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Just because you're getting on in years doesn't mean you need to suffer from the "bedroom blues." Your sexual health can be active and vibrant no matter what your age. Learn the latest breakthroughs for natural sexual support on the NorthStar blog on sexual health.

  1. 8 Natural Tips to Have Better Sex in 2016

    sex have betterNo matter how great your sex life is, just about everybody is interested in having better sex.

    And if you’re sex life has dropped off to just so-so – or worse – then you’re really looking for ways to have better sex.

    But you’re not looking for anything too wild and crazy, or for anything that really requires the flexibility of a twenty year old.

    Just natural ways to have better sex – at your age, that still make you feel comfortable.

    That’s where these eight tips for having better sex in 2016 – and beyond – come in!

    1. Break out of the rut. Let’s be honest – if you’re here, reading this article, then you probably aren’t 100% fine with your current sex life and are looking to boost your sex life. That’s okay! But part of improving your sex life is admitting whatever you’ve been doing isn’t working any longer. You’re not alone. In theory, the longer a couple is together, the more adventurous they will become in bed. After all, you know each other, you trust each other, it should be easier to suggest new things and venture out of the ordinary. But that’s theory. In reality, the longer couples are together, the less adventurous they become. You do learn each other’s likes and dislikes. It becomes easy to take the short cut you know is going to work, rather than the long, less explored route.

    Specific Suggestions: Go to an adult store together (online is fine!) and buy a toy that intrigues you both. Read an erotic novel or watch an erotic movie together. Try a new position, or new room in the house.

    2. Find a change of scenery. When you’re at home, it’s easy to be distracted by the little things that make up everyday life. You know where you aren’t looking at the laundry that needs folding, or your current to-do list, or even the pictures of your grandkids? At a hotel. There’s a reason newlyweds go away their first few nights together. A hotel is inherently romantic. And don’t think going to a hotel means a sleazy hourly place, either. Splurge a little – or a lot – because having better sex is worth it.

    Specific Suggestions: Pack a bag and make a reservation for a night or two at the best hotel in town within your budget. But don’t just pack clothes. Pack a candle and a bottle of wine, as well. Then put the “do not disturb” sign on the door for a few hours.

    3. Think pleasure, not perfection. One of the easiest ways to boost your sex life is to stop worrying about having it at all. Take the emphasis off of penetration and orgasm. Stop worrying about how hard you can get for how long. Instead, pay attention to what’s feeling good in the moment. Sensual is as important as sexual, so let that be your priority.

    Specific Suggestions: Take penetrative sex off the table completely for a night or two. Then get naked and touch, caress, feel, taste, enjoy. Rediscover that she’s delighted by a soft touch at the back of her knee. Remember how you respond when you breathe in the smell of her hair. Whatever it is that the two of you enjoy – enjoy it. Without the pressure of performance.

    4. Prioritize – and anticipate. Don’t think of sex as another item on you to-do list. In fact, don’t think of sex as a singular event at all. First, put it on the calendar. Sure, scheduling sex may seem unromantic – at first. But remember when you were first dating? How much you enjoyed looking forward to the next time you would see each other? Carry that feeling of anticipation and excitement with you now.

    Specific Suggestions: If your calendar allows, don’t just schedule sex, schedule a date night. Make reservations somewhere. Spend a little time planning on what you’ll wear. Regardless of if you’ve scheduled sex or an entire date night, the morning of, start thinking about the evening. Send each other text messages. Whisper in each other’s ear. Let your hand linger on her shoulder or hip throughout the day. Then don’t reschedule for anything!

    5. Pay attention to your bedroom. Most people make love in their bedrooms, and that really is fine. But to have even better sex, pay some attention to the room you’re most likely to get frisky in! You don’t have to get crazy with mirrors and leopard print (unless you want to – at which point, go for it!) but do try to bring a little romance to the space.

