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  1. Best Blood Sugar Support Supplement to Keep Your Numbers Healthy

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    Listening to the facts about metabolic syndrome can sound scary. Blood sugar levels that are closer to the high range of normal than you’d like them to be …a waistline number that may be bigger than your inseam…blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol numbers that seem to matter a lot more than they used to…

    But metabolic syndrome doesn’t have to be scary, not with the right blood sugar support supplement, along with a healthy diet and exercise program, to help pull your numbers back from the edge of normal. Not with Advanced Glucose Support, the newest advance in blood sugar support supplements from NorthStar Nutritionals.

    And while you’re willing to pay for high quality blood sugar support supplements from reputable companies – after all, it’s your body and your health so you don’t want to skimp – you want that price to be fair and you don’t want to feel taken advantage of. That’s why Advanced Glucose Support is one of the best blood sugar support supplements available to help you keep all your important numbers where they need to be, including blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.

    And in 3 easy steps, we’ll explain exactly why…

    1. The Right Blood Sugar Support Supplement Ingredients…

    The Advanced Glucose Support Power 4 formula contains ingredients specifically selected to maximize your blood sugar support. You’d be hard pressed to find a better blood sugar support supplement that incorporates all the individual ingredients you need – Vitamin D3, which has delivered incredibly promising initial results. Magnesium, which plays a vital role in how the body metabolizes sugar. Indian barberry (berberine), to help with blood glucose concerns and cholesterol levels. And chromium, which helps maintain short-term and long-term blood sugar levels. You can read this article for complete details on the Advanced Glucose Support Power 4 ingredient formula.

    2. In the Right Amounts…

    But what do some companies do? First, they consider each component of metabolic syndrome separately, rather than as a condition that can be addressed as a whole. Then, they give you a list of individual blood sugar support supplements for you to buy so you can piece together the makings of a formula that you hope can help (and give them more money while you’re at it!).

    Let’s look at what that means for your pocketbook, and for you. You have to buy each of the 4 blood sugar support supplements separately, and figure out if they all have the proper amounts of International Units, or grams, or milligrams - once you figure out what ‘IU’ and ‘g’ and ‘mg’ are in the first place!

    Then, you have to deal with some bottles that contain 30 doses and other bottles that contain 90 doses, and knowing when to reorder which ones – all without letting any of them go past their expiration dates. And hope you’ve managed to piece together the right combination, in the right amounts, for maximum effectiveness. And then, you have to choke down still more pills, and keep track of what you’ve taken, and when you’ve taken it.

    That seems like an awful lot of work! Especially when you consider these numbers…

    3. At The Right Price…

    Advanced Glucose Support price comparison

    Purchasing each ingredient separately will set you back $59.06…and that’s before you factor in shipping costs. But again – they all have varying measurements, amounts, and doses, so you’ve spent at least $60 (probably much more after individual shipping fees) and you still have a lot of work to do.

    Or…you can spend just $49.95 on Advanced Glucose Support – a 15% savings from the price of the individual blood sugar support ingredients – and know you’ve got the ingredients you need, in carefully formulated doses without the hard work, the measuring, the figuring, the tracking. And for less money!

    Plus, when you try Advanced Glucose Support today, you’ll save an additional 25% on your first order. Which makes it even easier.

    Whether you’re dealing with metabolic syndrome now, or being proactive by keeping it at bay, you want the best blood sugar support supplement your money can buy. You want Advanced Glucose Support – the right ingredients, the right price, the right product. Every time.

    We promise, if you give Advanced Glucose Support a try, you’ll be as excited about it as we are – and as eager to tell your friends! Just use promo code W650Q5ZH when you order and you’ll save 25%.

    Click here to try Advanced Glucose Support now and save 25%!

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  2. Advanced Glucose Support Reviews: Does it Really Work?

    Advanced Glucose Support supplement reviewsThese Advanced Glucose Support reviews answer the question everyone wants to know when they’re thinking about trying something new – Does it really work?

    Well, the verdict is in and this is great news for you – Advanced Glucose Support reviews from satisfied customers are off the chart. And these are reviews you need to hear, especially if you’re dealing with Metabolic Syndrome (also known as Syndrome X), or have any of the individual indicators of Metabolic Syndrome.

    Not sure what Metabolic Syndrome is? Or not convinced Advanced Glucose Support can help you? Well, do any of these numbers look familiar to you?

    • Waist size—40 inches or more around (35 inches for women)
    • Fasting blood sugar—100mg/dL or higher
    • Blood pressure—130/85 or higher
    • HDL cholesterol—below 40mg/dL (50mg/dl for women)
    • Triglyceride levels—150mg/dL or higher

    This collection of risk factors makes up Metabolic Syndrome. And now, with Advanced Glucose Support, there’s something you can do about it. But even if you only have one or two of these issues, Advanced Glucose Support can still help. Just listen…

    Advanced Glucose Support Reviews for Metabolic Syndrome

    Metabolic Syndrome indicates a greater chance of heart attacks, stroke, or diabetes. But even some of these factors individually – high waist size, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and the rest are all numbers our doctors want to keep an eye on.

