1. [VIDEO] Menthol Oil – Fast, Safe, & Effective Topical Pain Relief

    menthol oil
    Menthol. You know that comforting smell anywhere – it means pain relief is on the way. Nothing else has that cooling sensation when it touches your skin – or makes you feel better faster. But while menthol is one of the most well-known, powerful, over-the-counter ingredients available for pain, you may not actually know that much about this effective pain reliever…

    What is Menthol Oil?

    Menthol oil is derived from mint plants, such as peppermint, which is why you get the same cooling on your skin as you get in your mouth when you take a strong breath mint. Menthol has been approved by the FDA as an effective treatment for many aches and pains.

    In pain relievers, menthol oil acts as a counterirritant – which means that cooling sensation you feel is actually distracting your body from the other pain. As crazy as it sounds, that’s how a pain reliever with menthol makes your sore muscles and achy joints feel better.

    How to Use Menthol Oil

    The most common, medical use of menthol oil is as a topical pain reliever. Depending on the product, it comes in creams, gels, or liquids. Usually it only takes a small amount of menthol oil, rubbed directly on to the pain. The menthol starts to go to work almost immediately. That’s how strong and effective it is.

    It can also be safely combined with other pain relievers, like capsaicin or salicylates. In fact, in combination with capsaicin, menthol can contribute to a real one-two punch of a pain killer.

    Side Effects of Menthol

    Luckily, there are no common side effects to using topical menthol oil. How often do you hear that? Some people may find the smell a bit strong, or not care for the cooling response. But that’s a matter of personal preference, not so much a side effect.

    This safety and effectiveness is why we made menthol, along with capsaicin, the building blocks of Soothanol X2 topical pain relief formula. Soothanol X2 with menthol brings you cooling relief you won’t find in any other ingredient.

    Just 2 drops of Soothanol X2 is all it takes to…

    • Relieve your pain almost immediately
    • Move easier and more freely
    • Get back to your busy life, without worrying about how much you hurt!

    How menthol oil works and where it comes from may be interesting. But let’s be honest -- when you’re hurting, all you really need to know is that it will work. Which is why you should reach for Soothanol X2, no matter where you hurt.

    Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 with menthol oil is the best topical pain reliever for all of your aches and pains.

    Because not only does Soothanol X2 have the cooling ability of menthol, but it also comes backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee. On the off chance that Soothanol X2, or the menthol it’s built on, don’t work for you, we’ll refund the purchase price of every bottle. That’s how sure we are that it will work for you.

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  2. [VIDEO] Capsaicin Extract: Topical Pain Relief Superstar

    capsaicin extract
    Capsaicin extract is a superstar ingredient used in many topical pain relievers. Capsaicin extract works on all kinds of joint and muscle pain. Perhaps more importantly, it goes to work almost immediately.

    The very first time you use capsaicin extract, you’ll be amazed at the warm relief. That warmth is your indication that the extract is working, and it means your pain is about to go away, fast. When you have sore muscles, or stiff joints, a few drops of capsaicin extract are all it takes to speed heat to the source of your pain.

    But what makes capsaicin extract so effective?

    What is Capsaicin?

    Capsaicin is warm because it comes from chili peppers – the kind that add spice to your foods. It’s been used as a topical pain reliever for centuries, most notably by the Native Americans. They would rub chili peppers on their gums to treat toothaches.

    In the 1800s, several chemists were working at extracting capsaicin, but it wasn’t until 1898 that Karl Micko first isolated capsaicin extract in its pure form. Today, it is a common ingredient in many topical pain relievers.

    How Does Capsaicin Extract Work?

    So how does oil from a pepper become a pain relieving ingredient? It goes to work 2 ways:  first, by “communicating” with nerve endings, and then by “distracting” your body from the original pain. When it “communicates” with the nerve endings, in essence, it calms the nerves, which reduces the intensity of the pain.

    But capsaicin also acts as a counterirritant, which is where the distraction comes in. Counterirritants, in this case the warmth from capsaicin, literally distract your body from the original pain. In other words, your body is too busy feeling the warmth to be bothered with feeling the pain any longer.

    This two-pronged approach to pain relief makes capsaicin extract a powerhouse ingredient by itself. It can also be used in combination with other pain relieving ingredients, such as menthol, to take pain relief to the next level.

    Are There Side Effects of Capsaicin Extract?

    Capsaicin extract is incredibly safe, with limited side effects. In fact, the most common complaint is that the warming sensation is a little too much for some people. But if you’re still concerned, or need to know more about drug interactions, a quick chat with your doctor should put your mind at ease.

    Where Can I Use Capsaicin Extract?

    You can use capsaicin extract wherever your body hurts. It’s effective on sore muscles, achy joints, or anywhere else you’re stiff and uncomfortable. Which is why we included it in our best-selling topical pain reliever, Soothanol X2.

    Soothanol X2 combines capsaicin with menthol – another powerful pain reliever – to create the ultimate, fast-acting topical pain reliever. With 2 of the strongest, natural pain relievers ever known, and supporting ingredients that help you feel better fast, Soothanol X2 works reliably and quickly. And you’ll know it because you’ll feel the capsaicin extract’s warm, soothing sensation go straight to the source of your pain starting the moment you apply it.

    From stiff necks, to sore knees, and everywhere in between Soothanol X2 will rush pain relief wherever you need it. And, unlike pills, it’s absorbed quickly, easing your pain in seconds rather than 15 minutes, 20 minutes – or more!

    Capsaicin extract is powerful, safe, and has very few side effects, just like Soothanol X2.

    Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 with capsaicin extract is the only topical pain reliever you’ll ever need.

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  3. Sleep and pain – can you sleep pain away?

    Let’s face it, when you’re suffering with chronic pain usually the last thing you feel like doing is being more physically active. Yet, your docs, and pain experts, insist that there’s a link between sleep and pain --  good sleep is critical to managing your pain, and that the path to you getting a good night’s sleep is through daytime exercise. But when you’re feeling too drained and exhausted to move—and your get-up-and-go went into hiding the moment your pain started keeping you up at night—it’s the very definition of a catch-22. Now, an interesting new study has taken a closer look at this age-old problem. And what researchers found was an incredibly simple, but novel solution. Flip the problem on its head.

    Fix the sleep problem and fix the pain problem!

    You see, the data showed that when a chronic pain sufferer was able to get a night of good sleep they naturally got more movement the following day, no pressure required. And a night of quality sleep was by far a better predictor of daytime activity than morning pain intensity ratings or mood. In other words, instead of fighting a losing battle trying to get tuckered out folks who are in pain to get up and exercise, simply target the sleep problem. Obvious? Sure, but also long overlooked. If you’re suffering with chronic pain, talk with your doctor about non-drug sleep solutions that can help you get the critical rest you need. (One I can heartily recommend for relieving joint pain… muscle aches… bumps and bruises on contact is Soothanol. Click here to learn more.) Once you do, it will be like hitting the reset button on the exercise, pain, and sleep loop.
  4. [VIDEO] What Are the Best Options for Upper Back Pain Relief?

