is the miracle you’ve been looking for. It certainly is for Dave Cantina, who’s back in the game again…

    “I am very satisfied with the Arthritis Relief Cream…I am 51 years old and play competitive softball.  For months I was unable to find relief for (my) knee. Using … Arthritis Relief Cream on my knee I was able to find relief and my leg now feels better than ever!”

    In fact, Dan Dickerson keeps Arthritis Relief Cream around even now that his chronic pain has passed...

    As a martial artist training several days per week, it has been very effective for aches and pains in joints and muscles. Specifically I had the lateral area of both elbows literally bothering me for 2 years in spite of all kinds of treatments, including ‘alternative treatments.’  I used Arthritis Relief Cream twice daily religiously. There was an immediate relief upon application, but after about 3-4 weeks the discomfort no longer returned even after training sessions. I still use on both elbows as a preventative whenever my elbows have been cranked-on hard during training. I use on other areas with similar response.”

    And yes, Arthritis Relief Cream will work on your arthritis pain. Just listen to this arthritis cream review from Sheena Davis of Little Rock, and her husband – and their friends…

    My husband and I have arthritis. When we have used Arthritis Relief Cream, it has worked so well that we have given some to friends who have arthritis also. They all say it works for them as well. I am so glad for your product.”

    Whatever’s causing your pain, from a sore back to arthritis, Arthritis Relief Cream will soothe your joint pain almost immediately and keep on working day after day. Just rub it in wherever you hurt and feel it start to go work in as little as 30 minutes! Give it a try, and we bet you’ll be telling everyone you know about the relief of Arthritis Relief Cream. And remember, you’re always completely covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied – at any time, for any reason – we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price, no questions asked. Take a few minutes to watch this short video and you’ll see why thousands of people all over the country love Arthritis Relief Cream to ease their arthritis pain. And when you try Arthritis Relief Cream today, you’ll save 25% on your first order. Click the button below now to try Arthritis Relief Cream today and save 25%.
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  6. [VIDEO] What’s the Best Topical Pain Reliever for Arthritis Pain?

    Save 25% on Arthritis Relief Cream - ORDER NOW
    Hi, I’m Dr. Allan Spreen MD, chief research advisor at NorthStar Nutritionals. You may have heard of me as the Nutrition Physician. I've also coached Olympic divers and you might even have seen me talking about medicine on Discovery Health and other network television channels. But whether you know me already or not, if you struggle with arthritis pain, you’ll want to listen to what I’m going to tell you. Because I’m about to tell you about the best topical pain reliever for arthritis pain – one that will guarantee you relief from those painful, swollen joints. You heard that right -- guarantee! Trust me, I've learned a thing or two about arthritis pain. I've seen firsthand the agony of hot, throbbing joints that rob you of your ability to do even the simplest things. Pain that’s been around so long you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to live without it. I've also seen dangerous drugs cause stomach agony and weaker bones without solving the pain. So I’m definitely not talking about those. I’m talking about safe, easy arthritis pain relief in 30 minutes or less – guaranteed. With Arthritis Relief Cream. The Best Topical Pain Reliever for Arthritis Pain: Arthritis Relief Cream Arthritis Relief Cream is a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients you won’t find at the drug store. The amazing thing is these ingredients have been around since ancient times. But scientists have recently rediscovered them, put them to the test and made them more powerful. Ingredients like…
    • Cinnamon
    • Eucalyptus
    • Grapeseed
    • Jojoba
    • Peppermint
    • Tea tree oil
    • Wintergreen oil
    • Menthol
    All blended in precise formulation, to create a potent, safe, pain reliever. Make no mistake, while Arthritis Relief Cream is great on sore muscles and aching backs, it’s specially formulated for arthritis pain. As a doctor and man of science, I’m confident it will work wonders on your toughest arthritis pain. And I have to admit, Arthritis Relief Cream surpasses even my high expectations. A small amount, on your hands, knees, shoulders, back – wherever it hurts – that’s all it takes. Just listen to how Arthritis Relief Cream helped Frank Lund of Greensboro, North Carolina who wrote to say:

    "I use it for my stiff and aching neck and lower back, which I have suffered with for most of my 56 years and find the relief wonderfully long-lasting. I can't see being without it. My wife feels the same way. She uses it for joint, neck and shoulder pain. Now, we BOTH function at a higher level and take way fewer pain medications."

    And Peter Davis of Indianapolis wrote in to say:

    "Arthritis Relief Cream is great. My wife and I both use it for relief of joint and back pain as it occurs. Pain is gone within a few minutes."

    So what’s the first thing you’ll do when your arthritis pain is a memory? When your hands, shoulders, knees and hips are free to move and turn and bend WITHOUT pain...
    • Will you dig those dusty golf clubs out of the garage?
    • Weed the garden? Or maybe take that trip you’ve been thinking about?
    • Heck, maybe you’ll go dancing on Friday night?
    Use Arthritis Relief Cream – the best topical pain reliever for arthritis pain– twice a day on the joints that hurt most, and you’ll feel soothing relief in 30 minutes or less…that’s my promise to you. And if you don't feel relief in 30 minutes, please ask for a full refund. That's how confident I am that Arthritis Relief Cream is the last arthritis pain reliever you will ever need. Try Arthritis Relief Cream today and you can take 25% off your first order. And you’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee – return it anytime for any reason, and you’ll get a complete refund of your purchase price. So what are you waiting for? Click the button below now to order Arthritis Relief Cream -- the best topical pain reliever for arthritis pain.
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  7. [VIDEO] Menthol Oil – Fast, Safe, & Effective Topical Pain Relief

