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Maintaining a healthy prostate is important, especially later in life. Learn about natural prostate health options for problems such as frequent urination on the NorthStar blog on prostate health and support.

  1. 7 Powerful Health Benefits of Selenium

    selenium health benefitsFor the most part, you know which vitamins and minerals you need in your diet to ensure optimal health.

    But every now and then, it’s important to check and make sure you aren’t missing anything – like selenium.

    Because the health benefits of selenium are too often overlooked – but shouldn’t be!

    The health benefits of selenium are simply too important and too extensive, for more people not to know about them.

    Which is why we wanted to make sure you were aware of just how beneficial selenium can be…

    What, Where, How Much…

    Before we get to why you should be taking selenium, let’s start with what it is, where you can find it, and how much is the right amount.

    Selenium is a trace element that is essential to human health. And while the body doesn’t produce selenium naturally, it is found in many common foods.

    You can find selenium in Brazil nuts, tuna, turkey, even cottage cheese, among many other foods. And as the health benefits of selenium are coming to be understood further, it’s being included in multivitamins, as well.

    A person’s need for selenium increases the older they get, but by age 14, everyone should be getting 55 mcg of selenium every day in order to maximize its health benefits.

    And Why…

    Which brings us to why you should make sure you’re getting enough selenium. Try these health benefits -

    1. Antioxidant power. There’s no such thing as too many antioxidants. They’re your body’s first line of defense against illness, premature aging, and systemic breakdown caused by free radicals. Which is why selenium is vital to your overall health. Not only does it act as an antioxidant in its own right, but it stimulates the creation of even more antioxidants. Consider selenium the 2 for 1 antioxidant jackpot.

    2. Thyroid health. Part of the thyroid’s job is to produce hormones that help regulate metabolism. And the thyroid requires the right amount of selenium in order to produce those hormones. In other words, a health benefit of selenium is that it allows your thyroid to function properly.

    3. Supports a healthy immune system. Anything that helps keep you healthy, naturally, is a good thing – and selenium falls in that category. Selenium helps strengthen the antibodies that help your system fight off infection and provide a healthy immune response. Between the antioxidant power and the immunity support, better overall heath becomes a health benefit of selenium!

    4. Supports a healthy inflammatory response. Speaking of healthy responses, when your body triggers an unhealthy inflammatory response, the dominos can fall, creating all kinds of physical and medical conditions. But that doesn’t mean that every inflammatory response is bad. In fact, you often want a healthy inflammatory response, because it’s how your body helps heal itself. And that’s where selenium comes in. Selenium promotes a healthy inflammatory response, providing protection rather than damage.

    5. Healthy heart. So many of the health benefits of selenium apply to heart health. First, selenium keeps circulation flowing to help maintain overall cardiovascular health. But it’s also been linked to healthy cholesterol numbers, specifically keeping LDL cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterolwithin an appropriate range.

    6. Cell protection. Most people don’t think about cell protection, but strong cell walls are essential to, and the very definition of, good health. This gets a little complicated, but bear with us: when your cells come under attack from chemicals we’re exposed to in daily life, they need help staying strong. That help comes in the form of selenoproteins. And selenium is a building block in the formation of those selenoproteins. Think of it this way – if a wall is made of bricks that are made of clay, your cell walls are made up of selenoproteins that are made of selenium!

    7. Prostate and bladder heath. As men age, you know that protecting your prostate and bladder health can go a long way to protecting your overall health. And selenium has been linked to prostate and bladder health. So much so that in a study of more than 30,000 men, the ones with highest selenium levels had the healthiest prostates. Which is why we included selenium in ProTeva Plus, our prostate support supplement, so you can get all the nutrients you need to live your healthiest, most comfortable life.

    The health benefits of selenium are undeniable. And the more researchers learn about this powerful element, the more health benefits we’re sure to discover.

    The good news is selenium is readily available in food and supplement form. So start taking selenium now, and reap its health benefits starting today!

  2. Could Nettle Root Extract Be the Key to Great Health?

    If there were leaves…or stems…or roots of a plant that could change your health, wouldn’t you want to know about them?

    And what if there was one single plant that you could use every part of to support and promote great health?

    Well, I’ve got news for you. From the leaves to the stems to the nettle root extract, you’re going to want to know about every part of the stinging nettle plant – and how it can help you maintain your best health.

    Starting Above Ground

    Since many of the health benefits of stinging nettle come from the leaves and stems rather than from nettle root extract, let’s start at the top and work our way down.

    Joint pain – If you have occasional stiffness, or if the aches and pains in your joints is more long-term, nettle leaf can help. It helps support a healthy inflammatory response, which can in turn ease stiffness and swelling. Plus, it’s effective taken orally or applied topically to the joints in need.

    Urinary health – Keeping your bladder and urinary tract healthy is key to overall health and wellbeing. Anyone who’s ever felt the burning, urgent discomfort understands! When taken with plenty of fluids, nettle can help maintain a healthy urinary tract so you don’t ever have to feel that particular burn again.