    In most commercials and ads that talk about back pain, they show a person grabbing at their lower back. But you know better. You know that’s not the only kind of back pain there is. Upper back pain can be just as unbearable, just as debilitating, as any lower back pain. And we know it, too. That’s why we made sure that Soothanol X2 is as effective at upper back pain relief as it is on all kinds of pain. Causes of Upper Back Pain Upper back pain is frequently caused by one of three problems…
    1. Muscle Strain often happens when you “pull something” during a workout, or while working. If you sleep in the wrong position, and wake up achy. Generally, muscle strain (or injury, or overuse) is what most of us feel when we roll our shoulders and wish our backs didn’t hurt so much.
    2. Poor Posture is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s also easy to forget. Sitting or standing with our shoulders curved over or our heads down creates strain on our muscles. This strain can result in short, or long-term, pain. Work on straightening your spine, keeping your shoulders back, and your head held high to prevent posture-induced pain.
    3. Myofascial Pain is pain that is in the connective tissue around a muscle, rather than in the muscle itself. It can be caused by overexertion, as well as poor posture, too.
    Soothanol X2: Fast, Safe Upper Back Pain Relief Regardless of which of these is causing your pain, relief is as close as Soothanol X2 topical pain reliever. But aren’t topical pain relievers just for arthritis? Or a pulled muscle? After all, those are the conditions everyone always says topical pain relievers are good for, right? Well, yes, topical pain relievers are good for arthritis. And they are good for pulled muscles. But that’s not all a topical pain reliever is good for. The same menthol and capsaicin you are used to hearing about for other types of muscle pain are also highly effective for upper back pain – even the pain caused by poor posture, or myofascial pain. A Solution at Your Fingertips with Soothanol X2 All of which is to say that upper back pain relief may already be in your medicine cabinet. If you already love Soothanol X2 for aches, pains, bruises, or arthritis, then reach for it to help your upper back pain and rest easy again. And if you haven’t heard of Soothanol X2, then we’re about to change your life. Spend a few minutes watching the short video below and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Because Soothanol X2, with menthol and capsaicin, relieves every kind of muscle pain – including upper back pain – in 60 seconds or less! The warming capsaicin and cooling menthol join forces to rush relief to your upper back pain – shoulders, neck, mid-back – anywhere it hurts. Get your golf swing back. Sleep in whatever position is most comfortable. Your upper back pain won’t stop you any longer, not with the soothing power of Soothanol X2. And remember, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, if you don’t experience fast and soothing upper back pain relief, move easier and feel better after using Soothanol X2, you can return it – no questions asked – for a full refund of the purchase price. Your upper back pain is a serious pain that requires serious relief – Soothanol X2. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 is your best option for upper back pain relief.

    And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.

  5. [VIDEO] What’s the Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain Relief?

    If you have lower back pain, you know how disheartening the routine is. You sit for too long, your lower back hurts. You stand for too long, your lower back hurts. On the golf course, in the garden, chatting with friends, or playing with the grandkids – your lower back hurts. And the more doing the things you love hurts, the less you want to do the things you love. But Soothanol X2 can get you back in the swing of things, and not just keeping up, but leading the way! What Causes Lower Back Pain? Doing too much. It’s easy to strain our backs if we don’t take care of ourselves. Walking in shoes with too little support … lifting heavy items with our backs instead of our legs … overdoing it on the weekends, or without warming our muscles up… All of these things seem innocent enough, but can result in painful injuries. Doing too little. Like any muscle, if we don’t use the muscles in our backs, they get weak. Once they get weak, they can be hurt easily. Just sitting around for long periods of time may feel good at first, but will hurt in the long run. Arthritis – and not just in your back! Arthritis in the back can be debilitating. But even if you don’t have arthritis in your back, doesn’t mean your back isn’t affected by arthritis. If you have arthritis in your hips, knees, or ankles, it can affect the way you walk. As you compensate for the pain in your legs, you end up tweaking your lower back. It’s a vicious cycle. Soothanol X2: The Best Topical Pain Reliever for Lower Back Pain But Soothanol X2 can break that cycle of pain. Just a few drops rushes menthol and capsaicin into the muscles, easing the pain, bringing almost immediate relief. That’s right – immediate relief, as in less than 60 seconds! That’s the power of the active ingredients, menthol and capsaicin. The menthol cools, while the capsaicin warms, working on the muscles that need relaxing. But it’s not just the active ingredients that are vital to lower back pain relief. Even the supporting ingredients work wonders. And unlike in some other products, they do more than just smell or feel good. The supporting ingredients in Soothanol X2 are specially designed to speed the absorption of the liquid into your skin, directly to the muscles that ache. And this specially designed formula – of active and supporting ingredients – usually lasts for hours, but can be used up to 5 times a day if necessary. Because it’s easy to bend, or twist, or lift, and trigger that pain again. So if that happens, you aren’t stuck waiting for hours until you can take another pain pill. Instead, you can rub more Soothanol X2 right where it hurts, right when it hurts, and feel the fast, soothing lower back pain relief all over again. The 2 most powerful active ingredients, combined with strong, supportive ingredients, in a formula that you can use for every reason you might have lower back pain. That’s an impressive, practically indispensable topical pain reliever. That’s Soothanol X2, the best topical pain reliever for your lower back pain. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 is the topical pain reliever you need for lower back pain relief, at the speed you need it! And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.
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  6. [VIDEO] What Tackles Arthritis Knee Pain Quickly and Safely?

    When you were younger, you didn’t think twice about taking the stairs, or going on that hike, or even dancing the night away. And while you know you still want to do those things, arthritis knee pain and stiffness tells you something else. Sometimes, even just sitting hurts. What makes knee discomfort different from other arthritis pains is that our knees impact everything else. Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Readjusting because you hurt even hurts. You can’t move from one room to the next to get a pain reliever because it hurts! And when you’re dealing with that kind of pain, you need a powerful pain reliever. Double the Impact on Arthritis Knee Pain Pain as all-encompassing as arthritis knee pain demands not one, but two, separate powerhouse active ingredients, perfectly blended in the exact amounts to create the kind of pain relief that neither could bring alone. Ingredients like capsaicin and menthol, proven to work on the kind of pain and stiffness happening in your knees. The capsaicin warms, penetrating into the skin; the menthol cools, bringing that sigh of relief. Speed When Speed Counts And part of what makes capsaicin and menthol so amazing is they are fast. Practically immediate, and when arthritis knee pain has locked up your knees, practically immediate is key. You can’t wait for a pill to take effect so the pain will begin to subside. You need relief and you need it now. The right topical pain reliever can offer you just that. And the best topical pain reliever for arthritis knee pain can offer you even more. The best topical pain reliever for arthritis knee pain offers you a formula that enhances the capsaicin and menthol. That increases the speed in which those active ingredients are absorbed into your system, getting you the fastest, most effective relief possible. That topical pain reliever is Soothanol X2 – the perfectly designed, exactingly balanced formula, guaranteed to ease your arthritis knee pain in mere seconds. Click here to hear from Soothanol X2 users who climb, hike, and dance the way you once did. Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. You’ll see why Soothanol X2 is the topical pain reliever you need for your arthritis knee pain, at the speed you need it! And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.
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  7. [VIDEO] 2014 Guide to Topical Pain Relief