    menthol oil Menthol. You know that comforting smell anywhere – it means pain relief is on the way. Nothing else has that cooling sensation when it touches your skin – or makes you feel better faster. But while menthol is one of the most well-known, powerful, over-the-counter ingredients available for pain, you may not actually know that much about this effective pain reliever… What is Menthol Oil? Menthol oil is derived from mint plants, such as peppermint, which is why you get the same cooling on your skin as you get in your mouth when you take a strong breath mint. Menthol has been approved by the FDA as an effective treatment for many aches and pains. In pain relievers, menthol oil acts as a counterirritant – which means that cooling sensation you feel is actually distracting your body from the other pain. As crazy as it sounds, that’s how a pain reliever with menthol makes your sore muscles and achy joints feel better. How to Use Menthol Oil The most common, medical use of menthol oil is as a topical pain reliever. Depending on the product, it comes in creams, gels, or liquids. Usually it only takes a small amount of menthol oil, rubbed directly on to the pain. The menthol starts to go to work almost immediately. That’s how strong and effective it is. It can also be safely combined with other pain relievers, like capsaicin or salicylates. In fact, in combination with capsaicin, menthol can contribute to a real one-two punch of a pain killer. Side Effects of Menthol Luckily, there are no common side effects to using topical menthol oil. How often do you hear that? Some people may find the smell a bit strong, or not care for the cooling response. But that’s a matter of personal preference, not so much a side effect. This safety and effectiveness is why we made menthol, along with capsaicin, the building blocks of Soothanol X2 topical pain relief formula. Soothanol X2 with menthol brings you cooling relief you won’t find in any other ingredient. Just 2 drops of Soothanol X2 is all it takes to…
    • Relieve your pain almost immediately
    • Move easier and more freely
    • Get back to your busy life, without worrying about how much you hurt!
    How menthol oil works and where it comes from may be interesting. But let’s be honest -- when you’re hurting, all you really need to know is that it will work. Which is why you should reach for Soothanol X2, no matter where you hurt. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 with menthol oil is the best topical pain reliever for all of your aches and pains. Because not only does Soothanol X2 have the cooling ability of menthol, but it also comes backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee. On the off chance that Soothanol X2, or the menthol it’s built on, don’t work for you, we’ll refund the purchase price of every bottle. That’s how sure we are that it will work for you.

    And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 risk-free today.

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  8. [VIDEO] Capsaicin Extract: Topical Pain Relief Superstar

    capsaicin extract Capsaicin extract is a superstar ingredient used in many topical pain relievers. Capsaicin extract works on all kinds of joint and muscle pain. Perhaps more importantly, it goes to work almost immediately. The very first time you use capsaicin extract, you’ll be amazed at the warm relief. That warmth is your indication that the extract is working, and it means your pain is about to go away, fast. When you have sore muscles, or stiff joints, a few drops of capsaicin extract are all it takes to speed heat to the source of your pain. But what makes capsaicin extract so effective? What is Capsaicin? Capsaicin is warm because it comes from chili peppers – the kind that add spice to your foods. It’s been used as a topical pain reliever for centuries, most notably by the Native Americans. They would rub chili peppers on their gums to treat toothaches. In the 1800s, several chemists were working at extracting capsaicin, but it wasn’t until 1898 that Karl Micko first isolated capsaicin extract in its pure form. Today, it is a common ingredient in many topical pain relievers. How Does Capsaicin Extract Work? So how does oil from a pepper become a pain relieving ingredient? It goes to work 2 ways:  first, by “communicating” with nerve endings, and then by “distracting” your body from the original pain. When it “communicates” with the nerve endings, in essence, it calms the nerves, which reduces the intensity of the pain. But capsaicin also acts as a counterirritant, which is where the distraction comes in. Counterirritants, in this case the warmth from capsaicin, literally distract your body from the original pain. In other words, your body is too busy feeling the warmth to be bothered with feeling the pain any longer. This two-pronged approach to pain relief makes capsaicin extract a powerhouse ingredient by itself. It can also be used in combination with other pain relieving ingredients, such as menthol, to take pain relief to the next level. Are There Side Effects of Capsaicin Extract? Capsaicin extract is incredibly safe, with limited side effects. In fact, the most common complaint is that the warming sensation is a little too much for some people. But if you’re still concerned, or need to know more about drug interactions, a quick chat with your doctor should put your mind at ease. Where Can I Use Capsaicin Extract? You can use capsaicin extract wherever your body hurts. It’s effective on sore muscles, achy joints, or anywhere else you’re stiff and uncomfortable. Which is why we included it in our best-selling topical pain reliever, Soothanol X2. Soothanol X2 combines capsaicin with menthol – another powerful pain reliever – to create the ultimate, fast-acting topical pain reliever. With 2 of the strongest, natural pain relievers ever known, and supporting ingredients that help you feel better fast, Soothanol X2 works reliably and quickly. And you’ll know it because you’ll feel the capsaicin extract’s warm, soothing sensation go straight to the source of your pain starting the moment you apply it. From stiff necks, to sore knees, and everywhere in between Soothanol X2 will rush pain relief wherever you need it. And, unlike pills, it’s absorbed quickly, easing your pain in seconds rather than 15 minutes, 20 minutes – or more! Capsaicin extract is powerful, safe, and has very few side effects, just like Soothanol X2. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 with capsaicin extract is the only topical pain reliever you’ll ever need. And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 risk-free today.
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  9. [VIDEO] 5 Surprising Ways to Boost Libido