    Kidney health – Along those lines, nettle can help with kidney health, as well. Your kidneys’ job is to help filter waste from your body. If those filters get clogged, the waste builds up and becomes a painful problem. But supplementing with nettle leaves and stems can help keep your kidneys clean and clear.

    Digestion and gastrointestinal discomfort – Having tummy troubles recently? Been spending more time in bathroom than before? It may be time to look into a nettle supplement. Just about every aspect of your digestive system, from your tummy all the way through, can be eased and soothed by the addition of nettle.

    Circulation and blood health – Every organ and cell in your body depends on getting the nutrients it needs – and those nutrients are carried in your blood. So your circulation has to be good and your blood has to be healthy. Good blood pressure numbers. Good blood sugar levels. All of it. Studies are incredibly promising that nettle promotes just that – all around blood health, from circulation on.

    But Don’t Forget the Root

    Which brings us to nettle root extract, because the root is healthy too!

    Joint health – Yes, we talked about joint pain already, but nettle root extract can also promote and support joint health. So if you can’t find nettle leaves or stems, you don’t have to give up. Find some nettle root extract and help keep your joints moving smoothly.

    Prostate health – Men, this one is especially for you. As you’ve gotten older, you may have realized that you aren’t sleeping through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom. Maybe you’ve even started leaving the table, the meeting, the game, wherever at inopportune times because you couldn’t “hold it” any longer. Only to discover that you couldn’t completely empty your bladder once you made it the restroom. These are classic signs of an aging prostate – and nettle root extract can help. Because nettle root extract helps maintain prostate health, making it less urgent that you leave, so you stop missing out on your days, and can sleep through your nights.

    How to Take Stinging Nettle

    So now you’re sold on stinging nettle root extract and leaves. How are you supposed to get it?

    Nettle root extract and the nettle root in general is one of the most versatile supplements around. It can be taken orally, in pill form, or as a tea. It can be used topically, in a cream or a tincture. And for prostate health, you can find it in Prostate Defense, our healthy prostate supplement.

    If you want the leaves, or the nettle root extract, you have options. With stinging nettle, you can’t go wrong – whichever form works for you!

  3. The Ultimate Prostate Cancer Diet: Can You Prevent Prostate Cancer With Food?

    Diet prostate cancerThe topics are all over your television, news stream, and radio: how can you prevent prostate cancer?

    Is there a prostate cancer diet? What are your risks for prostate cancer?

    If you’re a man – or a woman who loves a man – you’ve probably realized prostate health should be a major focus of overall health.

    There’s a good reason for that.

    Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, coming in behind skin cancer.

    And it’s the second deadliest cancer in men, as well.

    In fact, 1 in every 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point. Sadly, 1 in every 38 of those men will die from it.

    However, that doesn’t mean that prostate cancer is inherently a death sentence. More than 2.9 million men diagnosed with prostate cancer are still around, living life to its fullest.

    And perhaps the easiest way to prevent prostate cancer, and increase your odds of beating it, is through diet. Simple, healthy, and delicious changes to your diet can help you help your prostate! Continue reading

  4. How to Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Prostate

    prostate healthyYou know exercise is good for your heart …and your brain …and your lungs…but did you know that exercise can help keep your prostate healthy, too?

    That’s right – a healthy prostate is just one more reason to exercise.

    Continue reading

  5. What Are the Best Supplements for Men?

    Best Men’s Health SupplementsJust because you’re getting older, doesn't make you any less of a man. In fact, in some ways, you’re feeling stronger and more confident than ever.

    So you’re looking for the best supplements, specially formulated for men, to keep you feeling as good as you felt years ago.

    Whether you’re looking to protect your prostate, maintain your strength, keep the hair you have, or simply feel more manly, these best supplements for men can give you what you need… Continue reading

  6. What’s the best food for prostate health? You’d be surprised…

    Tomatoes are tops for prostates

    Men, I've been telling you for years to eat your tomatoes (especially the cooked variety) to support prostate health and ward off prostate cancer.

    Now a new British study has confirmed what I've been saying all along.

    According to researchers, it appears if you eat over 10 portions of tomatoes a week your prostate cancer risk plummets by an impressive 18 percent. Continue reading

  7. The Top 10 Foods for Prostate Health – Eat These Today!

    Top 10 Foods for Prostate Health  When looking for ways to keep your prostate healthy, the easiest, most obvious first step is to look at your diet. But you don’t need some crazy fad or new-fangled diet to get the foods you need for prostate health. The foods – and the nutrients – you need for optimal prostate health very well might already be in your kitchen! Continue reading

  8. 4 Natural Ways to Boost Prostate Health

    Natural Ways to Improve Prostate Health.Men, when it comes to your health, one of the single most important things you can do is protect your prostate. The good news is that there are easy, natural ways to boost your prostate health. While the statistics can be startling – 90% of men who live past 80 will experience prostate issues – you can take steps to maintain your prostate health now. Continue reading