    When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to think about is making a complicated decision about what pain reliever to reach for. That’s why we’ve developed this 2014 Guide to Topical Pain Relief -- so you know in advance what the best choice is for your type of pain. You have lots of options when you’re hurting: pills, creams, supplements. You can even grab an ice pack or soak in a hot bath. And there are days when each of those options is viable. But some days, your best choice is topical pain relief. So let’s take a closer look at topical pain relievers… Why a Topical Pain Reliever Topical pain relief is a great solution to address your pain if you …
    • Already take large numbers of pills. If you take several pills or supplements a day, the thought of having to swallow one more can feel like one too many. Plus, it can be easy to lose track of which pill you took, and when it’s time for the next one.
    • Have a hard time swallowing pills. Many people have difficulty getting any pills or capsules down to begin with. For these people, swallowing a pain pill can feel as tortuous as the pain they’re trying to ease.
    • Worry about side effects and/or overdosing. The pain killers you pick up at the drug store, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, have long lists of possible side effects. Sometimes, the symptoms and conditions they can cause are worse than the original pain. Also, since so many medications contain these active ingredients, it’s easy to unintentionally take more than you meant to, and risk an overdose.
    • Need faster pain relief. Regardless of how “fast-acting” a pain pill claims to be, it’s still a pill. Which means you still have to swallow it, let it dissolve, make its way through your system, and then – finally – get some relief, after 15, 20, minutes, often even longer.
    Topical Pain Relief Ingredients There are 3 main types of ingredients in topical pain relievers, and each one works just a little differently.
    • Counterirritants. These are a family of ingredients, rather than one specific ingredient. Counterirritants draw the body’s attention away from the source of the pain by creating another sensation – very often a cooling one. Menthol is a common, and highly effective counterirritant.
    • Capsaicin. In a topical pain reliever, capsaicin “communicates” with nerves, decreasing the intensity of the pain you feel. It also generates a warming sensation, which makes it a counterirritant, as well as a pain reliever in its own right.
    • Salicylates. These are similar to aspirin and, when absorbed into the skin, are reported to work similarly to aspirin taken orally.
    Making the Best Choice for Topical Pain Relief Now that you understand topical pain relievers, it’s time to choose one. But how, when there are so many options out there? Here are some things to consider:
    • What is the topical pain reliever designed to do? If you have achy muscles, will it help them, or is it only geared toward joint pain? Or if your joints are stiff, does the product only address muscle soreness? The best topical pain reliever will be targeted enough to address your condition, but be versatile enough to relieve most of your aches and pains.
    • How many active ingredients does the topical pain reliever have? And in what amounts? If the product you’re considering doesn’t have enough pain relievers– either in number of ingredients, or in effective amounts – you simply aren’t going to feel the results, no matter what they promise.
    • What do the other ingredients bring to the table? This is one people often overlook, but it’s important. Because be assured, if an ingredient is in a product, even an inactive ingredient, there’s a reason for it being there. So, be sure to read the label. Are the inactive ingredients there just for show? Do they make it a pretty color, give it a pleasant scent, or just make it feel good if you rub it between your fingers? Or do the inactive ingredients support the active ingredients, in some way? The best topical pain reliever will have inactive ingredients that encourage absorption, that enhance the active ingredients, and that aren’t just superficial.
    Soothanol X2 – The Best Topical Pain Relief by Any Measure A multipurpose tool in your medicine cabinet, Soothanol X2 topical pain relief can help with achy joints, sore muscles, or just stiffness from sitting too long – or playing too hard. With both menthol and capsaicin, it brings a one-two punch, knocking out pain from the moment you start to rub it in. And even the inactive ingredients – specially chosen oils and other natural ingredients – have been handpicked and meticulously balanced to support the active ingredients that work to ease your pain. There’s not a wasted drop in the bottle. But you don’t have to take our word for it. From age-related pain to relief post-surgery, real people just like you are raving about Soothanol X2. You can click here to read their very own words – Take a few minutes to watch this brief video. And you’ll see why Soothanol X2 is the best topical pain reliever of 2014. And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click the order button below to try Soothanol X2 today.
    Order Soothanol X2 today, 25% off
  8. Soothanol X2 Customer Reviews – What real people say about Soothanol

    Soothanol X2 customer reviews You won’t find ads for Soothanol X2 topical pain reliever in your favorite magazines, or on billboards. We don’t spend millions on ad campaigns touting its benefits. You know why? Because we don’t have to. We believe the best ad campaign is satisfied customer reviews – and we have plenty of those. People are thrilled with how well Soothanol X2 works on all kinds of pain… Soothanol X2 Customer Reviews:  Pain Relief after Surgery Some of the most common pain is post-surgical. So often, people think the only option is a prescription pain killer – but it doesn’t have to be that way, as Doug Brandt from Connecticut says his wife learned…

    “…she had spine surgery last May, but bowls often. The 2-3 drops she uses works in less than a minute most of the time, really does. The relief actually lasts most of the day. Rarely does she use again that day. Soothanol X2 is 98% better than other creams or lotions. Soothanol X2 has surprised my wife especially, since she has tried medications as well as creams, your product really does what you claimed it could do.”

    And listen to Stella Richardson of Greensboro, NC…

    “I was amazed with the relief I had in just a few minutes. Since my back surgery, I have had problems of overdoing it with my gardening and yard work. But by using your product, I’m able to do pretty much whatever I please.”

    Soothanol X2 Customer Reviews:  Pain Relief after Injury Still, not all of us are dealing with post-surgical pain. It’s far more likely that you will bump, or pull, or sprain something – and you can still reach for Soothanol X2. Just ask Bill Dubois, whose story read like a suspense novel…

    “My youngest son fell from a ladder about three years ago and shattered his left knee. The local hospital recommended amputation but he refused and found a doctor who said he could repair the damage and did so using metal straps, screws, etc.  He has been on pain medication ever since. I gave him some of the Soothanol and he applied it to the knee.  After a short while, he said the pain was gone.”

    Or what about Catherine Dockett in Wyoming, whose very job depends on easing her pain…

    “Living on an active cattle ranch there is always situations that happen that requires ‘quick and instant’ and lasting relief. We have used so many different kinds of pain relief ointments and salves over the years, but since we started using Soothanol, we do appreciate its quick effect. The first time we used it, we noticed how quickly it penetrated an injury and how quick the relief was. We were surprised at how quick and effective it was when we first tried it, but now we use it all the time…”

    Even an injury that results in constant pain can be helped with Soothanol X2, as Tracy Wisnewski and her husband have learned…

    “My husband has a dislocated shoulder and is in constant pain, so he tried Soothanol X2 on his shoulder and lower back. It works almost immediately and provides warm relief of most of the pain.”