    You still love her. And she’s still as sexy as she ever was. That’s not a problem. It’s just…the urge to do something about that attraction isn’t as strong as it once was. And that’s a problem – because you aren’t ready to be the guy who can’t keep up, who can’t satisfy, who remembers what it used to be like but can’t be bothered to do anything about it. No, you’re the man who wants to protect his sexual vitality. Who knows how to please his woman and won’t let anything get in his way. So, what can you do to boost libido? But you’ve done the old standbys. You know about wine and oysters, chocolate and flowers… They’ve gotten a little stale. It’s time to shake things up! It’s time to try these 5 surprising ways to boost your libido – from food, to activities, to nutritional supplements, we’ve got you covered…
    1. Spice things up - literally. Yes, there’s a reason we talk about having “spicy sex lives.” There are so many spices, from all over the world, that have been used traditionally to heat up more than just a meal. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try fenugreek, saffron, or fennel. But you don’t have to move that far out of your culinary comfort zone, if you don’t want to. Standbys like clove, ginger, nutmeg, and even garlic have long been considered to be libido boosters.
    2. Raid the kitchen. While we’re on the subject of cooking, you may already have the ingredients you need to light your fire right there in your pantry. Good old fashioned oatmeal is gaining quite a reputation for creating sexual powerhouses. Yes, you read that correctly -- oatmeal. Mix it up with honey, almonds, and/or bananas and you’ve got 4 surprising ingredients that will amp up your sex drive, all in 1 bowl.
    3. Be adventurous together. Get your hearts pumping. This doesn’t have to mean go skydiving – although it can – but you should challenge yourself a bit. Try something new that takes you out of your comfort zone – like taking a dance lesson, riding a roller coaster, or watching a scary movie. The key is to get the adrenaline flowing, and to share the experience with your lady. A sense of adventure, along with a sense of humor, can be a powerfully arousing combination.
    4. Connect, connect, connect. While this one may not be surprising per se, it is certainly one that’s easy to forget. And you may be surprised at just how long it’s been since you’ve bothered to connect. Hold hands when you walk down the street. Place a kiss on the nape of her neck after you’ve zipped her up. Make sure you tell her how beautiful she is – and whisper it in her ear, instead of throwing it away as backhanded compliment. You’ll be amazed – perhaps even surprised! – at how erotic and arousing a simple touch can be.
    5. Choose the right dietary supplements. There’s so much snake oil out there that it’s hard to believe any supplements actually work to enhance your libido and desire – but the right ones do, and do it very well indeed.  Eurycoma longifolia root extract, Korean red ginseng, shilajit, and ViNitrox, among others, have been shown to support healthy sex drive and desire. In other words, they can really help get your motors running. This is why we created Prime Power,  specifically formulated with these 4 ingredients – because the last thing you need is more empty promises about supplements that don’t really work.
    A waning libido can feel like a really big problem – but it doesn’t have to be, not with these surprising ways to boost libido. The answers really are simple, and start with Prime Power – the supplement that really works to support your libido and liven things up in the bedroom. If you’re ready …to get to a new sexual prime …to experience a recharged libido like you’ve never felt before …then work these simple, unexpected changes into your life, and order Prime Power today! Take a minute to watch this short presentation…and you’ll see for yourself exactly why Prime Power is your best option to boost libido naturally. And when you try Prime Power today, you’ll save 25%.
    Supplements to boost libido naturally

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  10. [VIDEO] What Are the Best Options for Upper Back Pain Relief?

    In most commercials and ads that talk about back pain, they show a person grabbing at their lower back. But you know better. You know that’s not the only kind of back pain there is. Upper back pain can be just as unbearable, just as debilitating, as any lower back pain. And we know it, too. That’s why we made sure that Soothanol X2 is as effective at upper back pain relief as it is on all kinds of pain. Causes of Upper Back Pain Upper back pain is frequently caused by one of three problems…
    1. Muscle Strain often happens when you “pull something” during a workout, or while working. If you sleep in the wrong position, and wake up achy. Generally, muscle strain (or injury, or overuse) is what most of us feel when we roll our shoulders and wish our backs didn’t hurt so much.
    2. Poor Posture is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s also easy to forget. Sitting or standing with our shoulders curved over or our heads down creates strain on our muscles. This strain can result in short, or long-term, pain. Work on straightening your spine, keeping your shoulders back, and your head held high to prevent posture-induced pain.
    3. Myofascial Pain is pain that is in the connective tissue around a muscle, rather than in the muscle itself. It can be caused by overexertion, as well as poor posture, too.
    Soothanol X2: Fast, Safe Upper Back Pain Relief Regardless of which of these is causing your pain, relief is as close as Soothanol X2 topical pain reliever. But aren’t topical pain relievers just for arthritis? Or a pulled muscle? After all, those are the conditions everyone always says topical pain relievers are good for, right? Well, yes, topical pain relievers are good for arthritis. And they are good for pulled muscles. But that’s not all a topical pain reliever is good for. The same menthol and capsaicin you are used to hearing about for other types of muscle pain are also highly effective for upper back pain – even the pain caused by poor posture, or myofascial pain. A Solution at Your Fingertips with Soothanol X2 All of which is to say that upper back pain relief may already be in your medicine cabinet. If you already love Soothanol X2 for aches, pains, bruises, or arthritis, then reach for it to help your upper back pain and rest easy again. And if you haven’t heard of Soothanol X2, then we’re about to change your life. Spend a few minutes watching the short video below and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Because Soothanol X2, with menthol and capsaicin, relieves every kind of muscle pain – including upper back pain – in 60 seconds or less! The warming capsaicin and cooling menthol join forces to rush relief to your upper back pain – shoulders, neck, mid-back – anywhere it hurts. Get your golf swing back. Sleep in whatever position is most comfortable. Your upper back pain won’t stop you any longer, not with the soothing power of Soothanol X2. And remember, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, if you don’t experience fast and soothing upper back pain relief, move easier and feel better after using Soothanol X2, you can return it – no questions asked – for a full refund of the purchase price. Your upper back pain is a serious pain that requires serious relief – Soothanol X2. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 is your best option for upper back pain relief.