  9. [VIDEO] Natural prostate supplements: How do doctors protect themselves

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    Ever wonder what leading doctors do to protect their own prostate health as they get older? They're usually pretty hush-hush about the matter... But in this video, Dr. Allan Spreen is giving away the exact "regimen" he uses – which specific natural prostate supplements -- to make sure his prostate stays in perfect condition for the rest of his life. If you're tired of messing around with cheap Saw Palmetto, and other questionable, unproven prostate supplements, you’ll love this revealing video about the best natural prostate supplements. Dr. Spreen really pulls out all the stops and gives out some incredibly valuable tips. He also reveals why so many natural prostate supplements fail completely -- (he says they lack something called the 4 pillars of a perfect prostate...) Get the details in this video now.
    Prostate Defense natural prostate supplements

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts

  10. Prostate Defense Ingredients: 8 Nutrients for Perfect Prostate Health

    Prostate Defense ingredients Prostate Defense ingredients feature a revolutionary formula that includes 8 prostate-supporting nutrients for perfect prostate health. Because, let’s face it…every man needs to be conscious of keeping his prostate healthy – 50% of all men will develop prostate issues by the time they’re 50 years old and for men who live past 80, that number skyrockets to 90%!

    With numbers like that, it only makes sense to take action early. Which is why it’s important to know all the options – and what your best options are.

    Prostate Defense Ingredients

    The 8 ingredients in Prostate Defense are recognized as the best for supporting prostate health:
    1. Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that attacks free-radicals which can damage cells and contribute to prostate concerns.
    1. Zinc: Levels of zinc are highest in the prostate than in any other tissue in the body. Low levels of zinc are associated with unhealthy prostates.
    1. Selenium: An essential element for humans, selenium plays a vital role in reproduction, and offers protection from oxidative stress.
    1. Saw Palmetto : A plant used for centuries to help improve prostate issues, including nighttime urination. It’s the most popular herbal treatment in the U.S. for prostate concerns, but it doesn’t always work for everyone on its own. Combine it with these other supplements, though, and it’s extremely effective.
    1. Nettle Root: Nettle root is used to help improve prostate health. One study showed it to be “significantly” more effective than placebo for dealing with prostate issues.
    1. Pumpkin Seed Oil: When taken orally, pumpkin seed oil is frequently used to address prostate issues. Not only did study participants report decreased symptoms, but their reported quality of life increased – which is a change we can get behind.
    1. Pygeum africanum bark extract: Another traditional treatment used today for symptoms caused by an unhealthy prostate, such as poor urine flow.
    1. Lycopene: Long known to be good for eyesight, lycopene is also a potent antioxidant that may protect cells from damage. In fact, antioxidants in lycopene may promote a healthier prostate.
    You could try tracking down each of these ingredients separately…and who knows, you might even save a buck or two. But think of everything you’d have to figure out – how much of each ingredient do you take every day? Where do you find them all? Are you running out of any or all? Just think what you’d pay in shipping charges alone….it’s enough to make you give up. So we’ve done all of the thinking…measuring…planning for you. Prostate Defense contains all 8 of these powerful prostate supporters in perfectly measured, perfectly balanced amounts, in one bottle. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the benefits of complete prostate support that come with every bottle of Prostate Defense
    • Being able “to go” – and go completely
    • Sleeping through the night, without having to get up to use the bathroom as much
    • Not worrying about where the bathrooms are, or what you’ll miss while you’re in there.
    And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 25% on your first order. Simply use promo code W650Q4ZK when you check out and save 25% today. Don’t wait any longer for perfect prostate health. All of this physical – and emotional – relief can be yours in 2 softgels, twice a day with Prostate Defense – the only all-in-one defense you’ll ever need. Click here to order Prostate Defense today and save 25%.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  11. Prostate Defense Reviews: What Real Men Say About Prostate Defense

    155472626There are some things it’s easy to talk to your guy friends about: sports, cars, women. Then there are the things you can talk to your guy friends about, if they are close enough: retirement goals and fears, your health, your family.

    But then…then there are the things you wish you could talk to another guy about, but sometimes, just can’t. Prostate health tends to fall into this last category. You want to ask if anyone’s tried Prostate Defense. You want to ask if it helps – how it works – but really, how are you even going to start that conversation? You don’t have to worry about it any longer, because real men, just like you, have already come to us with those answers – and they are thrilled with Prostate Defense. They were so ecstatic about the relief they received from Prostate Defense that they couldn’t keep quiet about it. And as honored as we were to hear such rave Prostate Defense reviews, more than that, we are excited to pass these words onto you, so that you can find the same kind of support as they have. Prostate Defense Reviews: Fast-Acting Results Fast-acting support like Jim Ruzzo in New York experienced when, within only two weeks, he…

     “…was able to sleep through the night with only one visit to the toilet.”