    With stories like this, who needs advertising? Soothanol X2 Customer Reviews:  Long-Term Results for Chronic Pain But what about the normal aches and pains of everyday life, pain that seem to be an inevitable part of aging? Well, maybe it’s not inevitable after all, not with Soothanol X2. And not for Gary Walton from Kansas…

    "I have arthritis and a bad back, which were both giving me headaches and neck pain probably five days a week. Now, when I wake up in pain, I put a couple drops of Soothanol X2 on my neck and I’m pain-free within 10-15 minutes.  IT WORKS GREAT!  I’ve let several of my friends try it and they love it, too. I lent out two of the three bottles and haven't seen them since. Keep up the great work. Expect orders from all of my friends who have tried it!"

    Years of chronic pain can be lessened, as Jon Darcy tells us...

    “I had to stop working in 2009, but since I started using Soothanol X2, I now have a garden and am putting in flowers—I haven’t had a garden in over 6 year. God bless you all.”

    Arthritis  is a very common cause of joint pain. If you suffer from it, you know. But if you want a little hope and some reassurance it can feel better, listen to Leanne and John Scott...

    “Soothanol is a god send .... I suffer from arthritis. I bought Soothanol to hopefully get some relief from the pain in my hands. HOLY COW -- this stuff is wonderful - it gave me IMMEDIATE temporary relief from pain in my hands so quickly I couldn't believe it. I understand it doesn't cure anything, but the relief from the ghastly pains for a half day, or sometimes an entire day or night is totally amazing. We now do the two drops of Soothanol on each foot and 4 drops on each leg every morning and he has pain relief all day. Soothanol X2 is the most amazing pain relief potion we have ever used - and believe me folks, we have used them all!”

    Soothanol X2 Customer Reviews:  Better Than Other Products Soothanol X2 works on all kinds of pain. But the truth is, there are other products that might work too. So why should you choose Soothanol X2 instead of one of those other products? Because Soothanol X2 works better than they do. And that’s not just our opinion… That’s the opinion of Charles Reed in Virginia…

    “I decided to try Soothanol X2 several months ago. It relieves the pain and breaks the cycle.It   takes a few minutes to feel the results...about 3-4 minutes. It lasts for several hours, as best I can tell. Sometimes the pain returns and sometimes not for a day or more.”

    And Don Haven from Texas…

    “This product worked when all others have failed! It’s a very potent formula.”

    Jody K. had tried other products before…

    “I am very pleased by the relief from using Soothanol X2 for back and muscle pain. It has worked where nothing else has!”

    Honestly, Richard C. exceeded even our expectations when he wrote that…

    “I would readily recommend this product to anyone with pain. I used it for arthritis and bad back pain, and it’s the best pain reliever that I have found! It’s even better than prescription medications!”

    But perhaps Dick Levinstein from Minnesota summed it up best…

    “Love this product! One of the few products I've bought that actually does as it advertises...”

    No fancy ad campaigns. No crazy gimmicks. Just real people, with real pain, in their own words – feeling better, thanks to Soothanol X2. Bottom line – we want you to feel better, faster, just like these folks did. And Soothanol X2 should do the trick. So go ahead and give Soothanol X2 a try. What have you got to lose, other than those annoying aches and pains? And when you order today, you can take 25% off your first order. Just click here now to go to the NorthStar Nutritionals website ( and use promo code W650Q4ZJ to get your discount. And remember, if you try Soothanol X2 and you’re not satisfied for any reason, you’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee – all of your money back any time, for any reason (less shipping). Click here to try Soothanol X2 today.
  9. Is DMSO safe? The truth about DMSO safety and effectiveness

    78377595Is DMSO safe? People have concerns about DMSO safety and its presence in Soothanol X2. And we can understand why. There’s a lot of noise out there about DMSO and at first glance, honestly, it can look a little scary. But if you are willing to dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that DMSO has a safe track record when used properly, and serious DMSO side effects are rare. Let’s take a look…

    What Exactly Is DMSO?

    DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide, and it’s been around since 1866. It’s a byproduct of the process that turns wood into wood pulp. Almost 100 years later, in 1963, scientists discovered it also had medicinal uses. DMSO – and DMSO safety - came back into the national spotlight in the 1980s, as doctors and patients around the country started realizing how effective this ingredient could be – and for so many different things. Even 60 Minutes was impressed with the reports of DMSO’s effectiveness. Many other countries have answered the question ‘is DMSO safe’ with a resounding yes. However, while DMSO is approved for medical use in those countries, here in the United States, the FDA has only approved it for use in treating interstitial cystitis (IC), a rare bladder condition. However, as of 2011, eight states – Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington - have been so impressed with DMSO safety and its effects that they have passed laws making it legal for doctors to prescribe DMSO as they see fit. DMSO can also be used as an inactive ingredient, like it is in Soothanol X2. DMSO is a powerful carrier solution for active ingredients, helping to get them directly into the bloodstream without the body having to process it through the digestive tract. This is how we use it in Soothanol X2. And it gets the menthol and the capsaicin working on your pain faster than any pill!

    Why Hasn’t The FDA Approved DMSO for Other Medicinal Uses?

    This is an excellent question, and there are several sound theories. First, DMSO has a very distinctive aroma. This aroma comes into play during what are known as “double blind studies.” Double blind studies are the preferred method for discovering if a medicine actually works or not. In double blind studies, one group of patients is given a placebo and another group is given the medicine. Neither the doctors delivering the dose, nor the patients receiving the dose, know who is getting the medicine and who is getting a placebo. However, the distinctive aroma identifies which group is which, negating the effectiveness of the double blind study. Second, DMSO cannot be patented. As such, no pharmaceutical company can corner the market on, or reap the financial benefits from, producing DMSO-based medications. Without the interest of major pharmaceutical companies, no one is funding the FDA approval process, which can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Is DMSO Legal or Not?

    Yes, DMSO is legal. As an inactive ingredient, such as the carrier in Soothanol X2. However, as an actual medication, prescribed by a doctor, to treat a specific medical condition, it is only legal in those eight states we talked about earlier, and as a treatment for IC.

    Why Is DMSO Controversial?

    Originally, DMSO was processed in high concentrations and used as a solvent. In fact, it’s still used a solvent to this day, which raises the DMSO safety issue again. This is what makes people nervous, because they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that something that can be used as an industrial solvent can also be used safely on our bodies. But it can. Also, when used incorrectly, DMSO, like anything else, can have side effects. So when naysayers talk about its industrial uses, they frequently talk about the side effects. But they may leave out the fact that nearly all the negative side effects occurred when the DMSO was used incorrectly. They mention examples when industrial grade was used instead of medical grade. Or used in too high of a dose. None of which are issues with Soothanol X2.

    What About the DMSO in Soothanol X2?

    The developers of Soothanol X2 were meticulous in creating the Soothanol X2 formula. Only medicinal grade DMSO is used. And when used according to the instructions, the amount is not even close to being problematic. In fact, it’s the minimal amount necessary, which ensures DMSO safety and makes Soothanol X2 a safe, effective step toward easing your pain.

    Why is properly used DMSO still controversial?