    And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.

  11. [VIDEO] What’s the Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain Relief?

    If you have lower back pain, you know how disheartening the routine is. You sit for too long, your lower back hurts. You stand for too long, your lower back hurts. On the golf course, in the garden, chatting with friends, or playing with the grandkids – your lower back hurts. And the more doing the things you love hurts, the less you want to do the things you love. But Soothanol X2 can get you back in the swing of things, and not just keeping up, but leading the way! What Causes Lower Back Pain? Doing too much. It’s easy to strain our backs if we don’t take care of ourselves. Walking in shoes with too little support … lifting heavy items with our backs instead of our legs … overdoing it on the weekends, or without warming our muscles up… All of these things seem innocent enough, but can result in painful injuries. Doing too little. Like any muscle, if we don’t use the muscles in our backs, they get weak. Once they get weak, they can be hurt easily. Just sitting around for long periods of time may feel good at first, but will hurt in the long run. Arthritis – and not just in your back! Arthritis in the back can be debilitating. But even if you don’t have arthritis in your back, doesn’t mean your back isn’t affected by arthritis. If you have arthritis in your hips, knees, or ankles, it can affect the way you walk. As you compensate for the pain in your legs, you end up tweaking your lower back. It’s a vicious cycle. Soothanol X2: The Best Topical Pain Reliever for Lower Back Pain But Soothanol X2 can break that cycle of pain. Just a few drops rushes menthol and capsaicin into the muscles, easing the pain, bringing almost immediate relief. That’s right – immediate relief, as in less than 60 seconds! That’s the power of the active ingredients, menthol and capsaicin. The menthol cools, while the capsaicin warms, working on the muscles that need relaxing. But it’s not just the active ingredients that are vital to lower back pain relief. Even the supporting ingredients work wonders. And unlike in some other products, they do more than just smell or feel good. The supporting ingredients in Soothanol X2 are specially designed to speed the absorption of the liquid into your skin, directly to the muscles that ache. And this specially designed formula – of active and supporting ingredients – usually lasts for hours, but can be used up to 5 times a day if necessary. Because it’s easy to bend, or twist, or lift, and trigger that pain again. So if that happens, you aren’t stuck waiting for hours until you can take another pain pill. Instead, you can rub more Soothanol X2 right where it hurts, right when it hurts, and feel the fast, soothing lower back pain relief all over again. The 2 most powerful active ingredients, combined with strong, supportive ingredients, in a formula that you can use for every reason you might have lower back pain. That’s an impressive, practically indispensable topical pain reliever. That’s Soothanol X2, the best topical pain reliever for your lower back pain. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 is the topical pain reliever you need for lower back pain relief, at the speed you need it! And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.
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  12. [VIDEO] Best Topical Pain Reliever for Arthritis Hip Pain

    Although you know arthritis hip pain may feel more debilitating than other kinds of joint pain, you may not understand why. But you’re not crazy – arthritis hip pain is different. While all of the joints in your body are important, some are vital to moving freely. These joints are the ball-and-socket joints. Sometimes called ball joints, they are the ones that control major range of motion, and support the skeletal structure. Plus, unlike hinge joints – our fingers for example – ball joints allow us to move in more than one direction. Our ball joints allow us to pivot and rotate, all while being strong enough to bear our weight, or the weight we’re carrying. Our hips are the largest ball joints in our bodies. So, when our hips – the body’s most important ball joints – don’t move well, nothing moves well. That’s when you want Arthritis Relief Cream . Why? Because Arthritis Relief Cream is the best topical pain reliever for arthritis hip pain. And here’s why… Dangerous Temptations While it’s tempting to reach for an over the counter (OTC) pain killer when pain and stiffness locks up your hips (or any of your joints), it’s not always worth the risk. NSAIDs (such as aspirin and ibuprofen), acetaminophen, and other pain pills come with warnings and side effects lists that seem to be miles long. You have to think about what other medications you’re taking, be aware of overdoses and interactions. You have to worry about what other problems these OTC pain killers could cause, and balance those risks with just how effective they may – or may not – be on your arthritis hip pain. Plus, if your hips lock or stiffen before it’s time to take another dose, there’s almost nothing you can do. Big Arthritis Hip Pain Requires Big Relief A topical pain reliever can be the solution you’re looking for, especially one that uses the active ingredient, menthol, and uses it in the right amount. Menthol is a powerful counterirritant that “distracts” the body with a cooling sensation, and offers penetrating relief to your hips and shoulders. One of the few topical pain relieving active ingredients that has been proven to work against pain, menthol has been recognized as a safe alternative to pain pills for years. So what can make menthol even more effective on your arthritis hip pain? When it is paired with the right other ingredients. Oils and other natural products that provide support to the menthol, making it easier and faster for your body to absorb – which gets the pain relieving menthol to the source of your pain even sooner. And that formula is what makes Arthritis Relief Cream topical pain reliever perfect for arthritis hip pain. Arthritis Relief Cream goes to work on contact. No need for anything to build up in your system before you can walk or move comfortably again. The cool tingle starts making you feel better immediately, the oils and natural compounds speed the relief to your joints, and in as little as 30 minutes the pain is relieved  – and can stay  that way for hours! Try getting that result with an NSAID or acetaminophen. If you’re tired of arthritis hip pain, or even just stiffness, take a few minutes to watch this brief presentation. You’ll see why Arthritis Relief Cream is the best topical pain reliever for arthritis hip pain. And when you order now, you get 25% off your first order. Try Arthritis Relief Cream today, the pain reliever that’s big enough to take on big pain.
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  13. Prostate health: Don’t become the next victim