    Or Benjamin Ware, out of Baltimore, who had great results after only 10 days…

    “After about 10 days, Prostate Defense cut my trips to the restroom in half.

    Does that still seem like a long time? Then maybe you should listen to Dave Crosby, of Jacksonville, Florida, who

    “…went from having to ‘push to flow’ to actually having a mild stream. And it only took 2-3 days to notice the difference!

    That’s right – 2-3 days taking Prostate Defense, and he was already seeing results. Prostate Defense Reviews: Long-Term Results But just because Prostate Defense is fast, doesn’t mean it’s a flash in the pan. Not according to Max Burns of Worcester, Massachusetts, who tells us...

    “I have been using Prostate Defense for about 4 or 5 years. I thought it was another flash in the pan when you said it helps you ‘Pee Like A Firehose’. You do. It works like a miracle and I use it twice daily. No other product works this well. I am finally truly satisfied with Prostate Defense.”

    Years. Men have been satisfied with Prostate Defense for years. According to Jamie Carter, out of Binghamton, no other product works well enough to steal men away…

    “I’ve been using Prostate Defense for over 10 years now and I find that it’s really the only thing that does the job.There’s nothing else like it on the market. I’ve tried a couple of other products but they just simply don’t work as well. It’s great to have a product that works as well as Prostate Defense.

    Many Prostate Issues – One Prostate Defense And it’s not just urine flow that Prostate Defense can address. It’s all the concerns of an aging prostate, as Alex S. from New Jersey learned...

    “It took one week to notice better flow in the bathroom, and more sexual desire in the bedroom. Prostate Defense is definitely the best prostate solution I’ve tried.

    Whether it takes 2 days, or 2 weeks, once you start experiencing the relief Prostate Defense offers, we guarantee you’ll be a customer for life, just like these guys. In fact, we think Tim Whelley from Scottsdale, Arizona sums it up best…

    “I’ve been taking Prostate Defense for a long, long time.Through the years, I’ve taken a lot of prostate pills and this is the best one of all.

    So, if you’re looking to take control of your health, your life, your schedule, do what these – and thousands of other men have already done. Click here to learn more about Prostate Defense, then place your order today. You’ll be so satisfied, you’ll be telling everyone you know about it, too! And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 25% on your first order. Don’t delay…order Prostate Defense today and start supporting perfect prostate health.  Use promo code W650Q3ZD to save 25% today. Results may vary. Prostate Defense is targeted to help support a healthy prostate.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  12. Prostate health: Don’t become the next victim

    You know what the definition of insanity is, right? It’s doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. And by that definition, all too often the mainstream approach to medicine strays across the line into insanity. There’s no better example of this than its treatment of prostate health and prostate cancer. Let’s face it, no matter how much of a stoic you are, when you hear the word cancer come out of your doctor’s mouth, it’s like someone dropped a bomb on you. Your head starts spinning and alarm bells begin blaring at full blast. Trust me, I get it. But, the problem is, when it comes to prostate cancer, mainstream medicine has hijacked this natural fear response and turned it into a multi-billion-dollar industry. And countless men are paying a price that goes far beyond dollars and cents (hmm, or maybe that ought to be “dollars and sense”?).

    Impotent and in diapers

    As I’ve explained before, you’re far more likely to die WITH prostate cancer than FROM it. Most prostate cancers are incredibly slow growing, and aren’t a threat to your life. Well, that is until you become the next victim of unnecessarily aggressive mainstream therapies. And becoming a victim is far too easy because, let’s face it, once you hear those terrible words “You’ve got cancer,” one of your first coherent thoughts is likely to be, “What can I do to get rid of it?!?” That’s why I’ve never been a fan of yearly PSA testing. Too many hasty and poor decisions follow in its wake. The twin epidemics of over-screening and over-diagnosis have ruined far too many lives. I shudder to think how many men have been left impotent or in diapers because of a slow-growing tumor that they may never have even known existed for the rest of their long and fulfilling lives. Statistically speaking, by the time we hit fifty, half of us will be experiencing some type of prostate health problems. If you’re finding it hard to sleep through the night without a potty run… or if you’ve taken to mapping out all the rest spots before a road trip these days… you might already be in that group. If you’re lucky enough to reach eighty… and as a Guide to Good Health reader I’m sure you will… then it’s practically a done deal that you’ll be sharing your life with an enlarged prostate.

    Support your prostate health with supplements

    But I’ve got great news! You DON’T have to just grimace and bear it while you make yet another mad dash to the can. There IS another way, and it doesn’t involve risky surgeries or sickening rounds of radiation. If you’re not already experiencing prostate health problems, you may be able to head them off at the pass. And if your prostate has begun to make its presence known, you can tackle those annoying symptoms with some super support brought to you courtesy of nature. A mix of just the right herbs and supplements may even assure you of never again missing the ending of a movie, or having to deal with your buddies ribbing when you have to holdup the poker game for yet another bathroom break. Ready to learn the “secret formula” for a healthy and happy prostate? My team at NorthStar Nutritionals helped me create a killer infographic detailing the 10 Best Supplements for Prostate Health that you NEED to know. Click here to find out what they are. (I bet you’ll be surprised by a couple of them.)
  13. Does Saw Palmetto work? Can it help support your prostate?

