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Just because you're getting on in years doesn't mean you need to suffer from the "bedroom blues." Your sexual health can be active and vibrant no matter what your age. Learn the latest breakthroughs for natural sexual support on the NorthStar blog on sexual health.

  1. Everyday Things You Can Do to Boost Your Libido

    things everydayIf you listen to commercials, it seems like the only everyday thing you can do to boost your libido is to change your diet.

    It’s enough to make a man decide to put up with a slow sex life instead.

    Luckily, there are plenty of other everyday things you can do to boost your libido, without having to rely on something questionable or live with a lackluster love life!

    1. Ask about your other medications. Most people don’t consider a lagging libido as a medical side effect, but several common medications can dampen your drive. If you’re on other medications, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects. Especially if your lack of interest coincided with a new prescription.

    2. Use a lubricant. As women age, dryness can become an issue. And dryness can lead to painful sex, which isn’t a good time for either of you. Don’t take it personally, though. It’s a physical, not emotional, reaction. Find a lubricant she likes and look forward to making love again.

    3. Get some rest. Think about when you’re tired – you have no energy, you’re not interested in much, you’re irritable and unenthusiastic. None of that is conducive to a satisfying sex life. So make sure you’re getting the sleep you need. Go to bed earlier, or set your alarm later. However if you can work more sleep into your schedule, do so. Your libido will thank you.

    4. Have date nights. A date accomplishes two very important things. First, it’s a way for the two of you to connect over something you both enjoy. But just as importantly, making more of an effort than moving to the couch and picking up the remote makes you more likely to want to do more than watch television in the evenings. And while it can be as elaborate as dinner and a show, it can also be as simple as heading to the bookstore, buying a tea, and wandering the stacks together. The key is to make an effort to do something that will bring you together.

    5. Work sex into the schedule. If the problem is you aren’t ever in the mood, waiting until you’re in the mood certainly won’t help. Instead, schedule sex out a few days. Give yourself a chance to think about it, anticipate it, and look forward to it. Flirt with each other leading up to it. By the time your “appointment” arrives, you’ll be more than ready. And if you’re still not? Have sex anyway. In many ways, your libido is a use-it-or-lose it response. But the very act of having sex is often enough to rekindle those flames.

    6. Relax. Life is stressful. By the end of the day, when many people are deciding about sex, that stress has taken its toll. The last thing you want is to say yes to anything intimate. Instead of rejecting the idea out of hand, though, take a minute and a deep breath. Find a way to relax. Take a hot, soaking bath. Pour a glass of wine. Whatever works to relax you, because if it relaxes you, it will boost your libido.

    7. Take it to the kitchen. No, we don’t mean have sex on the counters (although…). But aphrodisiacs aren’t just old wives’ tales. Figs, avocados, oysters, and chocolates all have reputations for being sexy foods. And, of course, there are drinks, too. A glass or two of wine, especially red wine, really can help you get in the mood, as well as help you relax. Just be sure to hold it at a glass or two, because more than that can become counterproductive. Instead, drink Argi-Vive III, the male performance drink with everything you need to boost your libido! The specially designed formula will make you proud to drink pink!

    A lagging libido may be a natural part of aging, but it doesn’t have to be an inevitable or permanent one.

    There are easy, everyday things you can do to boost your sex drive and get the romance back in your relationship.

    A little time, a little effort, and a little Argi-Vive III, and you’ll both be looking forward to nights in again.

  2. Men Over 60: How to Enjoy Sex for the Future

    over 60 menMen over 60 have to learn how to deal with so many changes – to their health, to their bodies, and yes, to their sex drives.

    But just because things are changing doesn’t mean things have to be bad.

    Your sex life can be different, and still be fulfilling and sexy!

    These tips can help men over 60 navigate the changes in the bedroom without ever missing a beat –

    1. Don’t expect the desire to be the same as it used to be. Your hormones will drop. Your libido won’t be the same as it was when you were younger. So what? The key is to accept that, and ignore it. Go ahead and have sex, even if you aren’t feeling in the mood at first. As you get into the moment, the mood will follow and you’ll forget why you ever waited.