    You know what the definition of insanity is, right? It’s doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. And by that definition, all too often the mainstream approach to medicine strays across the line into insanity. There’s no better example of this than its treatment of prostate health and prostate cancer. Let’s face it, no matter how much of a stoic you are, when you hear the word cancer come out of your doctor’s mouth, it’s like someone dropped a bomb on you. Your head starts spinning and alarm bells begin blaring at full blast. Trust me, I get it. But, the problem is, when it comes to prostate cancer, mainstream medicine has hijacked this natural fear response and turned it into a multi-billion-dollar industry. And countless men are paying a price that goes far beyond dollars and cents (hmm, or maybe that ought to be “dollars and sense”?).

    Impotent and in diapers

    As I’ve explained before, you’re far more likely to die WITH prostate cancer than FROM it. Most prostate cancers are incredibly slow growing, and aren’t a threat to your life. Well, that is until you become the next victim of unnecessarily aggressive mainstream therapies. And becoming a victim is far too easy because, let’s face it, once you hear those terrible words “You’ve got cancer,” one of your first coherent thoughts is likely to be, “What can I do to get rid of it?!?” That’s why I’ve never been a fan of yearly PSA testing. Too many hasty and poor decisions follow in its wake. The twin epidemics of over-screening and over-diagnosis have ruined far too many lives. I shudder to think how many men have been left impotent or in diapers because of a slow-growing tumor that they may never have even known existed for the rest of their long and fulfilling lives. Statistically speaking, by the time we hit fifty, half of us will be experiencing some type of prostate health problems. If you’re finding it hard to sleep through the night without a potty run… or if you’ve taken to mapping out all the rest spots before a road trip these days… you might already be in that group. If you’re lucky enough to reach eighty… and as a Guide to Good Health reader I’m sure you will… then it’s practically a done deal that you’ll be sharing your life with an enlarged prostate.

    Support your prostate health with supplements

    But I’ve got great news! You DON’T have to just grimace and bear it while you make yet another mad dash to the can. There IS another way, and it doesn’t involve risky surgeries or sickening rounds of radiation. If you’re not already experiencing prostate health problems, you may be able to head them off at the pass. And if your prostate has begun to make its presence known, you can tackle those annoying symptoms with some super support brought to you courtesy of nature. A mix of just the right herbs and supplements may even assure you of never again missing the ending of a movie, or having to deal with your buddies ribbing when you have to holdup the poker game for yet another bathroom break. Ready to learn the “secret formula” for a healthy and happy prostate? My team at NorthStar Nutritionals helped me create a killer infographic detailing the 10 Best Supplements for Prostate Health that you NEED to know. Click here to find out what they are. (I bet you’ll be surprised by a couple of them.)
  14. [VIDEO] What Tackles Arthritis Knee Pain Quickly and Safely?

    When you were younger, you didn’t think twice about taking the stairs, or going on that hike, or even dancing the night away. And while you know you still want to do those things, arthritis knee pain and stiffness tells you something else. Sometimes, even just sitting hurts. What makes knee discomfort different from other arthritis pains is that our knees impact everything else. Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Readjusting because you hurt even hurts. You can’t move from one room to the next to get a pain reliever because it hurts! And when you’re dealing with that kind of pain, you need a powerful pain reliever. Double the Impact on Arthritis Knee Pain Pain as all-encompassing as arthritis knee pain demands not one, but two, separate powerhouse active ingredients, perfectly blended in the exact amounts to create the kind of pain relief that neither could bring alone. Ingredients like capsaicin and menthol, proven to work on the kind of pain and stiffness happening in your knees. The capsaicin warms, penetrating into the skin; the menthol cools, bringing that sigh of relief. Speed When Speed Counts And part of what makes capsaicin and menthol so amazing is they are fast. Practically immediate, and when arthritis knee pain has locked up your knees, practically immediate is key. You can’t wait for a pill to take effect so the pain will begin to subside. You need relief and you need it now. The right topical pain reliever can offer you just that. And the best topical pain reliever for arthritis knee pain can offer you even more. The best topical pain reliever for arthritis knee pain offers you a formula that enhances the capsaicin and menthol. That increases the speed in which those active ingredients are absorbed into your system, getting you the fastest, most effective relief possible. That topical pain reliever is Soothanol X2 – the perfectly designed, exactingly balanced formula, guaranteed to ease your arthritis knee pain in mere seconds. Click here to hear from Soothanol X2 users who climb, hike, and dance the way you once did. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 is the topical pain reliever you need for your arthritis knee pain, at the speed you need it! And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.
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  15. What are the 10 best prostate health supplements for 2014? Infographic

