hyaluronic acid benefitsThere’s a lot of buzz about hyaluronic acid supplements these days, as a way to keep our joints moving smoothly and comfortably. We certainly like what the studies have shown. So much so that we've included hyaluronic acid in SynerFlex, our special formulation for maintaining optimal joint health.

Let’s take a look at hyaluronic acid, answer some questions, and see how it can benefit your joints.

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

Our joints are made of bone, cartilage, and synovial fluid. This synovial fluid is what acts as a lubricant for our joints, keeping them moving and bending smoothly and without pain. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies stop producing synovial fluid in the same amounts. As it dries up, our joints become stiff, achy, even painful. Moving, walking, or standing stops being as easy as it was when we were younger. This is when it’s time to reach for some extra help.

Hyaluronic acid benefits actually work with the body to help it start making synovial fluid again. It may take approximately four weeks for enough HA to build up in our systems for the process to work, but once it does, our bodies are able to produce this essential lubricant again.

Hyaluronic Acid Supplements, Then and Now

For years, the only effective way to get hyaluronic acid benefits into our bodies was through painful injections directly into the joints. This was inefficient and, quite frankly, painful. But now, hyaluronic acid is available in oral form, making it a widely available and far more appealing option for keeping your joints healthy.

According to a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, year-long study in Japan, the ingestion of oral hyaluronic acid supplements showed “beneficial therapeutic effects” for study participants. Oral forms of hyaluronic acid, such as Hyal-Joint that’s used in SynerFlex, open up whole new and exciting doors for maintaining healthy, comfortable joints.

What Joints Does Hyaluronic Acid Benefit?

Hyaluronic acid supplements have been shown to be effective for almost all aspects of joint health. Most of our joints can benefit from hyaluronic acid supplements, including the ball joints (like hips, shoulders, and knees) that control major range of motion – and can often dictate how your whole body feels. From the aches in your fingers, to the stiffness in your knees, the hyaluronic acid benefits may be just what you’re looking for.

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