    147260014You’ve heard about the symptoms - a frequent need to urinate, having trouble starting or stopping urination, waning sex drive. As much as you dread it, you accept it, because it’s all just a part of aging, right? Wrong! Prostate issues are common, in fact most men will deal with them, but they may not be inevitable, or all-consuming. You’ve probably also heard about saw palmetto and how it can help support prostate health. But is what you’ve heard about saw palmetto true? Does saw palmetto work, and will it work for you? Let’s take a look… Saw Palmetto – Avoiding the “Unavoidable”? For centuries, Native American men used the fruit of a dwarf palm plant indigenous to the southern United States to help with symptoms related to an aging urinary tract and declining libido. This plant – the Serenoa repens – is what we know as saw palmetto. Over the years, we’ve come to recognize the symptoms it addresses as being indicative of prostate issues – but we still appreciate a centuries’ old solution. Especially when that natural solution is backed by science. Early studies point to saw palmetto as providing “statistically significant improvement in urinary symptoms” for men with prostate issues. But perhaps even more importantly, some participants in one study reported an improved quality-of-life score. Because let’s be honest, all the numbers in the world don’t matter as much as how you feel. In another preliminary study that looked at urinary symptoms and sexual function, results were even more encouraging. After 8 weeks, not only had the urinary symptoms decreased, but the sexual function scores had increased. Encouraging, indeed! Does saw palmetto work? Judging from these studies, the answer appears to be a definite yes. But what about those studies that show saw palmetto doesn’t work? How can both sets of studies be true? Well, saw palmetto doesn’t always work for everyone by itself. In fact, there’s at least one study out there that indicates saw palmetto doesn’t work any better than a placebo for half the men who take it. In order for saw palmetto to work most effectively, it’s best to combine it with the right complementary ingredients – ingredients such as nettle root, pumpkin seed oil, and vitamin E. At that point, saw palmetto works synergistically with these other prostate supporter ingredients and they all work better than they would by themselves. Solutions and Safety Prostate concerns are real for every man. That’s why, when looking for solutions, you want something that you can trust. Something that will ease your concerns, not make them worse. Does saw palmetto work? It has an incredible track record of safety. Side effects are rare, especially when used as directed. So, using quality saw palmetto in the proper doses, with the right partner ingredients, goes a long way to maintaining your prostate health and avoiding those embarrassing issues. Quality and Quantity When your prostate is healthy, you don’t have to worry about finding a bathroom in time. You don’t have to get up two, three, even more times, in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. You can maintain that same youthful romantic spark that satisfies both you and your wife. For maximum prostate support, you just need the right solution. The supplement that gives you the highest level of quality saw palmetto, and other key prostate supporting ingredients, in just the right amounts. That solution is Prostate Defense. With Prostate Defense, you get peace of mind, superior prostate support, and a boost to your love life. Saw palmetto, combined with the other powerhouse ingredients, work together to make Prostate Defense as tough as you are. Click here to learn about the only defense you need -- Prostate Defense. And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 25%.  Don’t delay…order Prostate Defense today and start supporting perfect prostate health.  Use promo code W650Q3ZA to save 25% today.

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  14. What are the 10 best prostate health supplements for 2014? Infographic

    This infographic shows the 10 best prostate health supplements for 2014. Are you getting enough of these prostate supporters in your diet? prostate health supplements infographic
  15. Prostate Defense Price: How Much Does Prostate Defense Cost?