    This infographic shows the 10 best prostate health supplements for 2014. Are you getting enough of these prostate supporters in your diet? prostate health supplements infographic
  16. [VIDEO] 2014 Guide to Topical Pain Relief

    When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to think about is making a complicated decision about what pain reliever to reach for. That’s why we’ve developed this 2014 Guide to Topical Pain Relief -- so you know in advance what the best choice is for your type of pain. You have lots of options when you’re hurting: pills, creams, supplements. You can even grab an ice pack or soak in a hot bath. And there are days when each of those options is viable. But some days, your best choice is topical pain relief. So let’s take a closer look at topical pain relievers… Why a Topical Pain Reliever Topical pain relief is a great solution to address your pain if you …
    • Already take large numbers of pills. If you take several pills or supplements a day, the thought of having to swallow one more can feel like one too many. Plus, it can be easy to lose track of which pill you took, and when it’s time for the next one.
    • Have a hard time swallowing pills. Many people have difficulty getting any pills or capsules down to begin with. For these people, swallowing a pain pill can feel as tortuous as the pain they’re trying to ease.
    • Worry about side effects and/or overdosing. The pain killers you pick up at the drug store, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, have long lists of possible side effects. Sometimes, the symptoms and conditions they can cause are worse than the original pain. Also, since so many medications contain these active ingredients, it’s easy to unintentionally take more than you meant to, and risk an overdose.
    • Need faster pain relief. Regardless of how “fast-acting” a pain pill claims to be, it’s still a pill. Which means you still have to swallow it, let it dissolve, make its way through your system, and then – finally – get some relief, after 15, 20, minutes, often even longer.
    Topical Pain Relief Ingredients There are 3 main types of ingredients in topical pain relievers, and each one works just a little differently.
    • Counterirritants. These are a family of ingredients, rather than one specific ingredient. Counterirritants draw the body’s attention away from the source of the pain by creating another sensation – very often a cooling one. Menthol is a common, and highly effective counterirritant.
    • Capsaicin. In a topical pain reliever, capsaicin “communicates” with nerves, decreasing the intensity of the pain you feel. It also generates a warming sensation, which makes it a counterirritant, as well as a pain reliever in its own right.
    • Salicylates. These are similar to aspirin and, when absorbed into the skin, are reported to work similarly to aspirin taken orally.
    Making the Best Choice for Topical Pain Relief Now that you understand topical pain relievers, it’s time to choose one. But how, when there are so many options out there? Here are some things to consider:
    • What is the topical pain reliever designed to do? If you have achy muscles, will it help them, or is it only geared toward joint pain? Or if your joints are stiff, does the product only address muscle soreness? The best topical pain reliever will be targeted enough to address your condition, but be versatile enough to relieve most of your aches and pains.
    • How many active ingredients does the topical pain reliever have? And in what amounts? If the product you’re considering doesn’t have enough pain relievers– either in number of ingredients, or in effective amounts – you simply aren’t going to feel the results, no matter what they promise.
    • What do the other ingredients bring to the table? This is one people often overlook, but it’s important. Because be assured, if an ingredient is in a product, even an inactive ingredient, there’s a reason for it being there. So, be sure to read the label. Are the inactive ingredients there just for show? Do they make it a pretty color, give it a pleasant scent, or just make it feel good if you rub it between your fingers? Or do the inactive ingredients support the active ingredients, in some way? The best topical pain reliever will have inactive ingredients that encourage absorption, that enhance the active ingredients, and that aren’t just superficial.
    Soothanol X2 – The Best Topical Pain Relief by Any Measure A multipurpose tool in your medicine cabinet, Soothanol X2 topical pain relief can help with achy joints, sore muscles, or just stiffness from sitting too long – or playing too hard. With both menthol and capsaicin, it brings a one-two punch, knocking out pain from the moment you start to rub it in. And even the inactive ingredients – specially chosen oils and other natural ingredients – have been handpicked and meticulously balanced to support the active ingredients that work to ease your pain. There’s not a wasted drop in the bottle. But you don’t have to take our word for it. From age-related pain to relief post-surgery, real people just like you are raving about Soothanol X2. You can click here to read their very own words – Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. And you’ll see why Soothanol X2 is the best topical pain reliever of 2014. And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.
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  17. [VIDEO] Arthritis Pain in Hands: What works quickly and safely?

