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  1. [VIDEO] Thinning hair in men: ‘Bald’ to BOLD in just 30 days?

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    This is BIG NEWS for men with thinning hair. The kind of information that makes you sit up in your chair, lean forward and ask yourself, "really?"

    But you know what else? You probably won’t believe it.

    We get it. Hair products for thinning hair in men are a joke. The hassle, the embarrassment, the money...for what? Downright shameful results.

    But we knew if we could get this SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE hair science secret into the hands of a few men with thinning hair, the results would turn them into believers.

    And my, oh my, has it worked!

    Men – just like you – are writing in to tell us, "After 1 month, I have my hair growing back!"

    And there are so many letters with similar stories. Imagine--no goopy ointments, no painful surgery and no hiding your scalp with ridiculous "cover-ups."

    Just one UNBELIEVABLY SIMPLE SOLUTION to thinning hair in men that is giving results to men across the country.

    Watch the short video below to discover just how skeptical men, like you, are growing back their confidence!

    Just take one quick look. You won't regret it.

    Word is getting out that this simple hair secret for thinning hair in men just plain works--and it's moving fast. Do not miss this chance to see confidence grow back in your own life. Watch this video and discover just how easy regaining your swagger can be from the men who have tried it!

    Restore RX natural hair loss supplements

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  2. Does Restore FX Work to Actually Grow Hair? The Truth About Restore FX

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    Restore FX hair loss supplementsDoes Restore FX work to actually grow hair? Here’s the truth about Restore FX

    Imagine this – fewer strands of hair in your hairbrush, on your pillow, or clogging your drain. Or how about this – not having to wear a hat to hide your hair loss, or do the old “comb over” to hide bald or thinning patches. Or how about feeling her hands stroke your thick head of hair.

    When you are looking for a hair loss product, those are the kinds of images you have in your head. That’s what makes you ask if Restore FX works to help promote growing hair. Isn’t it time you found a product that delivered? To stop wondering, and start doing something about your hair loss? If so, then it’s time for Restore FX.

    Restore FX isn’t a smelly, messy cream. It isn’t a spray that only helps restore the look of hair for a short evening. And it isn’t surgery you’ll have to struggle to afford. But if you are interested in learning about other hair loss treatment options, click on this article for more information.

    Restore FX is a hair loss supplement that actually addresses what could be the real reasons you are losing hair. That’s right, Restore FX works at the source of hair loss to help stop it, rather than simply cover it up.

    Causes of Hair Loss

    Hair loss is frequently caused by changes in hormone levels, specifically testosterone. As we age, our testosterone levels change – even in women – and this contributes to thinning, even balding, hair. For years, people thought this was just the way it had to be. But here at NorthStar Nutritionals, we weren’t willing to settle for what “had” to be, not with so many customers asking us for help. So Dr. Allen Spreen, MD set out to find an answer to those pleas for help and Restore FX is the result.

    Restore FX Works: Strong Formula = Strong Hair

    First, Dr. Spreen set out to help prevent hair loss from getting worse. After all, it doesn’t matter how much hair you’re growing if it keeps falling out. Dr. Spreen combined 15 of the most reliable, effective vitamins and nutrients available for dealing with hair loss, including biotin, zinc, DL-Methionine, and L-Cysteine.

    Both biotin and zinc deficiencies, although rare, have been shown to cause hair loss – and as supplements, they are even more effective when used together. Hair growth is dependent on proper levels of DL-Methionine, so it was an obvious choice. In fact, in animal studies a deficiency of DL-Methionine inhibited the animals’ normal growth pattern of increasing hair growth for winter. L-Cysteine is an amino acid that plays an important role in creating protein, like the protein that makes your hair thick, healthy, and strong.

    Not Just Stopping Hair Loss – Restore FX Works to Promote Hair Growth

    But as important as slowing hair loss is, Dr. Spreen still wanted more. He wanted Restore FX to help promote hair growth, and to do it naturally, without a lot of dangerous chemicals. So he made sure those 15 ingredients included grape seed extract, because grape seed extract was shown to promote the growth of hair follicles by 230% in in vitro animal studies. Actually promoted growth by 230%. With these kinds of numbers, Dr. Spreen knew this was a no-brainer to include in his breakthrough hair loss supplement formula.

    Then he added gamma linoleic acid (GLA) to the formula. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that’s essential to your overall health. One of its functions is to stimulate hair growth. And to make sure Restore FX really worked to help promote hair growth, Dr. Spreen also included saw palmetto (Serenoa repens). The initial studies on saw palmetto have been small, but so promising that Dr. Spreen couldn’t ignore the results. In one study, 38% of men given saw palmetto had a measureable increase in hair growth by the end of the 24-month study. That’s impressive.

    The Whole Package in One Package

    Helping prevent hair loss and promoting new hair growth – that’s how Restore FX works. No sticky gels. No time consuming procedures. Just 3 easy-to-swallow softgels and your dreams of the wind whipping through your hair could become reality. And those dreams can include your thick, shiny head of hair, not just what you have now. Both men and women can have thick, healthy hair again with Restore FX.