    Honestly, we don’t know. What we do know is that DMSO is safe in the amounts recommended in Soothanol X2 doses. And we know it helps get the pain-relieving ingredients – menthol and capsaicin – into your system faster than they would absorb without it. Which means your pain is relieved faster – and safely.
  10. Where is the best place to buy Soothanol X2: NorthStar Quality Assurance

    Ingredients in Soothanol X2 “I can get Soothanol X2 and DMSO cheaper other places…so why shouldn’t I?” We certainly understand this question! Saving money is more important than ever. And it does seem like there’s an alternative, a generic, or a less expensive option out there for just about everything these days. So why not Soothanol X2 and DMSO? Asking the question where to buy Soothanol X2 seems reasonable. And the answer is pretty straight-forward. Original Soothanol X2, Ensured So, where to buy Soothanol X2, and ensure you are getting the pure product? Directly from NorthStar Nutritionals. The original Soothanol X2 formula has been developed to combine the active and inactive ingredients in perfect proportion to maximize pain relief fast. The DMSO in Soothanol X2 is specially sourced to make sure it’s the perfect grade. Plus, since we use DMSO only as a carrier for the active ingredients, the amount per dose is just right to ensure the menthol and the capsaicin are delivered quickly and safely. DMSO on its own DMSO is certainly critical to the Soothanol X2 formula. It’s what speeds the relief of the active ingredients anywhere you need it. But on its own, DMSO hasn’t been studied or approved for pain relief. So buying plain DMSO cheaper may not get you any relief from your pain at all. NorthStar Nutritionals’ Quality Assurance When you buy Soothanol X2 directly from NorthStar Nutritionals, we stand behind the quality of every product. This means we can guarantee the formula of each bottle. We monitor inventory, track the expiration dates, and have your customer history available so we can notify you of any product concerns or recalls (though we haven’t had a recall yet). If you purchase Soothanol X2 from another seller, you have no way of knowing how old a bottle may be, how it was stored, if a bottle has been opened…there are just so many variables that we can’t account for, that we can no longer assure the quality. Our Gold Standard Guarantee All of the products we sell come with our Gold Standard Guarantee – as long as you purchase them directly from us. If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for you, simply send it back and we’ll refund the entire purchase price…at any time, for any reason. No questions. No hassles. No stress. Unfortunately, if you buy Soothanol X2 from other sellers, we can no longer offer this guarantee. If it doesn’t work, or you don’t like it, you are left with whatever promises they have made, instead of the peace of mind that comes with our Gold Standard Guarantee. NorthStar Nutritionals: It’s where to buy Soothanol X2! Are there other options out there? There are. But where to buy Soothanol X2 really should be from us. Because buying from us means you also receive the backing of NorthStar Nutritionals. Our people, our products, our promises. Our products are safe and the highest quality available. Buying directly from us lets us assure it.
  11. 4 Pain Problems and 12 Pain Relief Solutions

    Senior couple on cycle ride In talking with customers who are looking for pain relief solutions, it seems that most types of pain fall into one of 4 categories --  fibromyalgia, joint pain, migraines, and sore muscles. And because these are the issues you care about, they are the issues we care about. You gave us 4 painful concerns, so we came up with 3 pain relief solutions for each one!

    How Can I Get Fibromyalgia Relief?

    So little is understood about fibromyalgia, it’s hard to know exactly why something helps the pain. Still, many patients say these steps can help with pain relief…
    1. Light exercise keeps the body moving, and often eases the pain. Some slow walking, swimming, even a few stretches or gentle yoga have been reported to help.
    2. Lack of sleep due to pain can make you hurt worse – which keeps you up at night. Break the cycle with a melatonin supplement, and get a good night’s sleep.
    3. Sometimes, the pain requires a prescription. Find a doctor who will listen to you and respect you and your body.

    What Makes Joints Stop Hurting?

    Whether it’s arthritis, or just getting older, joint pain can be restrictive. Even if we feel up to moving, our bodies won’t always let us. Not only can it be painful, it can be disheartening. Here are some pain relief solutions that may help…
    1. Studies have shown topical pain relievers can be effective against joint pain, especially those with capsaicin or cayenne listed as an active ingredient.
    2. Glucosamine has been shown to ease joint pain, especially in cases not directly involving arthritis. Many people find it works best in conjunction with chondroitin.
    3. The ancient art of acupuncture is frequently used as an alternative, or complementary, medicine when dealing with joint pain. While many mainstream doctors are still skeptical, practitioners swear by its effects.

    How Can I Make A Migraine Go Away?

    Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows just how debilitating it can be. When one hits, all you want is for it to be over.
    1. Oral pain relievers seem to be the best pain relief solution for severe headaches. Most sufferers look for an over-the-counter drug that includes caffeine as an ingredient.
    2. Some people have found relief without medicine at all. If you can’t take medicine, or don’t have access to it, try a cold compress over your eyes and/or at the hairline on the back of your neck. For the most effective pain relief, stay away from light and loud noises, too.
    3. For some, only a prescription strength medication is strong enough to address their pain. In this case, speak with your doctor. Many medications can even prevent the onset of a migraine.

    What Can I Do For Sore Muscles?

    Sometimes, it’s a temporary situation. Sometimes, it’s a chronic condition. Either way, our muscles are not supposed to feel like this!
    1. This is another time when a topical pain reliever can be a helpful pain relief solution. Some products use capsaicin; some use menthol. Some products even offer both!
    2. It’s also a time when an oral pain reliever might work. Many over the counter medications, including ibuprofen and naproxen, claim to target sore muscles.
    3. Therapeutic massage can offer relief and relaxation, all in about an hour. Be sure to find a licensed massage therapist for the best results.
    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that any of these pain relief solutions will work on your specific pain. And be sure to talk to you doctor or health care provider before starting a new treatment, especially for a chronic condition. But don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. There are ways to relieve or manage your pain. And we’re right here with you, every step of the way.
  12. The Top 3 Soothanol X2 Complaints: An honest review of Soothanol

    Nothing is perfect. This is a sad, but true, fact. And Soothanol X2 is no exception. As such, we do get some Soothanol X2 complaints. So, let’s talk about them.

    Soothanol X2 Complaint #1: What is that smell?

    Soothanol X2 complaintsSoothanol X2 has three specific ingredients that could be causing an odor: menthol, wintergreen, or DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). If the smell is immediate, it’s most likely the menthol or wintergreen. Menthol is an important active ingredient in Soothanol X2 and the amount in each dose has been clinically balanced to be the most effective it can be. While wintergreen is an inactive ingredient, we’ve still been just as careful to find the perfect amount for the Soothanol X2 formula. A very small handful of people have reported a chemical-like smell. This is simply how some people perceive the wintergreen smell, and is no cause for concern. Remember, most people find Soothanol’s aroma pleasant. But if you’re one of the people who find it strong, know that it will eventually wear away, as the medicine absorbs into your skin. If the smell occurs after Soothanol X2 has been absorbed, it’s probably caused by DMSO. This can be less appealing than the menthol smell, and has been described as garlicky, or even like sour milk. While rare, it does sometimes happen. However, given the amount of DMSO in each dose, very few people will experience this.

    Soothanol X2 Complaint #2: Why does it burn?