    Specific Suggestions: At the very least, turn off the overhead light and turn on your bedside lamp – the dimmer light will automatically make the room more romantic. Keep candles and a lighter or matches in your room – just never leave them unattended, and be sure to blow them out before you fall asleep! Make sure there’s a way to play your favorite music. And, of course, try to minimize clutter.

    6. Remember to have fun. For too many people, sex is serious business – and that’s a shame. You will have better sex instantly if you remember this one thing: it’s fun. Hopefully, the person you’re with is a friend, as well as a lover. Enjoy each other.
    Specific Suggestions: Be playful. If something doesn’t work, or makes a noise, or sags in the wrong way, laugh about it. Just be sure you are laughing with each other and not at each other. It’s a vital distinction.

    7. Look in your medicine cabinet. If your libido has dropped recently, check your prescriptions. Many medications cause both physical and psychological side effects that could impact your sex life.

    Specific Suggestions: Whenever you start a new medication or supplement, talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider and ask about sexual side effects. Even if you’ve been taking a medication for a while, it never hurts to double check.

    8. Don’t be afraid to get help. If you are hoping to have better sex, for whatever reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to get assistance. It’s the 21st century and there are more options available than ever before. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t live with a lackluster sex life.

    Specific Suggestions: Talk to your doctor to make sure there’s nothing going on physically that’s affecting your sex life. Try supplements, like Prime Power, that are specifically designed to enhance performance, desire, and stamina.

    You can have better sex in 2016 – in eight easy steps! Make this year a year to remember.

  2. Is My Heart Healthy Enough for Sex [Take this heart-sex quiz now]

    sex-heartYour heart should be healthy enough for sex – but you’re still a little concerned.

    After all, it’s your heart. And you’re not a kid any longer. It’s easy to still have lingering doubts. How does your doctor know for certain? How do you?

    Well, it helps to know some basic information about your heart and sex, as well as to answer some very specific – but not too personal, don’t worry – questions about how your heart health may contribute to your sex life.

    So, we’re here for you. Take these tests. Between them and your doctor’s advice, you should be able to put aside any last, low-level concerns.

    How Much Do You Know About Sex and Heart Health?

    1. Does your heart count sex as a cardio workout?

    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) Once you have a heart condition, definitely.

    Answer – a) yes – to an extent. The average sexual encounter lasts between five and fifteen minutes. At that rate, your heart would benefit from sex the same way it would benefit from light-to-moderate aerobic activity. Think about it as water aerobics, a slow walk, gardening, or putting away groceries. In other words, it’s better than no exercise, but it shouldn’t be your only source of exercise. Your heart simply doesn’t get that much of a work out during sex.

    2. What is the risk of having a heart attack during sex?

    a) 5%
    b) Less than 1%
    c) It starts at 5% but goes up after a coronary episode

    Answer – b) less than 1%. In other words, incredibly low. In spite of many people’s fears, less than 1% of heart attacks are caused by sexual activity. Technically, yes, sex does raise the risks of having a heart attack – by .01 percent in healthy people and by .1 percent in people with cardiovascular disease. Which is barely statistically significant. When you look at it that way, the risk becomes less frightening.

    3. When should you not have sex?

    a) After the age of 70
    b) If you are, or become, physically uncomfortable
    c) Immediately before sleep or immediately upon waking

    Answer – b) if you are or become physically uncomfortable. Like any other exercise, you should avoid sex if you are having or start to have any signs of cardiovascular discomfort. Dizziness, palpitations, chest pain, or shortness of breath unrelated to your current activities should all be taken seriously. Once you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, be sure to talk to your doctor about them as soon as possible And of course, if your doctor tells you to refrain from having sex for any reason, including heart health, listen to him.

    Are You Healthy Enough for Sex?

    Now that you know how your heart and sex are related in general, it’s time to see if you personally are ready to have sex.

    4. Can you climb two flights of stairs without stopping?

    This is the quickest way to determine if your heart is ready for sex. If you answered no to this one, definitely talk to your doctor again. But if you can go up and come back down two flights of stairs without stopping, you’re probably good to go! You don’t even have to run up them or take them at every other step. Just walk up both flights. A little winded is even okay, so long as you don’t have to stop.