    When we suffer from arthritis pain in our hands, and our fingers are stiff or sore, everything is harder. From fastening a button to making a cup of tea to answering the phone – all fine movements become difficult and painful. And no one likes feeling clumsy, or worrying that they might drop something. Just typing on your computer can be a challenge. But finding the right treatment can be daunting as well. Frustrating Alternatives As important as our hands are, they are also a relatively small part of our bodies. So when your hands hurt but everything else feels fine, the last thing you want to do is flood your body with more medications than necessary. Whenever you take a pill, you have to think about how it might interact with other medications you’re already taking, or what the side effects might be. You don’t want the solution to be as bad as the problem! Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel worth choking down another capsule. But that leaves you in pain, so that’s not the answer, either. Hot wraps and warming gloves can be helpful – so long as you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. But if you have to use your hands regularly, as most of us do, you simply don’t have the luxury of being able to sit still for hours with your hands wrapped up in warm gloves! And as soon as the warmth comes off your hands, the effects start to wear off, too. Before you know it, you’re in pain again. Proven Relief for Arthritis Pain in Hands One of the most effective pain relievers for arthritis pain in hands is menthol. As an active ingredient, it alternately warms and cools, offering penetrating pain relief. Plus, it’s fast, and long-lasting. And what makes menthol even better? When it’s formulated with other ingredients that help speed absorption and increase its effectiveness. Ingredients like unique, specialized natural oils that smell and feel good, all while helping speed the menthol to the source of your pain. And that combination of ingredients can be found in Arthritis Relief Cream. Used and appreciated by thousands of people who know the joy of getting immediate, soothing relief from arthritis pain in their hands and fingers, or wherever it flares up, just by massaging in this amazing cream. Like Frank Lund of Greensboro, NC who wrote to say: "I use it for my stiff and aching neck and lower back, which I have suffered with for most of my 56 years and find the relief wonderfully long-lasting. I can't see being without it. My wife feels the same way. She uses it for joint, neck and shoulder pain. Now, we BOTH function at a higher level and take way fewer pain medications." Or Peter Davis of Indianapolis: "Arthritis Relief Cream is great. My wife and I both use it for relief of joint and back pain as it occurs. Pain is gone within a few minutes." And Dan Cantina of Sarasota, FL who says: "I am very satisfied with Arthritis Relief Cream. For months I was unable to find relief for my hamstring and knee. Using [Arthritis Relief Cream] on my knee I was able to find relief and my leg now feels better than ever!" If you want to target your arthritis pain and regain flexibility in your hands and fingers -- without taking a pill or turning to a prescription – Arthritis Relief Cream is your solution. Take a few minutes to watch this brief presentation. You’ll see why Arthritis Relief Cream is the best topical pain reliever for arthritis pain in hands and fingers. And when you order now, you’ll get 25% off your first order! Try Arthritis Relief Cream today and get your hands moving again!
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  18. [VIDEO] Best Arthritis Pain Relief: Oral vs. Topical Pain Relievers

    When dealing with arthritis pain, one of the first decisions you need to make is how you are going to treat your discomfort – with a pill, like you might buy at a drugstore. Or with a topical pain reliever that directly targets your arthritis pain. Both have their proponents, but it’s always best to make your own decision. So let’s take a look at how effective each one is for arthritis pain relief…

    How Oral Pain Relievers Work

    These are the pills you reach for in the grocery store, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. They’ve been around forever and are the first thing most of us think of when we hurt. But that doesn’t mean they are the right choice for arthritis pain. See, even once you take an oral pain medication, it has a long way to go before you feel relief. Before it starts working, it has to be digested and make its way into the bloodstream. This can feel like an eternity when you’re in pain. Also, oral pain relievers come with side effects that aren’t necessarily worth the risk, especially if your pain isn’t too severe. For example, NSAIDs are notorious for having negative interactions with other drugs, so if you are taking anything else, there could be dangerous complications. Finally, these pain pills are generalized, as opposed to targeted, which means they flood the body with active ingredients – including parts of the body that may not need it. This is how people end up with stomach problems when they had an achy shoulder – the pills started in the stomach so they impacted the stomach lining. The good news is that a single dose of oral pain relievers can last 4, 6, 8 hours, sometimes even longer.

    How Topical Pain Creams Work for Arthritis Pain Relief

    Topical pain relievers are fast, many of them starting to work almost on contact. If they are cooling from menthol, or warming from capsaicin, many people report feeling better as soon as the topical is absorbed. And the joints keep feeling better as the cream has time to work. Unlike oral pain relievers, topical pain relievers are targeted. You can use them directly on whichever joint aches and the active ingredient will be focused directly on that specific area. Plus, the relief you get from topical pain relievers lasts as long as it does for oral pain relievers – without having to choke down any extra pills. Both oral pain relievers and topical pain relievers provide a temporary easing of arthritis pain, but neither is a fix or a cure. So you need to decide -- How fast do you want your arthritis pain to be relieved? How much medicine do you want to be taking? And how targeted do you want the product to be?

    Arthritis Relief Cream – Fast, Powerful, Targeted

    Arthritis Relief Cream provides the best arthritis pain relief, going to work almost immediately and soothing your joints directly where they hurt. You can use just the right quantity of cream for the amount of pain you’re in, not more than you need. And it’s not just the menthol working for you. The unique, specialized blend of natural oils in Arthritis Relief Cream helps enhance the absorption through the skin, making sure you get the ultimate relief that menthol can offer. Sure, you have choices between oral and topical pain relievers. But when speed and accuracy matter, like they do when your joints ache, Arthritis Relief Cream is your clear choice for the best arthritis pain relief. Take a few minutes to watch this brief presentation. You’ll see exactly why Arthritis Relief Cream is the perfect, portable arthritis pain reliever. And when you order now, you’ll get 25% off your first order! Don’t wait another minute to discover the arthritis solution that eases your pain on contact and lets you put an end to the pill-popping waiting game once and for all.
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  19. [VIDEO] Do Glucosamine and Chondroitin Really Help Arthritis Pain?

    We all know glucosamine and chondroitin are good for our joints, right? This combination has been touted for years as the magic pill for joint pain. Most of us know at least one person who takes it. Many of you may take it yourselves. But…does it really work for arthritis pain? It seems like an unnecessary question, but we aren’t the only ones asking it. Even Harvard University Medical answers with “it depends.” And while we have no problem disagreeing with the Harvard establishment, in this case, we very much agree. Because sometimes glucosamine and chondroitin work on arthritis pain. But sometimes, well, they just don’t. And this is exactly why we didn’t include glucosamine and chondroitin in our SynerFlex joint health formula. Instead, we selected 5 separate active ingredients, all of which target joint pain and stiffness in ways that glucosamine and chondroitin simply don’t. If you want to learn more about SynerFlex and how to keep your joints moving smoothly and comfortably, check out the video below to get the full story. But if you want to know why we stayed away from glucosamine and chondroitin in this particular formulation, keep reading…

    The History of Glucosamine and Chondroitin

    Glucosamine and chondroitin first became popular as a way to deal with joint pain and stiffness in the 1990s. Up until then, there were very few supplements to help achy joints, and these two ingredients seemed like a miracle. And for many people, they have been, and still are. We’ve seen great success from people using glucosamine and chondroitin to relieve stiffness, pain, and aches in their joints. But not everyone had such great results, which got us wondering why.