    2. Embrace the calendar. Don’t get caught up with feeling like sex has to be spontaneous. Go ahead and schedule a night – or an afternoon – for sex. Take the time to think about it, anticipate it, flirt with each other, and really connect. Men over 60 have often been with their wives long enough that the two of you may feel a bit routine. If you’ll let it, this tip can help you reconnect in ways you might not have known. Especially if you schedule other romantic, if not sexual, events for the rest of the day.

    3. Get a little adventurous. You don’t have to be afraid of toys in the bedroom. As you age, it takes more stimulation to become aroused and to achieve orgasm. Toys can help you find new and exciting ways to get there. Let go of any stigma around real men not needing toys. If it feels good, enjoy it! Nothing will ever replace the human touch – but you certainly can enhance it. So why wouldn’t you?

    4. Have sex when it best works for you. Men over 60 have different energy levels than younger men. Instead of trying to pretend otherwise, embrace it. Have sex whenever your energy is highest, morning, noon, or night.

    5. Keep your sense of humor. There’s little more intimate than sharing a laugh with someone you love. It connects people on a deep emotional level. Plus, it’s just sexy! Dilated eyes, soft smiling lips, and a flush to the cheeks – that’s hot no matter what your age. Don’t take anything, but especially not sex, too seriously.

    6. Spend some time alone…carefully. While your long-term goal is, obviously, sex with your beautiful wife, masturbation can actually make sex easier for men over 60. Doing so protects the blood vessels and nerves so that you can perform for years to come. In other words, it boils down to use it or lose it. Just make sure being alone doesn’t take the place of being together.

    7. Take Prime Power. Unlike so many other male performance supplements on the market today, Prime Power is designed to address the three most common sexual challenges faced by men over 60: desire, drive, and performance. Formulated to bring back arousal, and boost your sex drive, you’ll find wanting sex isn’t such a problem any longer. And as for performance, with Prime Power, you’ll enjoy rock hard, long-lasting erections– all without worrisome side effects you just don’t want to risk.

    The days – or nights – of men over 60 giving up are long gone. So why should you still be giving up on your sex life?

    Different isn’t bad, different is just different. And sometimes, like with Prime Power, it can be even better.

  3. The Mysterious Link Between Wine and Sex

    sex and wineEverybody knows there’s a mysterious link between wine and sex.

    After all, even when the restaurant’s overcrowded and the meal is mediocre, all it takes is a little wine and the evening can take a decidedly romantic turn.

    And it’s more than just the liquid courage that comes from a couple of cocktails, because hard liquor doesn’t have quite the same effect.

    In fact, at least one study showed that red wine has a greater effect on sexual desire and arousal than other liquors or abstaining completely.

    So why do wine and sex go so well together? Researchers are finally beginning to figure it out… Continue reading

  4. Improve Blood Flow in 60 Seconds

    blood flow improveOften, when men are looking to improve performance in the bedroom they focus on two things: stress levels and diet.

    These are essential factors to an exciting sex life, but they aren’t the only ones.

    Too often, men forget about the need to improve blood flow in order to get the physical response they’re looking for.

    Don’t be one of these men!

    Blood flow is the key to a strong, powerful, long-lasting erection.

    But you can’t just focus on what’s going on between your legs.

    Improve blood flow throughout your entire body, and blood flow will increase where you need it most.

    Remember, poor blood flow in any part of the body probably means poor blood flow in every part of the body. Continue reading

  5. Trouble Staying Hard: 5 Common Habits Hurting Your Erections

    staying hard troubleHere’s the truth: every man has trouble staying hard at some point in his life.

    So know that it’s not just you, no matter how it feels.

    If you’re having trouble staying hard more consistently than you’d like, it’s important that you deal with that.

    So you eat right, get exercise, and try to keep your stress under control.

    But what if you’re still having trouble staying hard?

    Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and look at these common, but unexpected, habits that could be hurting your erections.

    Continue reading

  6. The Secret to Stronger Erections: How Your Health Affects Your Erections

    You know you should take better care of your health.

    You do. But there’s always a reason to order another round… or the chili fries… or sit and watch the game instead of go for a walk.

    Would it help make taking care of your health easier if we told you that doing so could support stronger erections and a better sex life?