    5. Has your doctor cleared you for sex?

    If you have concerns about your heart being healthy enough for sex – or if your doctor has expressed concerns – talk to him. Yes, sometimes talking about sex can be embarrassing, but it’s important. Getting the official go-ahead can bring the peace of mind that you need to relax and enjoy yourself.

    6. Can you walk a mile in 20 minutes?

    This is the second quick test for heart health and sex. Find a high school track, map out a mile with your car, or get on a treadmill, and start walking. If you can walk a mile in twenty minutes or less, again, without stopping, your heart is probably healthy enough for sex.

    7. Do you feel healthy enough to have sex?

    Since we live in a world that values youth, it’s easy to simply assume that you’re too old, too out of shape, too over the hill to have sex. But we also have a better understanding of what actually ages us – and how to slow the hands of time.

    Proper nutrition, regular exercise, social outlets, and supplements like Healthy Aging can all keep you feeling as vibrant and alive as ever. So don’t let some outdated notions about aging hearts and sex dictate how you see yourself or your heart health.

    Obviously, these last four, you’re looking for “yes” answers – especially to question 5, because no online test should ever be used in place of medical advice.

    Now, though, you are better prepared to self-assess your heart, your sex life, and all the risks involved. And keep right on enjoying a healthy sex life today and for all the tomorrows to come!

  3. Can This Common Fruit Really Improve Sex?

    When you think of ways to improve sex, you probably think of tabloid magazine sex tips, but those can be embarrassing.

    Or maybe, when it comes to improving sex, you’re thinking about better communication, and that’s great!

    Some people even think about exotic ingredients that are just now being recognized by Western society, and yes, some of those really do work to improve sex.

    But I bet you don’t often think about a common fruit that’s been in your grocery store produce section year round, for your whole life, as an easy and convenient way to improve sex.

    So what is this amazing fruit? The humble grape.

    That’s right – the same grape that is a staple in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and grape juice can also help improve your sex life!

    Continue reading

  4. Shocking Truths About Male Enhancement Surgery

    surgery male enhancementIt happens at some point in the course of every man’s life: you wonder if you’re, well, big enough.

    Between late night television, locker room talk, and normal human insecurities, it’s easy to assume that other men are far better endowed than you are.

    To the point that you may start looking at alternatives, up to and including male enhancement surgery.

    But before you take such a drastic step, let’s take a closer look at some facts and separate them from innuendo – especially about male enhancement surgery and if you really need it.

    Continue reading

  5. 14 Shocking Libido Silent Killers

    Killers silentWhen you hear the phrase “silent killers” you probably think about brain or cardiovascular health. But your libido can be under attack by silent killers as well.

    While these quiet killers may not be as life threatening as the ones going after your heart and lungs, they are still a big deal.

    Anyone who’s ever had their sex life diminish understands just how important desire and arousal actually are.

    And these emotional, physical, and dietary factors can play a huge role in how well your libido responds.

    So if you and your partner are struggling to have a satisfying sex life, check out these fourteen silent libido killers and see if any of them sound familiar.

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  6. 15 Common Lifestyle Habits That Are Destroying Your Sex Life

    Habits lifestyleYou know why your sex life isn’t so great.

    You think it’s probably age or health.

    After all, you’ve spent years listening to commercials telling you that a waning sex life is all but inevitable.

    But what if everything you’ve been told is wrong?

    Not that age and health can’t play a part in a waning sex life – but what if it’s not inevitable?

    What if you have lifestyle habits that are hurting your sex life? Lifestyle habits that you can change and get the heat back in the bedroom!

    They are habits, behaviors, and attitudes that may not even seem to be related to sex – but they impact your sex life anyway.

    If your lifestyle habits that are harming your love life are actual habits, or if they’re behaviors and attitudes, check out this list and see if there’s anything you find familiar.