    Leanne Radke from Hershey, Pennsylvania says Advanced Glucose Support

    “…is the only metabolic product that works… It helps me so very much, and I’m feeling much better when I am on it. I’ve tried many, many things and nothing has ever helped.”

    Carrie Beaumont has Metabolic Syndrome, too, but now feels…

    “… WAY better since using Advanced Glucose Support. This is actually the first metabolic product I have tried that actually works and I am very pleased. I have more energy and my appetite has decreased somewhat.* I must say that I would certainly recommend it to others.”

    Advanced Glucose Support Reviews for Blood Sugar Levels

    But what if you aren’t ready to call it Metabolic Syndrome? What if you’re just concerned with your blood sugar levels, or have a few lab results that aren’t where you want them to be? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to be discouraged.

    Just ask Tom H. from Milwaukee, who was in that exact same boat…

    “For the last two years my lab tests revealed high-normal blood sugar levels. I regulated my diet and cut out foods that the doctor recommended. I then began to look for a natural option to support blood sugar and cholesterol. The presentation I watched about Advanced Glucose Support was certainly worth the try. I started the supplement immediately when I received it. My energy levels came about slowly, but certainly noticeable and I felt better. I recently ran out of Advanced Glucose Support and that's when I truly noticed the dramatic difference in how I felt. I have since reordered my supply and will not go without Advanced Glucose Support ever again.”

    Then there’s Marianne McNew, whose labs were concerning her and her doctor…

    “I decided to try Advanced Glucose Support because over the past 5 years, my blood pressure has been creeping up, which concerned me. Also, my blood sugar has been high-normal for about 10 years. Though I can (and have) controlled it with my diet, it’s a task that I’ve not been able to master – in all honesty, it’s a cycle.

    The last time I got my cholesterol checked, my doc told me my triglycerides were getting higher than they should be. Plus, I’m concerned about my magnesium levels. When I realized I had to take some responsibility and make life changes, I stumbled upon Advanced Glucose Support and realized it would be an excellent supplement for me to take. I did not expect to see results so quickly! Thank you so much for making this product.”

    That kind of honesty is impressive, especially in a situation so many of us can relate to. Speaking of being relatable, with all the scams out there, many of us understand how Doreen Parks feels…

    “I was impressed with the ingredients in Advanced Glucose Support. My blood sugar numbers are better. It took about 2 weeks to start seeing and feeling results. But once it kicked in, I can truthfully say it’s head and shoulders above all the other natural products I have tried. I was so sick of spending money on products that do not do what they are advertised to do. Advanced Glucose Support works!”

    Advanced Glucose Support Reviews for Overall Health

    What if you’re just sick of being sick? Advanced Glucose Support can help with that, too. Don’t believe us? Then believe Roger Garkowski from Galveston, Texas…

    “I don’t believe in taking lots of medications for this or that, so Advanced Glucose Support seemed to click with me. It makes me feel stronger and better all the way around. I stopped taking it and slowly went back to feeling sluggish again. I am 55-years old and have always looked and acted younger than my age. I’m extremely active – I work 9 hours a day, teach a night class two nights a week, and I’m currently building my own house (myself). I really think this is making a difference.”

    Or Stephen Marques, who isn’t the only one impressed with how Advanced Glucose Support is impacting him…

    “My young assistant commented that I must have lost some weight* and asked if I was following some diet. As a matter of fact, the only thing I have added to my regular supplements was Advanced Glucose Support – I can’t think of anything else that would have prompted this comment! I haven’t had any lab tests yet, but I can say that I now feel much better than I was before starting to take Advanced Glucose Support and I’ll be placing my next order soon. 73 years old and still going strong!”

    What Do Doctors Think About Advanced Glucose Support?

    But you know when you can really trust a product? When even the doctors swear by it! Doctors like Ronald Weaver of Kentucky, who found what he was looking for in Advanced Glucose Support

    “I have always been looking for natural ways to keep my blood sugar at normal levels. I have tried other similar products before (as well as watching my diet), but I’ve had the most consistent results with my blood sugar and blood pressure while using Advanced Glucose Support. At 78 years old, I’m still practicing medicine and I feel great!”

    And he’s not the only one. Dr. Charles Cross likes Advanced Glucose Support and the individual ingredients…

    “I just started taking Advanced Glucose Support. It seems to work better than another berberine product I’ve tried in the past.”

    The truth is you have no way of knowing if Advanced Glucose Support – or any other product – will work for you until you try it yourself. Still, knowing Advanced Glucose Support reviews are this good, for so many people, assures you it’s worth trying. Especially since you are covered by the NorthStar Nutritionals’ Gold Star Guarantee, so if it doesn’t work, you can send back your entire order – even the empty bottles – and we’ll refund the entire purchase price.