    Soothanol X2 complaintsThat burn is from cayenne, another active ingredient in Soothanol X2. You know how peppers can create a burning sensation on your fingers when you cook with them, or in your mouth when you eat them? It’s the same sensation. Consider it a sign that the medicine is working, rushing relief to your pain! As with the menthol aroma, it will wear off as the Soothanol X2 gets absorbed. And even better news -- most people report that the burning stops completely after a few days of regular use.

    Soothanol X2 Complaint #3: It didn’t work for my joint pain.

    Soothanol X2 complaintsThe vast majority of people who use Soothanol X2 for arthritis or other joint pain swear by it, and the relief it brings. We absolutely recommend it for joint and arthritis pain. Unfortunately, not everything works for everyone. It’s that simple. As much as we want it to work for your pain – as much as you want it to work for your pain – it just might not. But we’re not satisfied until you’re out of pain. So if you’re one of the few people for whom Soothanol X2 just doesn’t work, here are some other options that might be useful to address your pain.

    These are the three biggest Soothanol X2 complaints that we hear about. Obviously, we hope you don’t experience any of them. Or, if you do, we hope they are short-lived and minor. But, just in case, we wanted to address these issues. And to remind you that you’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee – you can return Soothanol X2 at any time, for these reasons or any others!  It’s that simple.

    Soothanol X2 complaints

  13. [VIDEO] How To Use Soothanol X2: 5 Easy Steps

    It seems medications are getting more and more complicated every time we turn around. This pill doesn’t work if you take it with grapefruit juice. That patch can cause overdose if you use for more than three nights in a row. It’s enough to make you swear off just about everything! But that’s why we’re here -- to show you exactly how to use Soothanol X2. It’s so easy! Take a look…

    How To Use Soothanol X2

    • First, wash your hands and the application site to remove any impurities on your skin.
    • Pour Soothanol X2 onto your fingertips first. Start with only two drops, because this is powerful stuff!
    • Apply Soothanol X2 wherever it hurts - knees, wrists, shoulders, just about anywhere on your body that aches.
    • Wash your hands again after application, to remove any leftover residue.
    • Now, wait for the ahhhhh…and get back to feeling better and living your life on your terms.

    5 Common Sense Considerations

    • Don’t use Soothanol X2 on open wounds, or skin that is already irritated.
    • Keep Soothanol X2 away from your eyes and mouth.
    • Don’t drink it! Soothanol X2 is a topical medication and not meant to be consumed.
    • The St. John’s Wort in Soothanol X2 may make skin and eyes sensitive to light, so take care to minimize sun exposure and wear sunglasses until you know if it affects you this way.
    • Don’t wrap it too tightly. Once you’ve applied Soothanol X2, wrapping it tightly, or with an Ace bandage, could cause skin irritation.
    That’s it – the quick and easy demonstration on how to use Soothanol X2! No crazy warnings. No complicated steps. Just a few drops of Soothanol X2, some common sense, and you’re feeling better, just like that! And remember, we always offer the NorthStar Nutritionals Gold Standard Guarantee: If you don’t like Soothanol X2 for any reason at all, simply return it and we’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked! It’s as easy as, well, as using Soothanol X2!
  14. The Lowest Price of Soothanol X2: A Price Comparison of Pain Relievers

    What’s the price of Soothanol X2? The easy answer is $49.95 for one bottle, with savings accruing for multi-bottle purchases. But while that may be what you spend, what does it really cost? Where is the best value? We are taught early on that a low price isn’t necessarily a good value. It’s better to spend a little more and get more, than to spend less and get less! But what if we can spend less and get more? That’s value. That’s the Soothanol X2 lowest price. How does it work? Let us break it down for you…

    A Price Guide to Pain Relievers

    First, we’ll take a look at the true price of Soothanol X2 and compare it with some other pain relievers. Soothanol X2 comes in convenient, one ounce bottles. Accepted measurements say that there are between 400 and 600 drops in an ounce, depending on how thick the liquid is, how big the drops are, etc. For the sake of argument, let’s assume the smallest amount of drops per bottle – 400. Many people report only needing 2 drops per dose in order to relieve their pain. At that rate, each bottle has, at a minimum, 200 doses! Divide the cost of a single bottle, $49.95, by those 200 doses, and you get .25 cents per dose. What about other pain relievers? Is .25 cents per dose a little, or a lot? Turns out, it’s a great value. Let’s take a look…

    Soothanol X2 Price Comparison

    Soothanol X2 lowest price

    Aleve caplets come in 80 pill bottles, and recommend 2 pills per dose. That equals 40 doses per bottle. At $14.99 per bottle, that means you’re paying .37 cents per dose. Still, those are pills. What about other topicals? What happens when we compare apples to apples? The Tiger Balm patch is a top seller. A box of five patches costs $6.99 – and you use one patch at a time. Do the math and that’s a whopping $1.40 per dose. Plus, you’re back at the store in five days! A better one-to-one comparison would be another liquid topical that you apply in drops – like Neuragen Pain Reliever. Neuragen comes in .5 ounce bottles and costs $29.99. Even if you only needed two drops per dose, like you do with Soothanol, you’re looking at just 100 doses per bottle. And each dose costs .30 cents! Once again, you’re getting less, but paying more. The Soothanol X2 lowest price hasn’t been matched yet.

    Soothanol X2 Lowest Price

    The truth is there are many products out there that can take care of your pain. But Soothanol X2 takes care of you, and protects your wallet as well! With the Soothanol X2 lowest price, you’re saving five cents, ten cents, sometimes more, not per bottle, but per dose! And the savings just get better the more bottles you buy. Pain relief, and a strong bottom dollar value - Soothanol X2 adds up! To take advantage of the Soothanol X2 lowest price. go to and use promo code W650Q4ZJ to receive 25% off your first order. *Cannot be combined with other offers.
  15. Best Topical Pain Relievers: A review of products that relieve pain

    Topical pain relieverWhen you’re in pain, you want relief and you want it fast. And sometimes the best way to get quick relief is by applying a topical pain reliever, rather than taking a pill. You apply the solution directly to the source of pain and often feel immediate relief…who wouldn’t want that?! There are lots of topical pain relief options out there, and Soothanol X2 is one of the best. What is Soothanol X2? It’s a unique combination of effective ingredients, perfectly balanced to make you feel better, fast. We believe Soothanol X2 is one of the best topical pain relievers available. It’s fast. It’s safer than pain pills. It’s effective. And it’s also a really good deal. Take a look at this price comparison and you’ll see how Soothanol X2 stacks up against other pain relievers. But we understand that not every product works for every person, or every type of pain. Sometimes people have allergies. Sometimes an ingredient causes a bad interaction. And sometimes, a topical pain reliever just doesn’t work for you. When those situations arise, it’s helpful to know you have other options. We believe in Soothanol X2 topical pain reliever. So we don’t like it when it doesn’t work for someone. But we know that sometimes happens. For that reason, if you’ve tried Soothanol X2 and it didn’t work, or you couldn’t try it because of an allergy, here are some other topical pain relievers you might consider…