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  7. How Strengthening Your Core Can Help Your Sex Life

    core strengtheningIf I told you that you could add stamina, flexibility, and confidence to your sex life, all while improving your performance, simply by doing one simple thing, would you do it?

    Would you want to know what it is, or would you shrug and say no thanks?

    That’s what I thought.

    So here it is – you really can add all those things to your love life just by strengthening your core.

    We’ve talked about general exercises to improve your sex life, but it’s time to look specifically at core strengthening, and why that one area is so important.

    Continue reading

  8. Sex and Aging: 8 Ways to Have Better Sex Than Ever Before

    aging and sexIt’s easy to understand why one might think sex and aging are mutually incompatible.

    We live in a youth-obsessed society and anyone over the age of 40 isn’t supposed to think about “things like that.”

    Well, I’m here to tell you that society is, quite frankly, wrong.

    Sex and aging can absolutely go hand in hand.

    In fact, if you’re willing to be a little open-minded, sex can get better as you age instead of worse.

    After all, you know you’re still interested, still excited, and yes, even still aroused at the thought of sex with your partner.

    If you’ve been together for decades or if it’s a newer relationship, the fire’s still there.

    If nothing else, sex is good for you as you age. It helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. It reduces stress and anxiety. Sex can even help slow aging, because it’s been linked to a longer lifespan!

    Continue reading

  9. 11 Delicious Foods for Better Sex: The Ultimate Sex Diet

    better sex foodsIt’s not that your sex life is bad, per se.

    It’s just that you’d like it to be better.

    You may not respond the same way you used to.

    Or maybe you’re not as interested as you once were.

    Whatever the reason, you’re ready to look for new solutions for an age-old problem.

    What if I told you that your “new” solution is age-old, too? Because people have been turning to foods for better sex for thousands of years.

    It’s just a matter of knowing which foods can add some spice to your love life, as well as flavor to your plate.

    If it’s time to move beyond oysters, champagne, and chocolates, check out these eleven foods for better sex: Continue reading

  10. 5 Amazing Sex Tips to Reduce Stress

    reducing stress tipsIt seems that everyone’s stress levels climb during this time of year.

    The holidays are enough to challenge anyone’s stress management routine.

    So maybe it’s time to work some new tips to reduce stress into the mix.

    And since you’re trying something new, why not get adventurous at the same time and try these sex tips for reducing stress. Continue reading

  11. What Everyone Should Know About Sleep and Sex

    sex and sleepHave you noticed a shift in your sex life recently?

    Has it gotten a bit stale - or even diminished?

    If so, I’ve got an unexpected question for you:

    How are you sleeping?

    Because there’s an undeniable connection between sleep and sex.

    If you’re not getting enough of the former, you’re not going to get enough of the latter. Continue reading

  12. 4 Harmful Effects of Sugar on Your Sex Life

    In fairness, when you think about libido and sexual performance, you probably don’t think about the harmful effects of sugar.

    If your sex life is going strong, you’re just hoping it stays that way.

    And if your sex life isn’t what you’d like it to be, well, everybody slows down as they get older, right?

    Wrong! If your sex life isn’t up to snuff, maybe it’s time – even past time – that you started thinking about the harmful effects sugar could be having on your sex life.

    Because you don’t have to be resigned to a lackluster experience in the bedroom.

    And for all the ways you’re trying to boost your libido, if you’re still eating too much sugar, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for!

    The thing to remember is that sugar, insulin, and sex drive are all connected, both directly and indirectly.

    And sugar doesn’t just mean white table sugar you may put in your coffee.

    The sugar that can have harmful effects on your sex life means all sugar – honey, “raw” sugar, carbohydrates, and yes, plain old white sugar.

    It’s about how your body processes the sugar, not about the form it’s in when you eat it.

    Now that we’ve cleared up what we mean by sugar, let’s take a closer look at its harmful effects… Continue reading

  13. Sex and Exercise: 8 Exercises to Boost Your Sex Life

    exercise and sexMaybe your sex life is fine, but you want to take it up a notch.