    Prostate Defense What’s the price of Prostate Defense? How much should you expect to pay for a prostate support supplement? The short answer is -- it depends. There are so many options out there, starting with the very basic ingredients that are relatively inexpensive on their own. But in clinical and observational studies, a handful of powerhouse supplements have been shown to be dominant forces in protecting and maintaining prostate health: Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pygeum Africanum bark extract, and Lycopene. These are the building blocks for male prostate health – and Prostate Defense has them all. The Surprising Cost of the Alternatives If you were to buy each of these ingredients individually – assuming you could even find them individually – it would cost you almost $70.00 just to get them all into your medicine cabinet. And that’s before shipping costs! Plus, you would still have to worry about amounts – what’s an international unit? How many micrograms in a gram? Does each bottle of pills have the same number of doses, or do you have to buy more bottles of one than the other? And does the formula you’ve managed to cobble together balance every ingredient in perfect harmony to make this handful of pills the perfect blend for optimal prostate health? That’s a lot of money to spend in order to still have so many questions! Prostate Defense Price: Premium Support in 1 Bottle Which is where Prostate Defense comes in. At $39.95 per bottle, the Prostate Defense price may seem expensive at first glance. But when you take a closer look, Prostate Defense…
    • Contains the best natural supplements for prostate health, all in one formula…
    • Balances each ingredient perfectly to produce maximum prostate health…
    • Carries NorthStar Nutritionals’ unparalleled commitment to quality…
    • Is backed by our Gold Standard guarantee -- If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.
    Try finding all that for less than $40.00 anywhere else. Plus, you can save even more when you buy 3 or 6 bottles. Men Taking Their Lives Back But you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, listen to Dan A., who raves about Prostate Defense --  “Of everything I’ve tried, this is THE BEST!” Or Mike from Worcester, MA, who has been using Prostate Defense for years, because he “thought it was another flash in the pan, but it works like a miracle!” What about Frank from Texas… “It is fantastic. At 69, I feel like when I was 20 years old. I have ‘pointed’ a number of men to this product, Prostate Defense. DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT. Thanks and GOD Bless you guys. “ These are real men, men who decided they didn’t have to be afraid or embarrassed. They decided to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands, and they chose Prostate Defense. No more questions. No more juggling multiple pills and calculating doses. No more concerns about quality. Just one terrific product that takes care of it all, for one very reasonable price – Prostate Defense.
    Click here to order your supply of the only defense you need -- Prostate Defense.
  16. What’s the best prostate supplement for maximum prostate health?

    Best prostate supplementProstate health is one of those subjects most men don’t like to think about, let alone talk about. But it’s vital to a man’s overall health and well-being. An unhealthy prostate gland can impact physical, emotional, even sexual quality of life. That’s why we want to talk about the best prostate supplement to keep your prostate healthy. Because it’s better to talk about keeping your prostate healthy before there’s a problem.

    Symptoms of an Unhealthy Prostate

    First, let’s figure out what we’re talking about when we say “prostate issues” or talk about an unhealthy prostate. Symptoms of a problem can include urinary difficulties, including decreased flow, the inability to completely empty your bladder, and a constant urge to “go.” Sometimes it means waking up several times during the night, unable to get a good night’s sleep. Sexual dissatisfaction seems to be linked to prostate issues as well. All of this impacts a man’s emotional well-being, as much as his physical well-being.

    8 Building Blocks of Prostate Health

    Luckily, the supplements that are recognized to contribute to prostate health are well-known and easily available. They are Lycopene, Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed oil, Pygeum Africanum bark extract, Saw Palmetto, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Zinc. So how do these powerhouse nutrients tackle prostate issues? In a few different ways…

    Antioxidant Power and Prevention

    Prevention is the best medicine, so keeping your prostate healthy is easier than trying to fix a problem once it’s already occurred. That’s where Lycopene, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc are on the case.  Both Lycopene and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Free radical damage can produce prostate issues. So keeping free radicals in check can help keep those prostate issues at bay. Selenium is a mineral that is vital to the normal functions of the human body, offering protection against oxidative stress and cellular damage. Finally, Zinc – the greatest amounts of Zinc in the human body are found in the prostate. Unhealthy prostates tend to have disproportionately low levels of Zinc.

    Attacking the Problem at the Source

    But even if there’s already a problem, it’s not too late to have a healthier prostate. Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed oil, Pygeum Africanum bark extract and Saw Palmetto go to work to help resolve issues. All 4 of these powerhouse supplements tackle the problem head on, often easing most of the symptoms that come along with prostate issues. In fact, Nettle Root worked “significantly better” on these symptoms than a placebo, and men who used Pumpkin Seed oil reported markedly increased quality of life. These 8 supplements are the most potent weapons in your arsenal to help keep your prostate healthy. While they may work individually, when used in combination they are a formidable force. But finding each of them, and finding them in the right amounts, can be a daunting task. Ideally, you’d be able to find all these ingredients in one perfectly designed formula…

    Prostate Defense – The Best Prostate Supplement

    That’s why NorthStar Nutritionals designed Prostate Defense.  Prostate Defense contains all 8 prostate-specific nutrients in a unique, scientific combination, each one targeting a key part of your total prostate health. In study after study, scientists have shown that one ingredient alone just doesn’t cut it. (In fact, one study proved that saw palmetto alone FAILS for more than half of the men who take it. For them it’s no better than a placebo.) When you combine these prostate-targeted “platforms” into one formula, that’s when you can look forward to REAL relief. And that’s what you’ll get with Prostate Defense --the best ingredients for the job, all in one bottle. Maintaining your health, and helping to stop prostate worries before they start -- all with one supplement – Prostate Defense Click here to learn about the only defense you need -- Prostate Defense. And when you try Prostate Defense today, you’ll save 15%.  Don’t delay…order Prostate Defense today and start supporting perfect prostate health.  Use promo code W650Q2ZC to save 15% today.
  17. Compound found in grape seed extract kills cancer cells