    Now that we’ve got your attention, it’s true – your overall health is directly linked to your sexual health.

    Stronger erections. More powerful orgasms. Greater drive. You can get it all, by taking care of your health.

    Let’s look at how…

    Continue reading

  7. 6 Vitamins to Turn Poor Sex into Marathon Sex

    sex poorYou don’t want to admit it, but your rich sex life has turned into a poor sex life in the last little while.

    Nothing’s stopped completely – it’s just not quite what it used to be. Or what you want it to be again.

    Your wife is patient, and as sexy as she ever was, so it’s not her. And you’re not happy with a poor sex life, so it’s not that you’ve checked out.

    It’s just that the body isn’t responding the way it used to.

    Before you give up and resign yourselves to a life of snuggling and falling asleep, check and make sure you’re getting enough of these powerhouse vitamins that are bound to turn poor sex into marathon sex!

    Continue reading

  8. 4 Secret Minerals to a Strong Sex Drive

    sex drive strongAre you ready to take your sex life to the next level?

    Want to support a strong sex drive, but do it naturally, without a scary prescription or the risk of a six hour erection?

    We’re not going to send you into some back alley.

    Or ask you to buy a questionable product off late-night television. And certainly no strange looking devices.

    All you need for a naturally strong sex drive are the right minerals. Seriously. These four minerals can be the key to rejuvenating your sex life and revving up your sex drive.

    Who knew it could be so easy?

    Continue reading

  9. Are You in a State of Sexual Depression? [Take the Quiz]

    depression sexualCall it sexual depression. Call it a rut.

    Whatever you want to call it, you may not even be certain you’re in it.

    Sexual depressions can sneak up on you.

    You go a week…two…a month…and that stretches into so long that you’re not quite sure when the last time you had sex was.

    But if you don’t even know you’re in a sexual rut, how do you fix it?

    Like any other problem, you start by identifying it.

    Answer these questions, and see how you feel when you’re done…

    Continue reading

  10. How Getting in a Good Daily Routine Can Improve Your Sex Life

    daily routine goodMany people equate having a routine with being in a rut, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    A good daily routine can make just about anything easier – your health, your stress levels, even your sex life!

    Since sex is often spontaneous though, the key to a good daily routine that helps rather than hinders your sex life is focus on the big picture, rather than the clock.

    It’s not about a rigid calendar. It’s about being engaged, interested, and connected whenever the mood strikes.

    Make each one of these steps part of your day, every day, and you’ll find you’ve got a good daily routine with very little effort.

    Continue reading

  11. 15 Ways to Turn a Lack of Intimacy into Too Much Intimacy

    intimacy lack ofWork. Family. Health. Schedules. Meetings. Life is as busy today as it’s ever been.

    And while your days are full and satisfying, how busy they are may be leading to a lack of intimacy at night that’s less than satisfying.

    Because when daily life gets hectic, your love life can suffer.

    But it doesn’t have to stay this way – and you certainly don’t have to give up your busy, fulfilling days!

    You just have to make turning around that lack of intimacy a priority…

    Continue reading

  12. 7 Sex Drinks to Boost Your Libido

    drinks sexFood has been recognized as an aphrodisiac for centuries – but have you ever thought about how sex drinks might boost your love life?

    Not just a glass of wine to get you in the mood, but actually using known libido boosters to create sex drinks that will do more than just relax your inhibitions.

    Just remember that one or two cocktails can help relax you.

    More than that and the alcohol becomes counterproductive.

    The key is to use natural, rather than processed, ingredients.

    Sure, these take a little bit of prep, but in the end, the flavor – and the results – are worth it!

    Continue reading

  13. What Low Oxygen Could Mean For Your Sex Life

    Posted by: on

    oxygen lowHere’s what you know...

    Your sex life isn’t quite what you’d like it to be these days.

    Here’s what you don’t know...


    You’re eating right, getting exercise, and goodness knows she’s still sexy so desire isn’t the problem.

    Here’s what you may not know: there are many unexpected reasons your sex life might be falling off, like low oxygen levels or how you’re getting your exercise.