    Other Topical Pain Relievers

    These are topical pain relievers that, like Soothanol X2, are not widely available in drug stores and other retail outlets. You can get them from specialists, such as chiropractors, trainers, massage therapists, or directly from their websites.
    • Biofreeze – One of the most well-known of the special order topical pain relievers, reports are it absorbs quickly, and goes to work almost immediately. Its active ingredient is menthol. (
    • Cryoderm – Many athletes say it’s a must-have in in their lockers. Some users even claim this topical pain reliever has kept them from needing surgery and cut down on their doctor visits. Its active ingredient is menthol. (
    • Arthritis Relief Cream – Another menthol-based topical pain reliever, its users swear by this combination of active and inactive ingredients. (
    These drug store topical pain relievers are more accessible day to day, or in an emergency. You can find them at just about any drug store and many grocery stores.
    • Aspercreme – One of the first topical pain relievers, there’s a reason it has stayed around so long. The original formula has no smell, and no burning or cooling feeling, which many users appreciate. Its active ingredient is trolamine salicylate. (
    • BenGay – The original topical pain reliever. Even with the distinctive odor, users say the pain relief is worth it, especially now that they offer a vanishing scent formula. Its active ingredients vary depending on formula, but may include camphor, menthol, and/or methyl salicylate. (
    • Tiger Balm – Another tried and true product, some people find its hexagonal container and unique scent instantly recognizable. Because it’s wax based, many users feel it stays on longer than other creams or rubs. Its active ingredients are menthol and camphor. (
    We can’t guarantee any of these products will work for you as an effective topical pain reliever, and we’re not saying any one is better than any of the others, or even as good as Soothanol X2. But the reviews on all of them are good – better than good, actually. So talk with your health care provider and see if one of these might be helpful for your pain. Bottom line -- we want you to feel better, faster. And Soothanol X2 should do the trick. So go ahead and give Soothanol X2 a try. What have you got to lose, other than those annoying aches and pains? And when you order today, you can save 25% on your first order. Just click here now to go to the NorthStar Nutritionals website ( and use promo code W650Q4ZJ to get your discount. And remember, if you try Soothanol X2 and you’re not satisfied for any reason, you’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee – all of your money back any time, for any reason (less shipping). Click here to try Soothanol X2 today. *Cannot be combined with other offers.
  16. What’s in Soothanol X2? A listing of ingredients in Soothanol and what they do

    Ingredients in Soothanol X2 Each drop of Soothanol X2 is packed with literally trillions of complex organic molecules, all working together in elegant synergy to bring you instant pain relief. Every topical pain reliever needs a solvent to blend and carry the other ingredients, unleashing their natural powers.

    The carrier ingredients in Soothanol X2 are...

    DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide):. This is one of the most important ingredients in Soothanol. We know of no natural carrier that even comes close to DMSO. DMSO is extremely easily absorbed and, according to Dr. H. Harry Szmant from the Chemistry Department at the University of Detroit, it may even multiply chemical reactions a billion-fold. This is why you only need a drop or two of Soothanol X2 to feel incredible results. EMU OIL: Australian aborigines have been using emu oil for thousands of years. Lately, NBA teams have been discovering its powers. Players swear it has an uncanny effect. We are just beginning to puzzle out the reason why, but it's clear that emu oil is absorbed incredibly effectively. d-Limonene Oil : This is no ordinary orange peel extract, but concentrated limonene oil. It feels soothing to your skin and smells wonderfully refreshing. Importantly, researcher Jon Barron found that limonene oil has an especially dense electromagnetic field, concentrating Soothanol X2's powers even more. VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Modern biochemists tell us that olive oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, and literally dozens of other nurturing compounds. Together, they form an ideal emollient -- softening the skin, contributing to Soothanol X2's silky texture, and helping the other transporters do their work. Each of the carrier ingredients in Soothanol X2 has unique properties that help it penetrate the skin to pain points you thought were unreachable. So, what about the ingredients being carried? Soothanol X2 delivers a super-size dose of these natural miracles in every drop, including...

    Additional ingredients in Soothanol X2

    CAYENNE: Native Americans have used cayenne for at least 9,000 years and for good reason! Another of the key ingredients in Soothanol X2, cayenne helps to 'burn up' a chemical in your body called 'substance P' -- a compound that carries pain messages to your brain. The cayenne in Soothanol X2 may warm and tingle your skin for bit. But soon these sensations vanish, along with your pain! MENTHOL: Know how peppermint gum cools your mouth? That's the effect of a compound called menthol. And it's been shown to be among the most effective pain-relievers for osteoarthritis -- in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology and the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. If it can even soothe arthritis pain, just think what it can do for those occasional strains, bumps and bruises! ST. JOHN'S WORT: You thought it was just an antidepressant, but...did you know St. John's Wort was used by battlefield physicians back in ancient Rome? MSM: There's a good reason why MSM is included in so many joint support pills! Now, thanks to Soothanol X2, you can apply MSM directly to those joints. ARNICA: Part of the sunflower family, European herbalists and homeopathic doctors turn to arnica first. Now the Soothanol X2 delivery system launches it right to your back, neck or ankles. Even if you've tried arnica all by itself before, you’ll notice a big difference with the Soothanol X2 formulation. All of these ingredients in Soothanol X2 – and more! – are working hard for you in every single drop. It all blends together to intercept and relieve the pain, right at the source. You have to feel it to believe it. First, you feel a tingle and then … ahhhh…relief!
  17. Topical pain relief ingredients: What to look for to relieve your pain

    Topical pain reliefConsumers in this day and age are smarter than ever. We have more information at our fingertips. We take greater responsibility for ourselves and our health than ever before. Which is why we weren’t surprised when we started getting questions, not just about Soothanol X2, but about specific ingredients, especially for natural pain relievers. People want to know what they are putting on, and into, their bodies. Quite frankly, we approve! But it can be difficult to understand. When you are looking at a label, what are you supposed to be looking for? There seem to be so many different ingredients, and they all claim to work. Which ingredient does what? And how does it work as an effective natural pain reliever? Lots of questions! So, let’s not worry about products or name brands right now. Instead, let’s look at the ingredients themselves. What’s in our favorite topical pain relief products that make them work so well?

    Topical Pain Relief Ingredients for Deep Pain

    Before we start, let’s clarify what we’re discussing. In this post, we’re looking at over-the-counter, topical pain relievers that affect deep pain – arthritis, muscle strain, fibromyalgia, etc. Medications that require a prescription or that help with skin irritations are different and are not discussed here. Now that we’ve clarified that point, it gets confusing again. See, some people say all the active topical pain relief ingredients fall into the category of counterirritants. Other people say there are three different categories of natural pain relievers: counterirritants, capsaicin, and salicylates.

    Three Categories of Natural Pain Relievers – Or One?