    What Glucosamine and Chondroitin Are Supposed To Do

    Both glucosamine and chondroitin are found naturally in our bodies. They are an integral part of healthy cartilage. As we age, the cartilage in our joints begins to break down and wear away. This can cause pain and stiffness. This is why it is believed that adding glucosamine and chondroitin to our diets in supplement form can help slow, or even prevent, this disintegration, which, in turn, eases the pain and stiffness.

    What the Studies Actually Show

    While it all makes sense in theory, if you actually look at the studies, they are mixed at best. Although some studies of glucosamine sulfate indicated it “modestly reduced” symptoms of osteoarthritis, others indicated that there was no noticeable difference between a glucosamine supplement and a placebo. And few studies suggested other forms of glucosamine didn’t have any impact at all. Studies of chondroitin alone are even more discouraging. The initial studies were conducted poorly, so their results are unreliable. Since then, studies have been erratic, some showing moderate results, some showing none at all. Read closer and many doctors appear to be relying on anecdotal, subjective accounts from patients regarding the efficacy of glucosamine and chondroitin.

    Other Causes of Joint Pain

    When a glucosamine and chondroitin combination works, it works because it addresses the deterioration of cartilage. Only, that’s not the only cause of joint pain and stiffness. Joint pain can be caused by many things, including (but of course not limited to) decreased levels of hyaluronic acid, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis – any number of conditions. None of which is caused by deteriorating cartilage. And if your pain isn’t caused by a condition glucosamine and chondroitin is supposed to address, glucosamine and chondroitin will not – cannot – help ease your pain. It’s that simple.

    Do Glucosamine and Chondroitin Really Work for Arthritis Pain?

    Harvard got it right: it depends. Some studies have indicated it’s a good combination for arthritis pain relief. Others don’t back that up. Still, many people find relief in taking them. If you’re one of them, we certainly aren’t going to tell you to stop. Easing your pain is our goal, and if glucosamine and chondroitin help do that, great. But, if you aren’t getting the results you were expecting from glucosamine and chondroitin, know that you aren’t alone. And know that you have an alternative: SynerFlex. A joint health product packed with ingredients that not only target your discomfort, but that actually work in ways that glucosamine and chondroitin simply can’t Take a minute to watch this short presentation…and you’ll see for yourself exactly why SynerFlex is your best option for superior joint health. And when you try SynerFlex today, you’ll save don’t delay. Get back to living life to your full potential…and on your own terms.

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  20. [VIDEO] What’s the Very Best Supplement for Your Joints?

    When you’re looking for a joint health solution, the options can be overwhelming. Your local drug store is packed with products, all making claims of being the best. Every time you search on your computer or turn on the TV, there’s a different company selling their new solution. But when your joints ache and you just want to feel better, what is the best option out there? And how are you supposed to choose?

    How to Choose Between So Many Joint Health Options

    First, when choosing a product, make sure it is targeted specifically toward joint discomfort. A general pain reliever may be fine for a headache, but you don’t have to settle for one when there are options available that focus specifically on your joints. Especially when some of the general pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen have some pretty scary side effects. Look for supplements that contain ingredients with a proven track record, like hyaluronic acid and boron. And stay away from ingredients that may have great reputations, but don’t work for everyone or can take months to start working, like glucosamine and chondroitin. Pay attention to what else is in the formula. Are there other active ingredients? What assistance do they provide? Are they there to simply make the label look better, or do they actually contribute to your well-being? And are they targeted to your joint problems, or something else entirely?

    SynerFlex: For Superior Joint Health

    We created SynerFlex joint health formula as an easy, more advanced way to cushion your joints. SynerFlex is specially formulated -- both in what we’ve put into it and what we’ve left out of it -- to address the aches and discomfort brought about by age, an active life, or both. We have many happy customers that can tell you how well SynerFlex works and what a difference it’s made in their lives. Click here to hear from several of them. But, it’s not enough for us to tell you SynerFlex is best. We want to show you exactly why. So, let’s take a look… SynerFlex was specifically formulated to help spring your joints to life and give you maximum joint support – and comfort. And it does this better than any other product available today – by using some of the most powerful joint health breakthroughs, including…
    • Boron –  the “master mineral” for healthy joints, in the premium form your body can use
    • Hyal-Joint, made with hyaluronic acid – the joint-lubricating secret of elite athletes and trainers, without the needles
    • Two powerful soothing herbs – cutting-edge hops extract and a, potent form of Boswellia for fast comfort…
    • The joint health “amplifier” – a bio-enhancing blend of antioxidant extracts to take the SynerFlex   formula to another level
    Take a minute to watch this short presentation…and you’ll see for yourself exactly why SynerFlex is your best option for superior joint health. And when you try SynerFlex today, you’ll save don’t delay. Get back to living life to your full potential…and on your own terms.
    Order Synerflex Today and Save 25%

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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