    So let’s look at low oxygen and four other unexpected changes you can make that might bring your sex life back up where you – and she - want it! Continue reading

  14. What a Good Night’s Sleep Can Do For Your Libido

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    sleep good nightsIs your sex life a little lackluster these days?

    Worse, are you feeling like it might be your fault?

    Not because you don’t find her beautiful and sexy any more.

    But because as much as you want to want to have sex, you just…don’t.

    If this sounds familiar, there’s one more question.

    And it may seem unrelated, but it’s not - when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

    Never mind a week or a month of good nights – just one really good night’s sleep.

    Where you went to bed when you were already sleepy, no tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, only woke once or twice – or maybe not at all – and then felt refreshed and awake when it was time to get up.

    If you can’t remember the answer to that question, you may have just found the answer to your first question.

    Because something as simple as a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your libido.

    Continue reading

  15. How Weight Loss Can Improve Your Sex Life

    Weight loss howSex can be awkward to talk about. It can also be awkward to think about.

    At the same time, if your sex life isn’t up to par, it’s difficult to think about anything else.

    But in all of this thinking and worrying, have you given any thought about how weight loss might help improve your sex life?

    Because as unrelated as sex and weight may seem on the surface, if you’re carrying around more weight than you’d like, they can be connected.

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  16. Why Sex is Necessary for Good Mental Health

    mental health goodGood mental health is just as important as good physical health.

    Yet, while people embrace good physical health, society often whispers about good mental health.

    Everyone is just supposed to be okay, all the time, without working on it. Or talking about it. Or admitting to it.

    But that’s not reality. The reality is that good mental health takes as much work as good physical health.

    So let’s talk about ways to maintain good mental health, instead of pretending it’s easy. And better yet, let’s start with a fun one!

    Because sex can play an important – even vital role – in maintaining good mental health.

    Continue reading

  17. 15 Foods That Help Erections to Add to Your Grocery List

    erections foods that helpForgive the personal question, but – are you completely satisfied with your sex life?

    Or are you looking for a boost in the bedroom? Because if you are, you may in the wrong room.

    Instead of only thinking about your erection and performance in the bedroom, it may be time to move into the kitchen, and check out these foods that help erections. Continue reading

  18. Why Sex Really IS the Best Form of Exercise

    You’ve probably heard that the best form of exercise is the one you’ll actually do.

    That’s supposed to mean that if you hate your workout routine, you won’t stick to it.

    At which point, you get no health benefits from it.

    And maybe you’ve heard that the best form of exercise is one that works several different systems at once.

    So you are working your heart and your muscles. Or your strength and your flexibility.

    So that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to your workouts. Once you look at those requirements, it becomes clear – sex really is one of the best forms of exercise.

    But how exactly does sex help as an exercise? Let’s look closer… Continue reading

  19. The Six Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking That Could Save Your Sex Life

    quitting smoking health benefitsYou know the health benefits of quitting smoking. You do. And yet it hasn’t quite happened so far.

    As it turns out, quitting smoking may be one of the greatest challenges of your life.

    You’ve heard the statistic: smoking is as addictive – and as hard to quit – as alcohol, heroin, or cocaine.

    And if you’re a smoker, trying to quit, you’ve lived out that statistic more often than you probably want to admit.

    But you’re not alone. In fact, 70% of all smokers wish they could stop.

    And the average smoker tries to quit between eight and eleven times before it finally sticks. Luckily, the more often a person tries to quit, the better their chances of success become.

    Since motivation is a key component of successfully quitting smoking, here’s one more health benefit you might not have thought of – quitting smoking can improve your sex life!

    Check out these six new health benefits of quitting smoking and stay motivated - Continue reading

  20. 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

    Korean red ginseng benefitsSome supplements are very straight forward and easy to understand.

    They’ve been around for years and everyone is comfortable with them.

    Then, there are other ones, the ones that seem a little more mysterious.

    You’ve heard enough to know they’re good for you – but it’s harder to get a grasp of their true benefits.

    Korean red ginseng is definitely one of the more mysterious supplements.

    Well, read on because I’m about to demystify the benefits of Korean red ginseng, so you’ll get your questions answered and know exactly what it’s good for!

    Continue reading

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