    One of my favorite fruits is making health headlines again. Or at least its seeds are. A study on grape seed extract for cancer published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer found that an active component in grape seed extract can kill cancer cells on contact. If you’re a long time NorthStar blog or Guide to Guide Health reader you may recall that way back in 2009 I told you about grape seed extract’s ability to clobber cancer cells. That exciting research was done by University of Kansas researchers, and this new study comes to us from the University of Colorado. By far, the most active component in grape seeds is the compound called B2G2. So, not surprisingly, it’s B2G2 that the scientists focused on. They found that the compound blew away prostate cancer cells by causing them to essentially commit suicide. And, unlike sickening mainstream meds, the B2G2 left the healthy cells alone! The researchers say a human clinical trial is in the future.  Unfortunately, they will be using a synthesized version of the compound for that trial. But you can take the natural whole-food approach yourself, starting today, simply by adding more grapes to your diet. Just be sure you are choosing a seeded variety. Or you can try a real grape-seed extract, which can be found both as a stand-alone supplement and as part of a number of comprehensive anti-aging or multivitamin formulas.
  18. How prostate cancer PSA screenings can harm more than help

    Newsflash… hysterically attacking a man’s prostate with a scalpel or damaging radiation is a bad idea. Not only could it leave him impotent, incontinent or both – in many cases it could have zero benefits to boot. A new study, published in the journal Cancer Research, recently confirmed what some of us on this side of the fence have been saying for years. After PSA screening and a prostate cancer diagnosis, watchful waiting… or what I like to call active surveillance… is usually the best choice. And hey, although it may have taken years for them to get the message, it’s such an important one that you’re not going to hear me complain... much. More on that new study in a moment, but first let’s take a look at where the problem really begins… with prostate cancer and PSA screening. In 1994 the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test was approved by the FDA as a screening tool for prostate cancer and it quickly went into widespread use. Eventually, all men over 40 were being encouraged to get a yearly test. And if you were over 50 and not submitting to one every year you were practically labeled irresponsible. “Early detection and early treatment!” became the battle cry, and the PSA was heralded as a lifesaver as we saw a surge in the detection of tumors. But buried underneath all that enthusiasm lurked some troublesome findings that were being overlooked and even ignored.

    Why you may want to pass on the PSA screening

    The PSA test delivers false positives… lots of them. In fact, by some estimates there’s an astounding 80 percent chance that a positive PSA will turn out to be false! That means that every year thousands of men, and their families, are forced to live through the nightmare of believing they have cancer when they don’t. Thousands of men will also be subjected to painful invasive biopsies as a result. And if a guy happens to have a particularly enthusiastic doctor, he could even suffer through a harsh cancer treatment unnecessarily. You see, lots of things can cause a PSA level to fluctuate, like a urinary tract infection for example. Certain drugs can monkey with your numbers too. And you can even have a high PSA and not have cancer or a low PSA and still have the disease. But wait, you haven’t even heard the worst of it yet. Remember earlier when I said more tumors being detected? Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, appearances can be deceiving. Sure lots of tumors are being found, but many of them are the slow-growing harmless kind that when left alone will never cause a lick of trouble. And if it weren’t for the PSA test a lot of guys with these so called “deadly” prostate tumors would live out their whole lives never even knowing they had one.

    Impotent and in diapers

    The truth is that many prostate cancers grow so slowly that many men shouldn’t be treated at all. And the insistence on regular PSA screening  has backfired on us, leading to over diagnosis and, tragically, overtreatment. When most men hear the word cancer—easily the most frightening word in the English language—they readily submit to the harsh treatments. And really, is it any wonder? After all, they’re scared and they just want the cancer out NOW. And if the procedures were harmless that might be fine. But they’re not. They leave approximately 20 to 30 percent of the guys that get them unable to perform in the bedroom and wearing a diaper. Even the mainstream US Preventive Services Taskforce took a stand against PSA tests last year when their own research found that for every 1,000 guys, only zero to one deaths (yes, ZERO) would be prevented by regular screenings over a 10 year period. But in that same decade 100 to 120 of the men would have a false positive test result, and about 50 would suffer serious treatment complications like impotence. This brings us to that new study that I mentioned earlier. Researchers analyzed the data on over 1,200 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated with surgery between 1982 and 2004. They found that PSA screening jumped from 42 percent in 1994 to 81 percent in 2000. (Part of that PSA popularity surge I told you about earlier.) But the really telling finding is that the number of late-stage cancers dropped from 19.9 percent in the 1982 to 1993 group, to just 3 percent in the 2000 to 2004 group. That’s an 85 percent drop in stage at diagnosis. But at the same time there was only a moderate decrease in aggressive cancers. And with a little further digging the researchers figured out that the lower percentage of aggressive cancers was deceiving. Screening hadn’t prevented cancers from progressing, but rather the percentage drop was because of an INCREASE in the diagnosis of the low-grade, often harmless tumors that enthusiastic PSA screening programs were turning up. You see, the experts are starting to suspect that a prostate tumor’s aggressiveness is pretty much locked in when it first hits the scene. In other words, low-grade prostate cancers don’t appear to progress to higher grade ones over time, and we’re hysterically hacking away at prostates for no good reason. If you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer, first take a deep breath, remind yourself that most of these tumors never cause trouble, and then work with a doctor skilled in natural medicine to come up with plan for monitoring, and if necessary, treating your tumor.
  19. Poor sleep and prostate cancer risk factors