    If you want to hear from other satisfied users, check out our enthusiastic Restore FX customer reviews here. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love the way you look, that we offer our Gold Standard Guarantee. If Restore FX doesn’t work the way you want it to, if you don’t have gorgeous hair starting in as little as 30 days, we’ll refund the entire purchase price for all of the bottles in your order, even the ones you’ve already used.

    Ready to like what you see in the mirror and throw away your hats and scarves? Click here to order your supply of Restore FX today – And when you order now, you can save 25% on every bottle you buy when you use promo code W650Q6ZA at checkout.

    It’s time for that shiny, healthy head of hair. It’s time for Restore FX now.

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  3. [VIDEO] Hair Loss Treatments for Women: New hope for thick, shiny hair

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    If you worry that: Every stroke of the brush will steal too many precious strands... Each time you shampoo, you'll watch your beloved locks swirl down the drain... One gust of wind could reveal the secret you spent half the morning trying to cover up...
  4. 2014 Guide to Women’s Hair Loss: 4 Steps You Can Take Right Now

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    women's hair lossEveryone knows men get thin on top, or go bald. For some people, it’s even sexy. For others, science has stepped in, so there are medications and procedures to help them. Women’s hair loss is different, though. For women, it’s an open secret that no one wants to talk about or deal with, leaving women who suffered from thinning, weakened hair feeling alone, unattractive, and hopeless. But that’s beginning to change. There is relief now for women’s hair loss such as balding and thinning hair – relief in the form of medical procedures, medications, and nutritional supplements for hair loss.
  5. Review of Natural Hair Loss Treatments: What works and at what cost?

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    natural hair loss treatments

    What Are My Options for Natural Hair Loss Treatments? And How Much Do They Cost?

    Dealing with hair loss is like any investment – you’re willing to pay whatever you need to so you can look and feel better, but you want it to work. And natural hair loss treatments can be a safe, effective way to address this problem. Given that hair loss products and procedures can cost anywhere from a few bucks to thousands of dollars, making sure you know what your options are and are spending your money wisely is even more important. So let’s look at the most popular options for natural hair loss treatments (and some not-so-natural options as well), compare prices, and see what you get for your money…
  6. Restore FX Reviews: Does Restore FX Really Work?

    Restore FX supplement reviews

    People don’t like to talk about it, but thinning or balding hair can be one of the greatest blows to your self-confidence, self-esteem, even your self-worth. But you don’t really want to deal with greasy tonics, or smelly shampoos. You may even be thinking about expensive, painful, and invasive surgery because you’re so concerned about your hair falling out.

    But STOP! Before you resign yourself to a lifetime of lotions and potions that may or may not work… or even worse -- having a doctor cut on you –  let’s take a look a another great option for both men and women. A safe, amazingly effective option called Restore FX –that really can help save your hair. Restore FX is a nutritional supplement that works by fighting all four hidden causes of hair loss, not just one. With just 3 softgels a day, you get all the nutrients you need to nourish your roots, give your hair all the right building blocks, and help keep hair-killing hormones from going haywire. In 30 days, you could
    • Stop your hairline from retreating
    • Hold on to the hair you have
    • Recharge your roots to promote thick, healthy hair
    Restore FX Customer Reviews: Restore FX Works Fast These seem like mighty big claims, don’t they? Especially for all that to happen in just 30 days. Which is why we’re making sure you don’t have to take our word for it. Because sometimes it’s good to hear from regular people, men and women just like you. Like Caroline Miller of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida who can attest to what can happen in those 30 days…

    “My husband has been taking Restore FX for about two and a half months. At about one month, his bald spot is showing new growth!”

    But will you see all the results in the first month? Is Restore FX just a flash in the pan? Not according to Dan Garrison of Columbus, Ohio, who raves…

    “I've been taking [Restore FX] for 4 months and the results are amazing! My hair is growing again... Thanks for such amazing product.”

    Restore FX Customer Reviews: Restoring Hope

    We all need a little hope sometimes, and Carl D’Angelo of Newport News, Virginia is no different…

    Restore FX has given me hope that I won't go completely bald. I can see the hair growing on the bald spots and there is no longer any hair falling out when I take a shower!”

    Luckily for you, you can find hope the same way he did, with Restore FX. Restore FX Customer Reviews: Not Just For Men But men aren’t the only ones who need a little hope in battle against thinning hair or baldness. Unlike some over-the-counter products, Restore FX works for women as well as men, taking away the fear of looking in the mirror every morning, wondering what you’re going to see. Just ask Sarah T…

    "I'm still in awe. It has stopped my fear of balding... I notice the difference... that's all I cared about. The stress of losing hair, the way it was coming out, is gone.”

    Or what about Rhonda Tillman, from Missouri? Her newfound hope practically jumps off the page…

    “After two and a half appears that I’m not losing hair like I was. Stopping my hair loss is WONDERFUL!”

    The knowledge that you look good. The confidence that comes with liking what you see in the mirror. The certainty that when someone looks at you, they see you, not your bald spot. These people had all that restored. You can too – with Restore FX. And when you try Restore FX today, you’ll save 25% off the regular price. Use promo code W650Q4ZB and save 25% on your first order when you try Restore FX risk-free today.

    Simply click here now to order Restore FX and get your 25% discount. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

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