    Or maybe your sex life needs some serious attention and you need to take it up a notch.

    Either way, did you know that sex and exercise go hand in hand?

    While that might sound strange at first, sex and exercise being connected makes sense once you think about it.

    Both get your heart racing, require stamina and endurance, and make you feel a whole lot better when you’re done.

    In fact, 80% of men and 60% of women who exercise feel their sexual desirability is higher than average!

    So why not boost your sex life with exercise? Here are eight ways to get started. Continue reading

  14. How to Improve Blood Flow for Better Sex

    Posted by: on

    Improve blood flowHow to Improve Blood Flow for Better Sex

    Guys, let’s be honest… it’s time to talk about how to improve blood flow.

    Have you recently noticed you don’t respond in quite the same way?

    It may not be your fault – you still want her as much as ever. And it’s certainly not her fault – she’s as sexy as always. Still, just imagine her excitement and your confidence when you both can enjoy those rock-hard erections.

    But blood flow can effect more than just your heart. Blood flow is what gives you those rock-hard erections, giving you both the pleasure you’re looking for.

    And there are several, natural ways to improve blood flow. So before you resign yourself to a lackluster sex life, check out some of these alternatives… Continue reading

  15. 5 Ways to Improve Your Sexual Performance

    Improve Your Sexual PerformanceWhen you look at her, she still makes you feel the same way she did all those years ago.

    It’s just your body that responds…well, differently these days.

    It’s not as easy to show her how you feel. Or maybe it’s not as satisfying for either one of you as it once was.

    But that doesn't mean you have to throw in the towel or resign yourself to a lackluster love life.

    We've found 5 ways to improve your sexual performance that can have you sweeping her off her feet in no time. Continue reading

  16. What Are the Best Herbs for Sex?

    Herbs for SexA real man knows it’s okay to ask for help when he needs it.

    That’s why you’re here, looking for a little boost in the bedroom. That “unfair advantage” other men seem to have.

    And now you can find out for yourself exactly how to get that sexual edge.

    It’s important to get that boost naturally, in ways that won’t slow you down or mess you up. Which brings you to the best herbs for sexual performance.

    We've done the research for you, and here are the top herbs for sex.

    Giving you firm, strong erections, peak physical stamina, and the strong urge and desire you need to give her exactly what she wants… Continue reading

  17. How to Know If You Need a Libido Supplement

    Libido SupplementShe’s as beautiful and sexy as ever.

    And you want to want her – but you just don’t have the energy… …or the physical stamina…any longer. And let’s not even talk about how stressful life has gotten.

    So is a libido supplement really what you need? Most likely, the answer is a resounding YES!

    You just have to choose the right one… Continue reading

  18. How to Please Your Wife in Bed: 5 Ways to Make Sex Exciting Again

    Please your wife It happens to the best of us – after so many years together, your sex life may have gotten a little…mundane.

    It’s all right to admit it.

    Because once you admit it, you can start looking for ways to make sex exciting again and to please your wife in bed. And we've got 5 great first steps for you right here… Continue reading

  19. The Risks of Testosterone Boosters

    Testosterone Booster RisksSo you’re considering a testosterone booster…

    But you’re smart enough to weigh the risks in doing so before actually purchasing one.

    Like you, many men know to do their research and talk to their doctors before taking testosterone boosters.

    But not nearly as many think to ask about testosterone supplement risks.

    After all, knowing the side effect of a medication, supplement, or treatment is just as important as knowing its benefits. Continue reading

  20. Health Benefits of Sex: Revealing the 10 Hidden Secrets

    Health Benefits of SexThe older you get, the more it seems people are telling you what not to do.

    Don’t drink that. Don’t eat that. Don’t move that way. Don’t drive. Don’t lift. Don’t…don’t…don’t…

    Well, we’re about to tell you why you should be having more sex.

    Because the health benefits of sex are incredible, not to mention a great response to all the people who are telling you to slow down. Continue reading

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