    So which is it? One category? Or three? Would you believe us if we said both? First, you have to understand counterirritants. Counterirritants are a family of ingredients, rather than one specific ingredient. They are effective natural pain relievers because they create a distraction, if you will. Counterirritants draw the body’s attention away from the source of the pain by creating another sensation – often, but not always, a cooling one. As an active ingredient, you should look for menthol. Capsaicin is the ingredient that makes peppers hot when you eat or cook with them. In a topical, it “communicates” with nerves that run between the spine and the rest of the body, thus decreasing the intensity of the pain you feel. But that burning you feel in your mouth when you eat a pepper happens on your skin when you use capsaicin for topical pain relief, too. So, it is both a counterirritant and its own type of natural pain reliever. As an active ingredient, it’s usually called capsaicin, but it may be referred to as cayenne, as well. Salicylates are from the same ingredients in aspirin and, when absorbed into the skin, are reported to work similarly to aspirin taken orally. However, like capsaicin, it can also be a counterirritant. Some salicylates create a cool feeling on your skin when applied topically, thus providing that counterirritant distraction, and topical pain relief! As an active ingredient, you should look for methyl salicylate as a counterirritant as well as an analgesic, or trolamine salicylate for the analgesic, without the cooling feeling. While it seems difficult at first, it doesn’t have to be. Different combinations, different formulas, even different inactive ingredients, can create different results. But it all starts with these three building blocks of natural pain relievers. Now you’re no longer tied to a specific brand, or stuck with something just because you remember the commercial. You have the knowledge you need to understand what each of these topical pain relief ingredients means. With that knowledge, you can find the combination – and the specific product – that relieves your pain. And that makes everything easier.
  18. Is Soothanol X2 safe to use? A review of Soothanol X2 safety

    Soothanol safe“Is Soothanol X2 safe?” This is probably one of the most important questions you have. We certainly consider it one of the most important to answer! Which is why we want to review Soothanol X2 safety with you. The easy and short answer is yes, Soothanol X2 is safe. But there are so many products out there, some safe and some not safe at all. It can be confusing and a little scary. So, what makes Soothanol safe? Better than all the other safe products out there? Unlike many risky pain relievers that have been making headlines recently, Soothanol X2 safety is dependable enough to use long-term - and every day. Its revolutionary ‘direct delivery’ system bypasses the body’s digestive functions. This means it gets absorbed through your skin, directly into your bloodstream. So, unlike pain pills that must be processed by your internal organs…
    • It won’t upset your stomach
    • It won’t stress the kidneys or liver
    • It won’t react with the food you eat
    Unlike pain patches…
    • It’s nonnarcotic
    • It’s not addictive
    • It contains natural ingredients
    Unlike with pills or patches, there is no risk of overdose after long-term use. Plus, you won't have to worry about interactions with aspirin, blood-thinners or other pills you may already be taking. You won't have to choke down yet another set of pills. And, because of the ‘direct delivery’ system, your pain is relieved faster than with oral medications!
    So is Soothanol safe? Absolutely. Still, mention it to your doctor if you’re concerned, especially if you’re pregnant or nursing. And be sure to read the ingredients for potential allergies. We want you to feel as good about Soothanol X2 safety as we do! Just remember, we are so confident in the level of Soothanol X2 safety that it comes with NorthStar’s Gold Standard Guarantee: if it doesn’t work for you, you can always return it, no questions asked.
  19. Does Soothanol Really Work? An In-Depth Review

    Soothanol X2 worksDoes Soothanol work? We get that question a lot. After all, we do make some pretty bold promises about how Soothanol X2 works. And chances are you’ve already tried a few things that made bold promises, but didn’t work. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be looking for something that does! Let’s be very clear: Soothanol X2 cannot erase pain permanently. No pain pill can do that. Pain relievers are just that, pain relievers, not cures. And Soothanol X2 is no different. And we don’t want to tell you just what you want to hear; we want to give you an honest Soothanol review. That being said, we can tell you that Soothanol X2 works. But the truth is we can’t tell you it will work for everyone. No one – no pill, no spray, no lotion – can make that promise, because nothing works for everyone, all the time. Plus, you’re smarter than that. Whenever some company tries to tell you their product works for everyone, all the time, you know they’re lying. We simply won’t do that. But here’s what we can tell you, what we will tell you about…

    How Soothanol X2 Works

    • Soothanol X2 works for a lot of people. In the time we’ve been selling Soothanol, we’ve sold more than 1,000,000 bottles to over 157 countries. And most people who use Soothanol tell us it works great for them – that it’s better than anything else they’ve tried. Some people have asked for refunds, of course, and we’ve happily given them their money back. But literally thousands of people have found Soothanol X2 works to relieve their pain.
    • It only takes a few drops for your pain to stop. A few drops. That means a one ounce bottle can last a month – or longer. We’ve also heard of people using it for all kinds of pain…neck, back, knees, elbows, hips. Just about anywhere on your body that’s hurting.
    • Soothanol X2 works fast. Often in under a minute. And really, isn’t that one of the most important things any of us want from a pain reliever?
    • Because it’s topical, Soothanol is safe to use on a regular basis, up to five times a day if necessary.
    We can’t promise that it will permanently erase your pain, and we know not everything works for everyone. That’s why NorthStar offers an anytime guarantee. If you try it and decide it isn’t working for you, just send back whatever’s left and we’ll refund the purchase price for all the bottles you bought. It’s really that simple.
  20. Are there any possible side effects of Soothanol X2 I should know about?

    Soothanol X2 side effectsAre there possible side effects to using Soothanol X2? Yes, there are. But there are possible side effects to everything – including living in pain. No one can decide for you if being out of pain is worth the potential of a side effect, and we’re not about to try. What we can do is give you the facts so you can decide for yourself. Looking at Soothanol X2, it’s obvious that, when used according to the directions, it’s very safe. Too many people swear by it for it to be dangerous. But that doesn’t mean it is completely without potential side effects. Nothing – nothing natural, nothing pharmaceutical – no medicine at all is completely without potential side effect. So, let’s take a close look at the side effects of Soothanol X2… The first of the potential side effects of Soothanol X2 seems basic and self-explanatory, but it is easy to overlook sometimes. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you could have a reaction. So be sure to read the whole label, just in case. Another general, but important, note about Soothanol X2 side effects – if you are pregnant, or nursing, check with your health care provider before starting Soothanol X2, or any other medication, or supplement. Then there are the specifics. Out of all the effective ingredients in Soothanol X2, only these 5 have been shown to have even the possibility of a side effect when used topically:

    Side Effects of Soothanol X2 We Want You To Know About

    • DMSO: The most common side effect is skin irritation at the application site. Also, some people report using DMSO, even for a short period of time, causes their breath to smell garlicky.
    • Cayenne: Cayenne is a pepper, so it makes sense that a possible side effect is a mild burning sensation. We find it to be almost reassuring, that Soothanol X2 is beginning to work! Sometimes, skin can be irritated when you first start to use products with cayenne in them, but that irritation has been reported to go away within the first three days of regular use.
    • Menthol: Again, the most common side effect is skin irritation, including itchiness or rash. Also, sometimes the skin gets flushed, temporarily, as the blood flows to the site, so Soothanol X2 can get to work.
    • St. John’s Wort: Once again skin rash and irritation is one of the possible Soothanol X2 side effects.
    • Arnica: Some people may experience some itching at the application site.
    And there you have it. The specific, possible, side effects of Soothanol X2.
    Certain questions come up whenever you start considering a new medication: Will it work? What’s in it?  What are the side effects? Because, while you may be willing to balance the possibility of a side effect with the pain relief you’re getting, you want to know. You want to choose. And now you can.

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