    As Nick Xander from Phoenix put it…

    “I felt a connection with what Dr. Spreen said about Advanced Glucose Support so I decided to give it a try. I’m personally feeling a lot better. I just feel that a weight as been lifted.”

    We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

    Great reviews and the easiest guarantee on the market make Advanced Glucose Support a risk-free investment in yourself.

    And when you try Advanced Glucose Support today, you’ll save 25%.

    We promise, if you give Advanced Glucose Support a try, you’ll be as excited about it as we are – and as eager to tell your friends! Just use promo code W650Q4ZE when you order and you’ll save 25% on your first order.

    Click here to try Advanced Glucose Support now and save 25%!

    *Results may vary. Advanced Glucose Support is formulated to support healthy weight maintenance.
    **Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  3. Advanced Glucose Support Ingredients

    Advanced Glucose Support supplement ingredientsAs much as we love an active ingredient that works really well, there is something we love even more. When we take 2, 3, or even 4 active ingredients, and combine them to make them even better together than they were individually. That’s what we’ve been able to do with the 4-ingredient combination we’ve scientifically formulated in Advanced Glucose Support. Advanced Glucose Support ingredients have been specifically targeted to address concerns you may have with blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and more. What many people don’t realize is how important healthy levels of glucose are. Unhealthy glucose levels in our blood can create something called oxidative stress – when our bodies can no longer cleanse themselves of free radicals, or counter the damage done by the free radicals. This damage is what contributes to many different symptoms of aging. And yet blood glucose is also very important. Glucose comes from carbohydrate-based foods, and is the primary source of energy for our bodies. A healthy fasting blood sugar range is 70-100 mg/dL. A healthy post-meal blood sugar level is under 180 mg/dL. Ideally, we can stay in this ranges with diet alone. But that doesn’t always happen. So we designed Advanced Glucose Support ingredients to help your body maintain its healthy blood sugar levels. But how does one product target so many concerns? By utilizing the 4-ingredient combination we were just talking about…

    Advanced Glucose Support Ingredients: The Power 4 Combo

    Vitamin D-3 has been studied in people with blood sugar concerns, and the results are very encouraging. In at least one study, people taking Vitamin D-3 and calcium experienced improved fasting blood sugar more than people taking a placebo. While more research is needed, the initial results are promising. Another study out of India indicates that Vitamin D, when given in a fortified yogurt, might not only help stabilize blood sugar levels, but has the potential to actually improve blood sugar levels. In another study of people with blood sugar concerns, the addition of 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D-3 a day brought about better glucose control. With results this positive, we knew Vitamin D-3 was essential in our Advanced Glucose Support formula. Indian Barbary. Also known as berberine, Indian Barbary helps with blood sugar concerns and can support healthy cholesterol. When compared to people taking placebo, those taking Indian Barbary showed significant results in fasting blood sugar levels, post-meal blood sugar levels, reduction in total cholesterol levels, and reduction in LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. It’s a one-two punch for blood sugar and cholesterol, all in 1,000 mg of Indian Barbary. Chromium. According to the University of Maryland, study participants taking chromium had healthier short-term and long-term blood sugar levels than those in the placebo group. There seems to be a correlation between the amount of chromium in our system and the body’s ability to handle glucose. And according to Oregon State, chromium can help our bodies process the insulin it creates even more appropriately. Short- and long-term support for healthy blood sugar levels, and the potential to help our bodies process the insulin we produce naturally…what’s not to love about chromium? Magnesium plays a vital role in how our bodies metabolize glucose. Our bodies produce insulin naturally. It’s the hormone that distributes glucose to cells throughout our body. Magnesium plays a crucial role in allowing the insulin to move the glucose. Therefore, a magnesium deficiency can contribute to high glucose levels in our bodies and blood. Numerous studies have indicated that higher intake of magnesium can contribute to a reduced risk of issues relating to out of balance blood sugar levels.

    Why Advanced Glucose Support Ingredients Matter to You

    Keeping your blood sugar levels in a healthy range is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. As much as you try, sometimes you need more help than just diet. At that point, the right supplement can do wonders. And that’s where Advanced Glucose Support ingredients come in – to provide your body with advanced levels of glucose support. It certainly makes the name easy to remember! Any one of these nutrients by itself can be effective in the battle to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. But when combined in just the right amounts, the Advanced Glucose Support ingredients are a powerful blend working together to create something greater than they could alone, supporting your glucose levels better than any single one of them can manage – all in the one little pill that’s Advanced Glucose Support. Try Advanced Glucose Support for yourself  and save 25% today! You’re always covered by our Gold Standard Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Just use promo code W650Q4ZD  when you order to save 25% on your first order. Click here to place your Advanced Glucose Support order and grab your 25% savings now.

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