    Sleep problems may double prostate cancer risk

    There's an old proverb that says a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. I couldn't agree more, especially when it comes to sleep and prostate cancer. While everyone is on board with laughter being the best medicine, way too many of us choose to ignore the second half of that wise prescription. And if you're guilty of burning the candle at both ends, you should know it can have devastating consequences for your health, as indicated by the study below on sleep and prostate cancer. As I've explained before, a quality night's sleep is critical for staying healthy. In fact, if you continue dodging the Sandman, lack of sleep could be the first domino in a disastrous fall towards disease, such as an increased risk for prostate cancer. Eventually, sleep problems can even lead to early death. And I wish I could say that I'm being dramatic here, but I'm not.

    Poor sleep means poor health

    Not getting enough shuteye could cause your weight to balloon and send your cholesterol numbers skyrocketing. According to one Uppsala University study last year, a lack of sleep stimulates appetite areas in your brain literally leading to a hungry brain. And let's get real, who amongst us has ever made a good midnight snack decision? Another study, published in The American Journal of Human Biology, concluded that getting less than six hours of sleep a night is linked with a higher body-mass index (BMI), or obesity. But wait, it gets even worse. Poor sleep is also linked to blood-sugar problems and diabetes. A study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago uncovered a critical link between how well you sleep and how well you metabolize sugar. Volunteers were twice as likely to have type-2 diabetes if they also had sleep problems. And a study published last year confirmed that not getting to bed on time wreaks havoc with your fat cells. Without enough quality sleep the ability of your fat cells to respond to insulin can drop by as much as 30 percent. Sleep deprivation has even been linked with low sperm counts and shrunken testicles. And now researchers from the University of Iceland in Reykjavik are saying that sleep problems could double a man's risk of prostate cancer, making poor sleep and prostate cancer a dangerous combination.

    Protect your prostate with sleep

    According to the study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, researchers followed 2,102 men ranging in age from 67 to 96, testing the connection between sleep and prostate cancer. Participants were questioned about their sleep habits, including if they took drugs to sleep, had trouble falling asleep, had trouble with waking up in the night, or had trouble getting back to sleep when they woke up prematurely. In the end a full 8.7 percent of the group had severe sleep problems, and another 5.7 were even worse off, reporting very severe sleep troubles. None of the volunteers had prostate cancer when the study began, but five years later 6.4 percent of the group was diagnosed with the disease. After doing some number crunching—and adjusting for age—the researchers found that the guys who had trouble falling sleeping were roughly 60 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer. And those who reported having trouble staying asleep had double the risk of being diagnosed with the cancer. The researchers even adjusted for symptoms of nocturia—the midnight march to the bathroom that often accompanies prostate problems—to be sure that undiagnosed prostate issues weren't responsible for any of the recorded sleep problems, and the results remained the same. One thing's for sure: if you're not already taking your sleep time seriously it's time to change that. If you keep skipping out on quality shuteye, one day you could wake up fat, diabetic, and dealing with a cancer diagnosis. But don't fall for quick-fix sleep drugs. They can come with their own set of problems (sedative drugs could cause your risk of dying to skyrocket by a staggering 450 percent ... click here to get the whole story), and seldom give you the restful quality sleep your body needs anyway. Instead, start by easing up on stimulants like coffee, tea, and soda. If you're particularly sensitive, some supplements like ginseng and B12 can be stimulating. If anxiety is at the center of your sleep problems, I've found 500 mg of magnesium before bedtime sometimes does the trick. And if you're under 40 years old l-tryptophan may help. But if you're over 40, melatonin may be a better option. Work with a doctor skilled in natural medicine to figure out the best choices for you, and before you know it you could be saying hello to the Sandman and goodbye to a skyrocketing prostate-cancer risk.
  20. CoQ10 and omega 3s could lower PSA levels

    It's good to know...

    If you're a guy and you haven't already experienced some prostate problems or worried about having lower PSA levels, you will one day. No, I don't have a crystal ball, but that doesn't prevent me from predicting the future from time to time. Besides, in this case it's an easy prediction since the majority of men have some sort of prostate complaints during their lifetime. But if elevated PSA levels are the issue you're facing, a new study on ways to lower PSA levels published in the British Journal of Nutrition, might help make that a problem in your past. According to the research, the nutrients those found in fish oils...and coenzyme Q10 may both be able to significantly reduce PSA levels. In a randomized, double-blind trial omega-3 users had 30 percent lower PSA levels, and CoQ10 users saw a 33 percent drop in their PSA levels.

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